Tarot Reading for May 4 – 10th

Here is your weekly Tarot reading! For this reading I’m using my Paulina Tarot

Please feel free to add your own interpretation or insights in the comments below 🙂

Have a wonderful week!!!

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6 Responses to Tarot Reading for May 4 – 10th

  1. Sue says:

    wow! This resonates so much to me. I have just started a new role at work and feel that information is being held back from me but still being ‘fed’ insignificant information. Both cards resonate and make me ‘step back’ and look at the full picture.
    Thank you so much.

  2. jamie morris says:

    This is such a helpful reading for me, Kate. I’ve been really wound into a Nine of Swords place for a week or two. And I feel like the Page of Pentacles is the way out for me! I’m going to go investigate and learn and play.

    Thanks for the uplift. It was a true gift.

    • Kate says:

      Jamie, that is so good to hear – I’m really delighted that my reading has given you some insights that will help you get into a better feeling place 🙂 Nine of Swords isn’t a great place to dwell for too long!

  3. MicheleB says:

    Hi Kate ! Those are interesting cards! And I was sitting here get caught up in something I was worried about and then watched this and decided to shift my mind elsewhere lol 🙂


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