Get a Free Tarot Reading on my Facebook Page!

tarot card spreads for love sex and relationshipsTo celebrate the launch of my new e-book Tarot Card Spreads for Love, Sex & Relationships, I will be giving out free one-card Tarot/Oracle readings on Sunday Feb 17 at 1pm Pacific Time on my Facebook page.

How to Get a Reading:
If you would like me to pull a card for you, just head on over to my Facebook page anytime between 1-2pm and let me know you’d like a reading. I am going to be doing brief, non-stop readings for one hour – I may not be able to give everyone a reading in that time, but I will certainly try!

Cheers and I hope to see you on my Facebook page!


8 thoughts on “Get a Free Tarot Reading on my Facebook Page!”

  1. Hi again,just missed the free reading by 15 min was not to sure where you where.I am in New Zealand maybe you will do it again so all of us further afield can join in to, now that I have the time difference. Thanks for the reply.

    1. Hi Denise, my free readings always take place on my facebook page. I always do them at different times, so hopefully next time you will be able to join in. I will be doing another one fairly soon to celebrate the release of my new guided meditation cd. Thanks for reading my blog. cheers!

  2. Hi Kate, Congratulations on your New book.I liked the reading that you did with the”Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle “cards.Where can I purchase a pack from?Learning a lot from your Blog,Cheers,Denise.

    1. That deck is really lovely, isn’t it! I got mine from I believe they are actually published in Australia, so you should have any trouble getting them being in new zealand, but you never know. I think I did get one of the last decks on amazon so you may have to wait until they do a reprint.

  3. Hi, Kate!
    Thank you for doing the Free, One-Card Tarot readings later today, between 1PM to 2PM Pacific Time. I live on the East coast, and I put an alarm on my phone to remind me!!

    I would love for it to be in the cards (pun intended) to receive that with you today.
    I have Angel Cards and Tarot Cards, and will be looking forward to purchasing your workbooks to help me open that spiritual side of myself so I will understand the cards I pull.

    For now, if you will, what Tarot Card will you pull for me? Money and business are prominently on my mind.

    Thank you and Namaste! 🙂

    1. Hi Diane,
      I don’t know if I read for you or not this time? My mind is a blur, so I don’t remember – LOL! Really sorry if I missed you, but I will be doing another live reading session not too far off in the future, when my new guided meditation cd is released! Will keep you posted!

  4. Hey, Kate–

    I’m really glad to see you advertising some of your own products in the margins, here, and not just other folks’. Your workbook (with cute lipstick kisses) looks so good–very fun and accessible!


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