February 2014

Where to Keep Your Tarot Cards When Your Not Using Them

Where do you keep your Tarot cards when your not using them?

Under the kitchen sink in a ziploc bag? Or on a bed of angel feathers and pixie dust?

But most importantly….

Does how you store your Tarot deck effect the accuracy of your readings?

I get asked these two questions all the time and I often hear from people who feel really guilty that they have been keeping an old deck in a dusty box in the back of their closet for years.

So here’s where I keep my Tarot and Oracle cards:


This is my “tarot cubby-hole” in my coffee table. And yes, that box on the bottom is also full of decks!

As for my Tarot decks that are well loved, but just having a little rest, they reside in here:


This is a special Tarot box that my dad carved for me. Have a peek inside….



I also store my incense in here, which makes my cards smell very mystical!

And another special Tarot box my dad made me…..


tarot box 3This one’s also stashed with smelly incense and awesome Tarot decks!

I even have some of my decks stored on my bookshelf (which is totally boring, but I like the way the boxes look!)



If I am using a deck quite frequently (like everyday), I will just keep it on my coffee table with a quartz crystal on top:

tarot deck with crystal (2)
My beloved Mystic Meg Tarot

Of course if you live in a busy household full of nefarious children and pets, you might not want to leave your cards just sitting out. My partner is the only other person in my home and he has no interest whatsoever in my cards! So I know they’re safe on my coffee table.

Should you wrap your Tarot deck in silk or is it okay to leave it in it’s original box?

I like to wrap mine in silk, but since I only have a couple silk cloths, the rest stay in their original boxes, which is perfectly okay. Actually, if you have many Tarot decks, they are easier to find if you keep them in their original boxes!

I have some of my decks in little mesh and cotton bags, which were actually lavender sachets that I emptied out and converted into Tarot bags.

So if you have a Tarot deck that’s collecting dust somewhere…

Ask yourself if you really want to keep it. Are you neglecting it because you don’t really like it? If so, donate it to the thrift store, give it to a friend or if you live in an apartment building, leave it down in the lobby and someone who is meant to have it will.

Now go buy yourself a new deck, whose images and energy make you happy. You can check out my recommendations for ideas.

But if its just lack of time and/or Tarot know-how that is keeping you from playing with your Tarot cards, then by all means, dust them off and go listen to my free, 10 minute tutorial to help you connect with your cards and give yourself a reading (even if you have absolutely no idea what you are doing!)

Now for the real question: will your readings be effected by how you store your Tarot deck?

Yes and no. How you feel about your Tarot cards will effect your readings. So if you feel disconnected to your Tarot cards, and as a result keep them in an old junk box in your basement sandwiched between your New Kids on the Block cassettes and a stack of yellowed Harlequins, then yes, your Tarot readings with that deck will be super shitty.

But if you keep your cards stashed under your coffee table and feel great about it (like me!) then you have nothing to worry about.

You don’t need to wrap your cards in silk and keep them somewhere sacred in order to have a good reading experience. But if doing so makes you feel good about your cards, then do it!

What’s important is that you feel good about how your storing your Tarot deck. So if you feel guilty about how you treat your cards, its time for a change. Start treating your Tarot deck like a treasured guest and notice how your readings improve.

So now I want to know – how do you store your Tarot cards? Tell me everything in the comments below 🙂