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The Tarot Court Cards….In Bed! Part 2: The Pages

Learning the Tarot Court Cards was the most challenging aspect of becoming a Tarot reader! For me, trying to learn the Tarot Court Card meanings felt like being at a really boring party and attempting to remember the names of … Continue reading

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Page of Cups ~ Tarot Card for Wednesday

Today’s Tarot card, the Page of Cups, is all about learning and being inspired. Let your intuition and creative yearning guide you toward learning something new today. This card can represent engaging in artistic activities, learning about art or even … Continue reading

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Seeker of Chalices ~ Tarot Card for Monday

The Seeker of Chalices is the card for today. Its time to come out of your shell! Don’t hold back any longer – follow your heart and let your inspiration and creative yearning guide you. I feel like this card … Continue reading

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Princess of Cups ~ Tarot Card for Thursday

Today’s Tarot Card, the Princess of Cups, encourages you to truly enjoy being alive. Take time to savor earthly delights such as walking barefoot across the grass, eating good food, the feel of the sunlight on your skin and the … Continue reading

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