Oracle Card Reading for Jan 13 – 19

Have a beautiful week 🙂

3 thoughts on “Oracle Card Reading for Jan 13 – 19”

  1. Oh, Kate–

    Such crazy accuracy from your reading to my life! Indeed, I’ve stumbled onto a new way of eating and am just starting to integrate it. It’s wonderful, and I do feel like it’s a way to respect and love myself.

    And I just got a new set of tarot cards–the Bright Idea Deck–today, and the Robin Wood WITH Robin’s book is on its way (that’s a Kate-influenced choice!), as well as a new oracle, the Enchanted Map Oracle coming just behind it.

    Oh, too, I wanted to let you know, I’m really liking those Fairytale Tarot cards, but the book is amazing! I think you might benefit from getting it. In it, Karen Mahony tells the story of the card image, and then does a wonderful and very erudite job of linking it completely to the traditional card meaning. The book adds so much!

    It’s still available for not-too-much (12 euros) from the Baba store. Here’s a link:

    Happy New Year,

    1. Are you trying to feed my Tarot addiction or what?! LOL. Because of you my next blog post just might be titled “how to stop buying tarot decks”!
      I’m happy my reading resonated with you – and I think you will really like the Robin Wood deck 🙂

  2. I think your reading was very good. I am going to emphasize on my emotional journey and heal within. I am on period of truth with some one whom I have been dating and he needs to be clear about how he has pushed my button. More power to you.

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