Tarot Forecast For the Week Ahead!

For this reading I am using the Wildwood Tarot – a new deck that I got for Christmas but haven’t really used until now. If you are wondering why I haven’t posted Part 3 of my “Interactive Tarot Reading” series, like I promised, I will be posting it next Saturday. The Summer activities have distracted me and I just didn’t get it written in time!

4 thoughts on “Tarot Forecast For the Week Ahead!”

  1. Nice reading!

    I’ve been noticing how in your weekly draws you’ve been doing so much more in-depth kinds of associations and lots of lovely, rich weaving back and forth of ideas. I love listening to them even more when they’re like that. It’s like you take me into a different sort of zone.

    From the Zone!

  2. Fascinating reading as what you shared has already been manifesting itself. Time to go inward, release and be ready to rid any emotions stuck within by Friday. Thank you!

    1. Good luck, Nancy, with the releasing of any old emotions – it can feel lousy while its happening, but you will feel lighter and better once its over with 🙂

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