Weekly Tarot Card Reading Video

I felt drawn to use my Angel Tarot Cards to get a glimpse at the upcoming week….

Have a wonderful week, everyone 🙂

7 thoughts on “Weekly Tarot Card Reading Video”

  1. Hello! I’m impressed with the synchronicity between your readings and Doreen’s…I’m sure you’ve noticed it… Thank You, I love your readings.

    1. Thank you Madalena! I haven’t actually noticed that as I don’t always watch Doreen’s readings every week – but i will check them out now, as you’ve got me curious…

      1. Hello Kate,
        If you watch this week’s reading (by Doreen) you’ll understand why I’m impressed. =) In fact your reading came out much sooner than Doreen’s but I received both in the same day, that’s why I noticed the similarities. Have a great week, Kate!

  2. Hey, Kate!

    I’ve already had a Six of Water experience–and it’s only Sunday! I had a wonderful chat with a good friend from years ago. She’s someone I don’t talk with often, and I definitely enjoyed helping her with an issue, a very emotional issue.

    As for the Magician. Well. You know what I’m sayin’ on that!!!!! (And in the middle of three cards–just like yesterday!)

    On the Four of Cups: Sometimes I feel that card is a warning, just like you say, here. But sometimes I feel that it’s letting me know that what’s best is to NOT accept anything new at this time, that what I have is enough to digest/integrate.

    Maybe, following the Magician, it could signify that after the effort of manifesting, I rest. Or, of course, it may be that after the effort of manifesting, I just don’t have my eyes open to see HOW my manifestation is coming to me!

    Ah, tarot. Always an “on the other hand . . . ”

    Happy New Week!

    1. I like your interpretation of the Four of Cups – that actually makes a whole lot of sense, particularly since its next to the Magician (which, by the way, I thought was in interesting “coincidence”!)

  3. Hello Kate, loved your reading, in fact l´m just at that point going step by step, and sometimes l feel l´m prepared and others l take a step back…so lets see what this week brings me, thanks for your inspiring reading. hugs xx

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