No Judgement? Veronica calls bull-sh*t!

veronica 2Veronica is my evil twin sister and Tarot reading queen. When she isn’t writing for my blog, she’s slinking around being sexy and mysterious and getting into mischief!

Housewives Tarot

Have you ever heard someone claim that they’re “non-judgemental” or say “No judgement!” after you catch them looking aghast when you introduce your three husbands?

Well, they’re lying.

Everyone with a brain judges. We’re all judgy Judge Judys, regardless of how hard we try not to be.

Judgement is how we discern the crap from the non-crap. It’s how we decide who we want to spend time with and who totally sucks.

So if you’ve been beating yourself up lately and judging yourself for being so judgmental of everyone around you….STOP!

You’re not judgmental, your discerning.

Trying to stop being judgemental is like trying to stop farting.

It’s a dishonest way to live.

In the comments below, tell me what judgements you’ll no longer feel guilty about having….