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Learn the Tarot Card Meanings

fun, creative ways to understand & remember all 78 Tarot cards!

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Your e-course includes:

  • 1 hour video tutorial on learning the Tarot card meanings
  • PDF full of Tarot worksheets, fun exercises and reading techniques taught in the webinar
  • My Tarot card meanings cheatsheet - a list of each Tarot card and it's associated keywords
  • My list of favorite Tarot resources for further study

Feel confident reading Tarot without having to look up the meanings in a book!

Learn how to...

  • use fun, creative ways to learn & remember the Tarot card meanings (NO boring memorization required!)
  • go beyond the basic, flat Tarot meanings to gain a deeper understanding of your cards
  • understand and use the symbols on each card
  • develop a personal connection with each card
  • make the traditional card meanings finally "click", even if you are the more intuitive type who can't stand doing things "by the book"

Hezicos Tarot

Wow!! I love your PDF's! You give so many useful exercises, it's more like a workbook that helps me think more clearly, helps direct my focus of each card in different ways and something I can keep and go back to for reference or to see how my thoughts have changed the more I lean about Tarot. During the class, I like how you always give reminders of the most basic meanings before elaborating - it's very helpful for beginners.

Dawn Hessler

Understanding each card meaning = a solid foundation from which to grow as a Tarot reader

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this e-course okay for Tarot beginners?

Yes! I designed this class for those just beginning to learn the Tarot, but also for those who have been studying Tarot a while yet are still frustrated with learning the card meanings.

Do I need a specific Tarot deck for this e-course?

No. You may use any Tarot deck you like. The techniques taught in the webinar can be used with any kind of Tarot deck.

Will I know all 78 Tarot card meanings by the end of this e-course?

No. I will teach you many fun, creative ways to learn the cards on your own, but I will NOT be teaching each, individual Tarot card meaning. The accompanying PDF will include a basic Tarot meanings cheatsheet. You will have a better understanding of the cards after this class, but learning all 78 meanings takes time!


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After payment you will be emailed a link and password to a secret page on my site where you can access the video tutorial & PDF booklet

I look forward to sharing my Tarot knowledge with you and showing you all the juicy-fun ways to learn the Tarot card meanings!
The Daily Tarot Girl