Tarot Reading for Nov 28 – Dec 4

For this reading I decided to bust out a deck that I really haven’t used in years – the Fenestra Tarot – a deck that I kind of forgot about. It’s such a pretty, feminine deck and I think I’ll be using it more often now…

Have a wonderful week and feel free to add your two cents on these cards in the comment section below 🙂


10 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for Nov 28 – Dec 4”

  1. lol. The Ace will represent what Kate feels when she reads these comments. Needing to repair a relationship with us, and offer something to keep the pease.

  2. Hiya, Kate!
    Me too, – the video is only about half the usual size, data-wise.
    Has that mischievous Merlina chewed through your Web connect cable this time while it was being uploaded?
    We should be told!
    Looking forward greatly to viewing your reading in full (as always!) when poss.
    Hope you can fix it for us, – take care!
    Zoe T.

    1. Full reading is now up! I wish I hadn’t gone offline for two days immediately after uploading or I would have fixed this sooner! Thanks so much for your patience…and no, I can’t blame Merlina for this one 😉

  3. Hello Kate, the video was only 4 minutes and covering barely the first 2 cards. Any chance to get the full reading?

    1. I was keeping you all in supreme suspense! my apologies…I forgot I made this video in two parts and so forgot to upload the second half and combine them. I just uploaded the whole reading,,,so you will finally know what that third card is!

  4. Hi Kate, your clip was cut off in the midst of your reading! Thought you may want to re-load, if you were unaware ????????✌


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