Tarot Reading for Feb 16 – 22

Here are the cards for the week ahead – I am using the Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue for this reading. Please excuse my crummy lighting! I didn’t realize how terrible it was until I uploaded it. As always, feel free to add your own interpretation in the comments below 🙂

Have a fantastic week!

The Daily Tarot Girl

8 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for Feb 16 – 22”

  1. So King of Water… and the entire reading.

    I am moving to a small place on two acres in the city. I know that sounds crazy but that’s just how lucky I am right now.
    I am downsizing and getting ready to move to Hawaii to do healing work there and to make myself have to use skype and the web for sessions and classes rather than being stuck to in person classes and sessions. The web is a fine medium.

    I have so much stuff. I found an organization that will come out to my home in the boonies and pick up donations. It is so hard to let go of stuff but finding someone to bring a truck out is even harder sometimes. I am letting things go with love and an honest joy for the release. My storage unit is is huge anyway and is 266 a month. By the time I have the actual movers come on Tuesday, there most likely will be a much smaller amount of stuff to move. Yes! I am clearing clutter, but I am also letting go of things of value. What is value anyway? Sentimental value? I have gone through so many boxes and have collected the hand written notes, special photos, and cards. The rest of the stuff is going. Kitchen gadgets, dishes, coffee cups, shelves, sofa, chairs, art, gift items and craft items, pillows, bedding, clothes, shoes, coats, rugs. I am so excited that they will come to me with a truck and collect these things. It’s all great stuff, but I don’t want to list it and sell it. I’ve also asked if anyone needs anything. I had some affirmative responses, so I am very excited to report that my delux 55 gallon aquarium will have a new home on Wednesday! Yes! The fish have a new home. That was weighing heavy on my heart. The store that I bought the fish from closed, and they told me that if I needed to find homes for the fish, they would take them back. Most fish shops do not take fish back because they have to be quarantined. So… King of Water is working the magic for sure.

    I guess this sharing and charitable message is coming to fruition as I once again listen to this reading. As always the readings seem to really be just for me.

    I just hope the the donation folks come with a big moving truck and two men. That would be fabulous. Nearly everything that is new and cool is going to them.

    1. Heidi, I hope everything went well for you with the donation truck 🙂 Your story inspired me to get rid of even more stuff. I just recenly moved and oh my god, I have so much STUFF! And it’s stuff that brings me very little joy – I don’t really need or want a lot of it. I will be giving lots of it away as well. Best of luck to you and your move to Hawaii! It is so beautiful there, you will love it 🙂

  2. Thanks for the reading, being a total beginner the whole process is quite baffling when it comes to intuition but I suppose the more I practice it the easier it will come.
    Many thanks for the webinar, although explaining to my wife why I was chatting to women on the internet at 2am was a bit of a laugh, still it was very informative and I am following on with the 1 card a day exercise. many thanks

    1. Haaaha! That’s too funny, Braeden 🙂 I’m sure your wife understood. Glad you hear you found the webinar helpful and that’s so wonderful that your just learning Tarot – hang in there, it does get easier and easier as you go!

  3. Hi Kate! Great reading….. loved each card! I’m looking forward to the middle of the week card (6 of Wands) happening!!! VICTORY occurring, with the workings of our house… have come across a few upheavals – especially from these bitter cold days/nights! lol Victory be ours!!!! 😀
    Hope your move is flowing easier…. just remember to BREATHE through all your transition – it can be overwhelming.
    Thank you for the FREE webinar; enjoyed the hour, with you and Brigit.
    Have a great week.
    Hugs, c

    1. Hi Colleen,
      Glad you enjoyed our webinar 🙂 It was so much fun – I realized how much I miss doing regular webinars, as it’s been a few months!
      I’m finally starting to feel settled in to our new place. Best of luck with your home upheavals – I don’t envy you, and I know we’ve got our own house issues to deal with as soon as the weather gets a bit better!

  4. Happy Valentine’s Day, Kate! I am immediately most drawn to the Strength card. I FEEL STRONG…AND I AM STRONG!!! I feel a special connection with the wings. They represent freedom to me…freedom to soar to new heights!!! (FYI…Please consider adding sufficient lighting to your card readings, in order to notice the intricate details of each card. Thank you.) Love you, Arnie

    1. Thanks Arnie – Happy belated Valentines to you too 🙂 Yes, I will get better lighting for future readings, I know I’ve posted some dim ones lately. I think the trick is doing them in the daytime.

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