Oracle Card Reading for Dec 29 – Jan 4

Have a wonderful New Year and best wishes for 2015!!!!!

Stay tuned for my big 2015 forecast Tarot reading 🙂


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5 Responses to Oracle Card Reading for Dec 29 – Jan 4

  1. A thought also about how spot on these cards seem to be for ending the old year and starting the new, the first oracle card is a waxing moon, preparing for what’s next, and the second card the tree branch has new green leaves,

  2. jamie morris says:


    One thing I really like about the first two cards in this reading is this: The fairy in each of them is sitting in a curve–the first, in the curve of the crescent moon; the second, in the curve of the tree branch. In the first card, it’s as if she’s gazing off to consider what she wants to affirm this year. In the second, she’s turned directly to face the viewer–a way of getting real and present, as suggested by the nature-orientation of the card.

    As for the third card, well, it is an amazing, AMAZING affirmation of something for me personally. I’ll tell you later!

    Looking forward to your big, whole-year spread.

    • jamie morris says:

      Oh! Now I get it! In the third card, she’s showing the manifestation of the actions of the first two cards: Affirmations + practical, nature-based connection = new energy (New Home)!

    • Kate says:

      Hi Jamie,
      Love your observations here – I hadn’t noticed that, but it really adds to the reading I think!
      Thanks for sharing this and so glad the last card had a special meaning for you 🙂


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