mebeach2Who is the Daily Tarot Girl?

My name is Kate and I warmly welcome you to my website!

I am an Intuitive Tarot Card Reader and Tarot Teacher, Writer and Dancer. I adore Tarot, oracle cards and all things metaphysical.

I collect Tarot decks like a crazy woman and I’m hopelessly addicted to buying books on Amazon – mostly books about astral travel, lucid dreaming, psychic development,Β  hypnosis and past lives!

My favorite thing to do is spend the day curled up on my couch reading paranormal romance novels and sipping tea. Bonus if it’s pouring rain outside πŸ™‚

I dream of one day writing a novel, living in my very own enchanted cottage with a veggie garden + cat and traveling to exotic places to teach workshops and retreats. (Update: dream partially achieved! Still working on the novel and travel part though).

I love working out, running in the forest, buying weird things at the health food store, napping in the sun and petting animals of all kinds.


Find out more about my “guilty pleasures” right here!


Read about my 13 favorite books right here πŸ™‚

My Alter Ego

I also happen to have an evil twin/alter ego – Veronica Noir – she used to help me out by doing the naughty Friday Tarot readings on my tarot blog, until she basically abandoned ship and decided to take an extended vacation (that bitch!)

Veronica is everything I abhor yet wish I could be – whippersnapper smart, unapologetically slutty and filthy rich. She spends her time spying on neighbors, doing nude yoga and drinking martinis in the daytime (the nerve!) – you can check out her readings right here.

Β moon-pic

I was first drawn to Tarot during a major transition period in my life.

I had just decided to leave my boring office job for something more fulfilling….but I had no idea what that was and I had no backup plan!

During this time, I taught myself how to read Tarot and I found that the cards brought me peace, comfort and the sense that there was a bigger plan at work, like everything was connected.

I was drawn to Tarot because…

The cards seemed so mysterious, magical + otherworldly. I thought if I could even learn a little bit about them, perhaps some of that magic might rub off on me.

I fantasized about giving Tarot readings surrounded by black candles, crystal balls and incense smoke, having complete strangers tell me their secrets, dreams and deepest troubles.

This mystical snapshot of unexpected intimacy drove me to study Tarot with a voracious appetite!

My Journey

Eventually, I graduated from doing readings for myself to practicing on skeptical friends and family. Long before I felt “ready”, I began doing professional readings via the phone, email, in person and even reading at fairs and parties.

But even when I began doing professional readings, I still struggled with confidence, trusting my intuition, actually using my intuition and getting over some major fears and doubts – fear of saying the wrong thing, doubting my own intuition and wondering if I was truly helping people by giving readings.

I have learned so much over the years about giving Tarot readings and understanding the true purpose of this mystical deck of cards. Now I wish to share that knowledge with you so that you too can use Tarot to guide you on your path.


My Mission

I created daily-tarot-girl.com because I felt drawn to share my knowledge of Tarot card reading + inspire you to use your Tarot cards for personal growth and connecting with the Divine.

It’s my desire to:

β™₯ Help you have a blast with your Tarot cards

β™₯ Turn you into a kick-ass, confident Tarot reader

β™₯ Show you how to receive high-level guidance via your Tarot cards

β™₯ Entertain you with my fun + informative Tarot Blog

I am here to teach you how to tap into your intuition and read the Tarot the way it was meant to be read! Click here to download my free tutorial on this topic.


Work with me

I work with Tarot students + readers of all levels, helping them increase confidence and take their reading skills to the next level.

I offer Tarot Mentoring (private Tarot lessons), fun Tarot classes & E-courses, and a variety of Tarot e-books to help you spark a love affair with your Tarot cards!

Cheers and Happy Tarot Reading,



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  1. Moshiur says:

    I wanna learn Read Tarot Card. I live in Bangladesh. Beside of India. In our country one brother can read tarot card. He is very famous and so bussy. I never don’t see him. But I belive Tarot Card. By hook or by crook I Wanna learn read Tarot Card. Please Help me.

