Tarot Card Reading for Feb 8-14

Here is your Tarot reading for the week ahead….and would you know it, I went and forgot that it’s Valentine’s day right at the end of this week! Oh well, you get spared a bunch of boring relationship talk! For this reading I’m using the Crystal Visions Tarot….

Hope you have a lovely Valentines Day and please feel free to add your own take on these cards in the comments below 🙂


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6 Responses to Tarot Card Reading for Feb 8-14

  1. Teresa says:

    What I noticed in relation to the hanged man was that the light is focused around his head. That his inner calm and peace is radiating outward, visible to those around him. His aura glows even in his circumstances. A wonderful confirmation for me and a reminder that though we may feel utterly hemmed in, we can maintain a peace that radiates to those around us. It has been my experience because I openly communicate with my deck (newest by Anna K. loving it thanks for sharing Kate) in public that people are drawn to speak with me. Of course it isn’t the deck alone, for years people have said things like “I don’t know why I told you that I just met you.” or my friends and family say I have never met a stranger. I had a reader tell me I had a strong light it draws people in. Sorry didn’t mean to make this about me, anyway I just see this light as one of many gifts we can all cultivate. The feeling that the hanged man is radiating light from what most would call a dark time for him is to me the positive energy in the card.

  2. Jamie Morris says:

    This is such a beautiful reading. You’re more than usually articulate, here, and so profound. Thank you!

  3. Colleen says:

    Hello Kate! Enjoyed the reading….. and I see the Hangman as looking at a situation with “new” eyes and yes, surrendering… As for the “light”, assisting in changing those mental thoughts & becoming that “Page of Wands”!! Flowing with LIFE, smoothly.
    Thank you for sharing your insight….always enjoy it! 😀
    Have a great week too!!!!

  4. Arnie says:

    Hi Kate, the light represents to me my freedom. Thank you!!!

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