Christmas Tarot Forecast!

I have to be honest, I completely forgot it was going to be Christmas on Friday when I did this reading, which is why I don’t mention it in the last card! I know that’s sounds messed up, but….I’m pretty spaced out in my own little world most of the time 😉 Anyhow, I’m using the Indigo Angel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue for this reading….

Have a wonderful time over the holidays!

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3 Responses to Christmas Tarot Forecast!

  1. jimbo says:

    Hi Kate – thank you for another interesting and intuitive reading, and I hope you enjoy the holidays as well, Best Wishes, Jim. 🙂

  2. Rosie says:

    I like that you forgot the words for “hourglass” 🙂

  3. Jamie Morris says:

    Hey, Kate–

    I’m not familiar with this deck, so I don’t know if it’s true of every card–but in these three cards, at least, each of the figures is looking down, very focused on what they’re doing, and not giving any attention at all to anyone or anything else.

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