  2. Mark says:

    Greetings Kate,
    I stumbled upon your wonderful YouTube channel while acting as the Fool and morphed into the Knight of Wands to look into your website to see what else is revealed. I noticed your interest of: “Astral travel, lucid dreaming, psychic development, conspiracy theories, hypnosis and past lives…” Seems as though the esoteric, quantum (Yesod) connectedness of such things acts as a Cosmic Dimensional magnet quite often. I am a Stress Reduction Hypnotist that does Past Life Regression and Hypnosis for Lucid Dreaming and Astral Travel. I wanted to share a technique that is quite successful – waking up at 4:00 a.m. each morning, staying up for about 15 to 20 minutes vaguely thinking about Astral Travel and then going back to sleep. I like the term “OOBE” better because one can of course shift awareness beyond the body within the material realm (Malkuth) – or, shift to the Etheric Realm, Astral, Casual, Mental, etc. Per Astral specifically, meditation on the Moon card at 4:00 a.m. works wonders.

    Best regards, (and enjoying your site)


    • Kate says:

      Hi Mark,
      Glad your enjoying my website πŸ™‚
      Your career sounds awesome!!
      Thank you so much for the tip – I will try that. I have noticed that when I wake up in the middle of the night (usually around 4am, actually) and then go back to sleep, that is when I will have a lucid dream.

  3. Corinne says:

    I have been pulled very strongly lately to getting back into learning and reading cards. Love love love your site!

  4. Tess Corser says:

    If you liked the Tao te Ching (I have that book too), you might also love Backwards Down the Path. It includes the Tao te Ching, and adds some interesting commentary that I find quite uplifting and healing. It’s an easy read and just full of wonderful and profound tidbits.

  5. miriam says:

    thanks for you a huge gift from god/love the site and the way you share so honest from the depths of your soul, Beautiful, you don’t find many like you /such a giver so if people other then you read this please purchase stuff so she can keep this awesome site up and prosper not just get sucked dry,and I don’t know Kate, but will do my part to help her proper .thanks

  6. demi says:

    hey kate,
    just wanted you to know that I’m grateful for your hard work and I’m learning so much from you! thank you so much.
    keep up the good work!

  7. Gitanjli Hazuria says:

    Hi Kate!!

    I was going through your profile and oh my gosh!! You are just like me!! Even I love reading books, in Love with the word metaphysical itself and have a desire of buying tons of tarot decks and books. And I really feel the universe wants me to do ‘big’ by reading tarot and helping people. And I also dream of making tarot popular in India where people do not the tarot beyond the word ‘T’ and is sadly misconceived. I find your site a very useful tool for my tarot studies. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, because in India getting a proper and correct tarot teaching is tough if not impossible. Love you!!

    • Kate says:

      Hi Gitanjli!
      Wow – that’s so neat we like the same things!
      I didn’t realize that Tarot is not really understood in India – for some reason I am surprised by that. Well, you have your work cut out for you then πŸ™‚
      I’m so happy to hear my site is helpful to you – good luck with everything πŸ™‚

      • Arunkumar S says:

        hi Gitanjli..
        myself Arun from India. I dont know why u said there is no tarot in India. There are a lot of tarot readers in India, and more and more are studying it now. Even newspapers carry tarot readings and predictions. even my local bookstore has a lot of tarot books. I am from Kerala… the southern most state of India. I have been studying tarot from books and sites for the past 2 years. but it is a vast subject and everyday i am gaining new insight… i wrote this much just to make it clear that tarot is not taboo in India… Kindly contact me in my mail.. i would like a tarot buddy. πŸ™‚ happy reading..

        • Gitanjli Hazuria says:

          Hi Arun!! I come from Punjab, North India. I am not saying that people do not know about tarot in India, it’s just that it is used in such a limited manner. Tarotists in India use it for fortune telling which I find a very limited use of tarot. It is capable of much more.
          My email id is ginhazuria@gmail.com. Contact me. Would love to have a tarot buddy in India πŸ™‚

    • Arunkumar S says:

      hi Gitanjli..
      myself Arun from India. I dont know why u said there is no tarot in India. There are a lot of tarot readers in India, and more and more are studying it now. Even newspapers carry tarot readings and predictions. even my local bookstore has a lot of tarot books. I am from Kerala… the southern most state of India. I have been studying tarot from books and sites for the past 2 years. but it is a vast subject and everyday i am gaining new insight… i wrote this much just to make it clear that tarot is not taboo in India… Kindly contact me in my mail.. i would like a tarot buddy. πŸ™‚ happy reading..

  8. Chester says:

    My main card was the fool XD suits me beautifully and have a great day

  9. Jay says:

    Good morning Kate, just wanted to wish you a beautiful day today.

