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I recently got Leonie Dawson’s 2013 Create Your Incredible Year Workbook & Calendar. I am pretty new to the whole workbook thing, but right away I was having a blast with it. I was only a few pages into the workbook when I got inspired to create my own Tarot/Oracle card workbook for 2013. I share some of the pages I have created in the video below:

I have been making my own Tarot workbook for almost two weeks now and so far I have created many, many pages! Some of the pages are pretty hideous and probably won’t be included in my final copy, but overall I am really happy with how its turning out. And I had forgotten how much I love to just draw for hours!

Lately I have been getting a lot of guidance (through my meditations) to bring more fun and joy into my work with Tarot. This caught me off guard because I don’t really think of myself as a “fun” kind of person, but as soon as I started aligning with that energy, I began to get flooded with ideas for Tarot related articles, Tarot spreads, e-books, courses, guided meditations, and more. So I have decided to let joy, creativity and fun guide me in everything I create from now on….

A lady commenting on the above video mentioned “bringing out the play in Tarot” and I thought “YES! that is exactly what I want to do.”

And I think that is why my experience with Leonie Dawson’s workbook has been so inspiring for me – because it makes goal setting fun. After working with her workbook for a couple weeks I feel so incredibly excited and inspired about 2013, which is a stark contrast to how I felt at this time last year (not excited at all – and kind of dreading 2012). So I really wish I had known about this workbook last year!

*disclaimer: I am an affiliate for Leonie’s workbook, but I am promoting it simply because I love working with it and think its an awesome product! Her workbook also comes with a lovely calendar, which I haven’t printed out just yet.

So my goal is to create a similar product – a 2013 workbook/journal – that incorporates the use of Tarot and Oracle cards. So I would love to hear your thoughts on workbooks – have you used them in the past? Have you found them helpful? What do you like most about them?





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  1. Barbra says:

    “I feel so incredibly excited and inspired about 2013” That’s wonderful to hear Kate.

    Perhaps Leonie Dawson would be interested in cross-promotion with you? I bet she’d love the story of how she inspired you.

  2. Thank you so much for the ideas Kate, I’ve got the life edition of Leonie’s workbook and I love to do creative things myself too, but I just fell in love with your drawings for your Tarot workbook and I would definitely purchase it if you complete it and decide to share with us. 🙂 Considering the possibility of you preparing a Tarot course and/or workshop, I think this workbook will be a great companion. So, if you prepare a course in the future, you can simply provide extra pages that link with the course, including notes, exercises, assignments, etc. and so that we can purchase, print and add to our workbook binder. Just thinking out loud. 🙂

    Here are my ideas on what I would love to see in a Tarot workbook:

    I have some ideas that came up last week, like creating a mini Tarot altar, or energy central if the word altar is too religious for some. I recently bought a Selenite tower, and teamed it up with a few crystals that I would like to align and charge, then added some oracle cards from my Earth Magic deck that give the message I want to charge the crystals with. They’re just sitting on my desk right now, not looking like an exact energy altar, but they radiate positivty! I think I may even prepare this with different crystals and cards, for different readings. You can suggest something like that to be prepared in where Tarot and Oracle cards are kept, to keep them positive and clean, and to program both crystals and our subconscious. I can’t imagine how wonderful tips and questions you may bring to this topic and make it a fascinating experience.

    Of course, the topic of birth, soul, life Tarot cards can be added to the workbook as well, you may create powerful questions and tips to it, like how can we use the guidance of our birthcard etc., how can we make plans according to it, etc. (just mentioning some questions that you have mentioned before in your works) and it would be just like a mini coaching session.

    I can’t think this workbook without the spreads you created, and maybe some new? (please!) You can make special pages for each spread, writing how to do it along with extra questions, tips, and fun ideas. And also you can include the same pages of the spreads without writings on it so we can write our own spreads and photocopy it for more.

    I think I wrote a short novel here, but I feel really excited already. I hope we can all share these in 2013, can’t wait to read the announcements of your workshop, and/or course and of course the Tarot workbook! Blessings!

    • kate says:

      Thank you, Deniz! You have amazing ideas – I have written them all down. I really like the idea of exploring one’s birth/soul cards through a workbook – I think that could be very valuable to many people. And a workbook full of Tarot Spreads – YES! Love that idea! I am thinking of adding a few spreads to the workbook I am currently creating. Creating a Tarot altar is such a good way to bring a sense of divinity and specialness to your readings and relationship to your cards. I just use my living room coffee table for this, but it still feels special! I think that would be a great exercise to have in one of my Tarot courses.
      Thanks again for all your ideas – I’m glad you are as excited about this as I am!!!!!

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