Weekly Forecast Reading with Earth Magic Oracle Cards!

The upcoming week looks wonderful – plenty of celebration, a bit of clearing out old junk and even some much needed stillness mixed in.

In the comments section below, let me know which card resonated with you the most. Personally, I felt very relieved to see the “Stillness” card, as well as the “Release” card!

15 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast Reading with Earth Magic Oracle Cards!”

  1. Hello Kate,
    First of all I love this deck! I got it for myself several months ago and have been pulling a card daily and really learning it.
    In the Autumnal Equinox card I see an oval shape in the middle of the card which feels very protected to me. The message I am getting about realease is that it is safe in this time/space.
    Your reading of this card from both a material, getting rid of stuff, to emotional, get rid of resentment or other negative feelings is very helpful.
    Thank you, great way to go into the day!

  2. The card I felt was the stillness – a feeling of cooling off and being still long enough to let “heat” dissipate, becoming more sensitive to the breeze on checks, rustling of leaves, and becoming buoyant to float without rippling the waters.

  3. Hey, Kate–

    Oh, I love the sound of this reading! And, as far as I can tell, my week is all set to absolutely capitalize on the energies you suggest will be available to support me this week.

    I was out of town (read: no exercise!) for three days, which makes me all the more eager to get to my Monday and Wednesday yoga classes–which are vinyasa flow classes, very much like dancing, with great music, to boot!

    And Wednesday and Thursday, I have nothing scheduled, which means I can use those days to rest (Stillness) and recoup from the weekend just past.

    How nice if that contemplative time brought me, heart and soul, to a place where I could release some stuck stuff (I’ve got a couple of things in mind!).

    Thanks and hugs,

  4. Thanks Kate for doing the Earth Deck for us 🙂 For me the “Release” card was about letting go of the old (particularly anything negative or debilitating, or thought patterns that don’t mesh with what we are seeking), and bringing in the new. Kind of reminded me of the Death card/Hanged Man card in the regular tarot deck. Thanks again! I know you mentioned you didn’t have the Fairy Tale Tarot by Lisa Hunt yet, but if you ever get the chance to pick that one up, I think that would be really interesting to see your take on it (review and reading). 😉

    1. Ricky – your a bad influence on me! I have forbade myself to buy any more decks for a while…and then bought two last night at 1:30 am! The Fairytale Tarot wasn’t one of them – but I will let you know if I get it. It looks really cool.

        1. Jamie – I got some pretty sappy decks, I am ashamed to say. I don’t know what possessed me – its like I have been infected with sappiness. I bought the magical unicorns oracle cards (doreen virtue) and Magical Messages from the Fairies. As if I don’t have enough “feel good” decks – I will need some “feel bad” decks to balance things out soon…

          1. Kate–

            I love me some sappy. Very soothing, it can be. Right now, I’m contemplating my new (used) Elemental Tarot. Not sure it’s going to be a love affair, but one fine attribute is the stylized way the artist portrays both male and female genitalia. (I have to say that when I saw that, I thought, Kate would love this deck!!)

            Hahahahhahahhaha. Ha.

    2. Ricky!

      I have the Fairytale Tarot by Lisa Hunt. I have a hugely difficult time understanding the way she relates the stories to the traditional-ish card meanings. Her stories are so COMPLICATED, it seems to me.

      But, on the other hand, I do find them wonderful to read from (if a bit of an effort) if I just use the illustrations, any notions I might have with the fairytale (if I know it) and the traditional card meaning.

      I’ve gotten a couple of AMAZING readings working this way with them.

      I’d be so interested to hear more about your experiences with this deck if you’d like to share.

      I’ll check back here in a couple of days to see if you added anything.

      Thanks for bringing up this deck. It doesn’t seem to get talked about much.

  5. Hi Kate, the stillness card really resonates with me for the week, as the weekend is going to be very busy. Also, on Wednesday evening I am taking a Yoga Nidra class which really epitomizes stillness!

    The release card for me, symbolizes something that I try to practise: ” let go and let God ” and the light shining through the trees represents rays of hope and forgiveness.
    Thank you and have a good week.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Denise. I LOVE Yoga Nidra – its super relaxing – I wish someone in my area taught it (everyone here is really into hot yoga and power yoga).

  6. Looks like a great week is coming ahead thank you so much your tarot reading helps A lot

  7. Kate-
    Thank you for the reading. Sounds like a great week ahead! The one thing that struck me most about the Release card was the light shining through the trees as if to say that if you let go of past worries and things you don’t need your spirit will feel lighter and brighter. Jan

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