  10. Lydia says:

    Your website has been my go-to source for learning and inspiration. As a newbie to Tarot I very much appreciate your insightful advice and the dedication you have to updating your blog with new and helpful information.

    For some querents (i.e. over the course of several readings) I tend to pull a lot of Major Arcana cards, whereas with other querents I only pull Minor Arcana cards. What’s your take on this? What is this significance of receiving only Majors or only Minors consistently over time? Does this say something about the querent?

    • Kate says:

      Hi Lydia,
      I am so happy you are enjoying my site and finding it helpful! Thank you for letting me know πŸ™‚
      Major Arcana cards tend to represent important, major events/issues, while the Minor cards are usually about minor things. If someone keeps getting Majors, I would say that perhaps they are going through a time of big changes and significant events.
      Happy Tarot Reading!

  11. Jamie says:

    OMGoddess … I can’t believe how much your words have resonated with me already. Clearly my guides led me to you and are speaking right through you (to help me learn how to listen myself). I was on a fever-ish search to find some I felt was this “dialed in” and you kept popping up … So finally (like Jimminy Cricket), … I stopped, looked, and listened” and there you were. Sorry … Going to Disneyland with G-Children today πŸ™‚ Thank you for bringing a bit of whimsy to a subject that has always scared me in the past. I will read you daily going forward and consider
    you my “muse.”. That being said … Do you ever do private readings??? Please let me know. Love and many blessings for your AMAZING work! >.<

    • Kate says:

      Jamie, I am so happy that I have “de-spooked” the Tarot for you πŸ™‚ And I hope you enjoy my daily blog! Yes, I occasionally do private readings – whenever I have a break in my schedule to do them I announce it in my newsletter and blog – so its not a service I offer on a regular basis – but if you signed up for my newsletter or blog, I will keep you posted! Have fun at Disneyland with the kids :):)
      Warm Regards,

  12. Sandi says:

    Hi Kate-
    I love your YouTube videos. Especially showing your decks. You have quite a few !! You voice is very soothing & reminds me of Pam on The Office (and I really like her). Keep up your good work !! Thanks Again.

  13. Desiree East says:

    Hi Kate, I remember having a reading session with some really dear friends of mine (one of them had a deck), and we used the same cards as you have in your banner. We had a ton of fun, and it was very insightful…good stuff!! XO

  14. Hilario says:

    Kate, love your readings and your tutorials. I really like the Spirit guide spread, that I
    also use as a Angel spread. I was wondering if you had a “Yes, No Spread, “that you could share with the Youtube community. Thank you. Love and Light ! Hilario

    • kate says:

      Thanks, Hilario πŸ™‚ I don’t have a good yes/no spread – but sometimes what I do is visualize a card in the deck that means “yes” and then another card to mean “no” – then I ask my question and draw a card. You would be amazed at how often it will be one of the two cards I visualized! Give it a try.

  15. Yuuki says:

    Very inspiring.

    As a fairly recent Taro beginner your work is very influential to me. Thank you for yoru amazing work.

  16. Ana Schnog says:

    Hi Kate, thank you for sharing your knowledge, I was always interested in Tarot but
    started learning about Tarot a half year ago, your way of teaching Tarot is really pleasent and very clear, easy to understand, thank you once again, Ana Schnog, Curacao.

    • kate says:

      Thank you, Ana πŸ™‚ I am happy that your finding my site helpful. Good luck in your Tarot studies!
      Warm Regards,


  17. Anna says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge! You are amazing!

  18. Heidi says:

    I am so glad that I happened upon this site. It’s exciting to get insights from a person who seems to be so naturally connected to people and communication.

    I’ll try to keep up with what is new here. With all the automated sites and money oriented sites that I’ve either found or have actually been referred to, I find your approach and site so refreshing.


    • kate says:

      Thank you, thank you, thank you, Heidi! That means a lot to me. I also noticed that good, informative Tarot sites are hard to find – this was part of the reason I created my own site.
      Thanks again for your compliments πŸ™‚


  19. Sage1966 says:

    I absolutely LOVE your YouTube video on the Celtic Cross. I’ve watched it several times, and i find it very informative. I have been reading tarot cards for ten years now, and I LOVE to learn everything I can and hear new perspectives. Keep up the good work@

  20. Greetje says:

    Also the name ‘Daily Tarot Girl’ sounds nice!

  21. Greetje says:

    I like this new initiative of yours!

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