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Learn the Tarot Court Cards

Your recipe for confidently interpreting those elusive Court Cards!

Deck shown: Heart & Hands Tarot

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When a Court Card shows up in a Tarot reading, do you...

  • Think "oh crap! what does that even mean?!"
  • Draw a complete blank?
  • Wish you could just pick a different card?
  • Gloss over it because you aren't really sure how it relates to the reading?

 It's okay, I used to feel this way too

True confession: I did many professional readings without really understanding the Court Cards!

But not really knowing how to read a Court Card left me feeling a bit uneasy...

because I knew that one could pop up at any moment

The good news is that you don't have to study the Tarot for years and years to change all of that

You just need to take my class 😉

I'll teach you my own method of reading the Tarot Court Cards so that next time one shows up in a reading...

You'll be crystal clear on what it means!

It's time for you to master the Court Cards....once and for all!



Your e-course includes:

  • 6 video lessons on the Court Cards
  • PDF worksheets for each lesson to help you practice the new concepts & techniques
  • Tarot Court Card meanings cheatsheet - my unique list of each Court Card and the advice it gives
  • All course materials are fully downloadable
  • Lifetime access to all course content!

Understanding the Court Cards = Being a more confident Tarot reader

Learn how to...

  • Use fun, creative ways to learn & remember the Tarot Court Card meanings
  • Connect with and truly understand the Court Cards
  • Use the symbols on each Court Card to unlock its message
  • Figure out what a Court Card actually means in the context of a specific question or issue
  • Interpret the Court Cards with confidence and ease

When you know how to get the Court Cards to speak directly to you, your readings will come alive!

What students have said...

An enormous thank you for such wonderful courses. I've just completed the Learn the Tarot Court Cards course and feel totally inspired and am actually (and this is a first) looking forward to receiving court cards in my readings. Wow.

You truly are a wonderful teacher, very easy to connect with and with loads of common sense, inspiring ideas and brilliant worksheets, which I love working through. I can't wait for your next course.


Your course on the court cards helped me SO MUCH! I got a lot out of it and I can honestly say I don't fear them showing up anymore. Thank you!


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to this course?

Forever! You have lifetime access to this course and all material is fully downloadable. This means you'll be able to learn at your own pace and revisit the course whenever you like.

Is this course okay for Tarot beginners?

Yes! I designed this course for both experienced and beginner readers alike who are feeling frustrated with understanding the Tarot Court Cards.

How long is this course?

There are 6 videos that are 15-20 min in length, totaling up to nearly two hours. Each lesson has 1-2 worksheets, so how long you spend on each one depends on how ambitious or chill you are!

Do I need a specific Tarot deck?

You may use any Tarot deck you like as the techniques taught in the class can be used with any kind of Tarot deck.

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Price: $47 US
After payment you will be emailed a link and password to a
secret page on my site where you can access the course.

I look forward to sharing my course with you and showing you all the fabulous ways to connect with the Tarot Court Cards!
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