Tarot Forecast for the Week Ahead

According the this reading, this is the week to end all bad habits – for me, that’s obsessive book and tarot deck buying 😉 After you watch the reading, let me know in the reply section below, what habits or patterns you would like to walk away from this week…

14 thoughts on “Tarot Forecast for the Week Ahead”

  1. Joseph (Mr Butch) Wahlsmith

    Kate agreeably we need our BS filters on to keep out the negative juju from those that would; without having the right intentions or drivers, choose to exploit any of the 20 universal laws as detailed by Mr. Dick Sutphen in “Lighting the Light Within”.

    Although this sounds judgmental; my genuine intent is to express gratitude for you and your positive influence on all of us. Please keep doing what you are doing.

    Regarding decks and so forth; in my area (Columbus, Ohio) we have several 1/2 price book stores that have proven to be a good source and value for used tarot cards and learning materials. Last week I invested in Learning the Tarot by Joan Bunning for $7.99. Is that cool or what? They also have vintage albums for old hippies like me. lol

    1. Joseph, that doesn’t sound judgmental at all! I haven’t heard of “lighting the light within” – I will have to check it out.
      There are a few excellent used book stores in my town as well. The Joan Bunning book is really good – I used that one a lot when I was learning Tarot – I think you will like it 🙂

  2. Okay. Well, I’m not saying this is a RESOLUTION, just that, well, the monster is quiet for the moment . . .

    You’ll be happy to know I finally just went ahead and bought that darned Fairytale Tarot kit (yes, used: loophole!), so yours is now safe from my covetous glances (and begging emails).

    Happy New Year!

    1. Well, thank god for that! I hope you enjoy them 🙂 glad you found a loophole and didn’t go spending hundreds.

  3. LOL at the tarot decks. I am selling a couple of DV oracles. Healing with the Fairies and Archangel Michael decks for people in the UK, or, in the US, they can supplement to the postage.

    I am walking away from twin souls and all that jazz. I have been lied to for a while on this topic and I am just getting on with readings. Such a disappointment and I can fully relate to veronica on Friday’s read. I feel the same way as well!

    1. I know what you mean, Janine. I have read so many new agey, self helpy books and now I feel like I have eaten one too many pieces of cake – I get a queasy, barfy feel everytime I come across stuff about positive thinking, law of attraction and stuff like that. Its not that I don’t believe in it, its just that i’ve had enough of it for now. To be honest, some of that stuff is total BS – its important to be open minded, but also to have your BS meter switched on too!

    1. Oh god! That really is a resolution loophole! My main reason for abstaining from more deck buying is lack of space. I am up to my neck in decks!

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