Tarot Reading for Oct 19 – 25

Here is your Tarot card reading for the week ahead! For this reading I am using my Dame Darcy Mermaid Tarot

Have a wonderful week 🙂


2 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for Oct 19 – 25”

  1. Hi!
    Reflecting on your weekly forecast and its amazing that I thought of the same thing-the waves when you asked to look at the three cards and what draws your attention:) I feel the waves rising up in ace of wands do tell you something about ideas coming to your mind and your mind just thinking, kind of lots of mental activity, mental tasks-planning in the head , maybe something for the end of the week 🙂 also the sun does get my attention in the last card, a bit in the centre one too, shining, making one positive and happy- probably indicating a balance between the rising waves mid week and a bit of calm towards end of the week. So mid week I would say being hyper active mentally… And enjoying yourself with others by the end of the week..

    1. This is a really nice interpretation Vandna 🙂 I already feel the mental hyper activeness starting! Looking forward to the calm at the end of the week.

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