Tarot Reading for March 7 – 13

I just can’t get enough of this deck!!!! For this weeks reading I’m using my 78 Tarot Nautical deck again. And YES, I will be posting a review this week probably. Enjoy!

As always, you are welcome to post your own interpretation of these cards in the comments below 🙂

Have a fantastic week!
The Daily Tarot Girl

2 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for March 7 – 13”

  1. Hi Kate! Oh, you are up & running! Yahoooo.
    This deck is soooo beautiful. And loved the reading – the white flowers were catching my eye on The Queen of Wands card. (Am I wishing Spring to arrive SOON? lol)
    This week, I’ll be tackling all the remaining boxes ‘hiding’ in the basement, since moving into our house; so the Queen of Wands was perfect to begin my week. Comtemplating on the other two cards. hmmm
    Hope all is well with you & the flow of your new house is smooth.
    Take good care

  2. I am very drawn to the 9 of Cups….for me it represents what is happening in my life right now with people around me…I have been hurt by a few people lately and I am not sure who to trust so the jelly fish kind of represent the friends and I am trying to figure out which ones don’t have my best interest at heart.

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