Tarot Card Spreads

Tarot card spreads are a fun way to interact with your cards, particularly if you are wanting insight into a specific area of your life like career, love, money, etc. Of course, you can always create your own tarot card layouts, but the free tarot card spreads provided here will get you off to a good start!

Love & Relationship Tarot Spreads

I Got Ghosted! Tarot Card Spread
It can be hard when someone disappears from your life and you don’t know why. This spread will help you put it all in perspective!

Break Up or Stay? Tarot Card Spread
This spread can be used for any kind of relationship that you’re on the fence about – romantic, friendship or even work related.

Love Tarot Card Spread
Need insight into your current relationship? Use this 4 card Tarot Spread to evaluate the quality of your physical, mental and spiritual/emotional connections with your lover.

Relationship Tarot Spread
What’s going on in your relationship? This 7 card Tarot Spread can be used whenever you feel like you aren’t on the same wavelength with someone, whether it’s a lover, co-worker, friend or family member.

How to Move On ~ Tarot Card Spread
Discover why you are still holding onto the past and how you can move on. This Tarot Card Spread uses 4 cards and really gets to the root of the issue!

Self Love Tarot Spread
Here’s a relationship spread for you’re most important relationship of ….the one you have with your self!

Ignite Your Love Life! Tarot Spread
Whether your single and looking to mingle or in a relationship, this spread will help you discover how to spice things up.

Reveal Your Crush’s Secret Sex Fantasy…Then Seduce Them!
This is a deliciously fun and unethical Tarot spread that I created just for Valentine’s Day.

Awaken Your Inner Sex Goddess! Tarot Spread
Try this sexy-smutty Tarot spread to ratchet up the sexy factor in your life, boost confidence and become seriously irresistible!


Classic Tarot Card Spreads

Past, Present, Future Tarot Spread
This 3 card tarot spread is a quick and simple way to get insight into the past, present and future.

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread
This is the classic, most common Tarot layout used for reading the cards. This spread uses 10 cards and it gives a great “snapshot” of what is going on in your life.

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread: Revamped!
This is my own personal twist on the classic Tarot spread. If you find the original Celtic Cross Spread hard to relate to, you might just like this one.


Seasonal Tarot Card Spreads

*NEW Halloween Tarot Spread!
Things got a little wild while I was doodling on my ipad the other night and I ended up creating a brand new, sexy Halloween Tarot Spread…

Halloween Tarot Card Spread
Every Halloween night I bust out my incense and candles and do a special Tarot reading for myself where I reflect on the past few months and make plans for the coming months. This is a 5 card Tarot spread with a campy, Halloween theme!

Christmasy Tarot Card Spread
Skip the busy malls and stay home instead – here’s a fun, festive Tarot spread for you to try…

Holiday Tarot Spread
Want to truly enjoy this festive season, have MORE fun than last year and take time to relax? This spread will show you how….

New Years Tarot Spread: Mapping Out Your Year Ahead!
New Years Day is one of my favorite times to do a Tarot reading. This Tarot spread uses 9 cards and it will help you get a snapshot of the year ahead as you sit down to write out your yearly goals.

Valentine’s Day Spread: Ignite Your Love Life!
Crank up the heat with this spicy Tarot spread and discover new ways to bring excitement into your love life, whether your single or partnered.

Summer Check-in Tarot Spread
Summer is a great time to do a mid-year check in! Where are you at? Where are you going? What do you need to focus on right now?

Sexy Summer Tarot Spread
This is a Tarot spread that’s fun, lighthearted and a little bit sexy – to help you make the most out of this Summer!

WILD Summer Tarot Spread
The ultimate Tarot spread to help you make the most of your Summer and plan a wild, relaxing and exciting time.


Spiritual Tarot Card Spreads

Past Life Tarot Card Spread
Use this fun and powerful 3 Card Tarot Spread to get insight into your past lives and understand how they relate to your issues in this lifetime.

Connect with Your Spirit Guides & Angels
This 3 card Tarot spread was designed to help you connect with your Spirit Guides and Angels so that you can receive high-level guidance and comfort.

Embracing Change Tarot Card Spread
This 5 card Tarot spread was designed to help you navigate change and transition in your life, so you can feel empowered during those chaotic times.

How to Move On ~ Tarot Card Spread
This 4 card Tarot Layout reveals what is keeping you stuck in the past and you can move forward with ease.


Life Purpose Tarot Card Spreads

New Years Tarot Spread: Mapping Out Your Year Ahead!
Using 9 cards, this Tarot card spread gives you a spicy snapshot of the themes, challenges, gifts and opportunities of the year ahead.

Life Purpose Tarot Card Spread
This 4 card Tarot Spread helps you remember your “mission” as it relates to spiritual growth, relationships, career and creativity.

Sharing Your Gifts Tarot Card Spread
This 5 card Tarot Spread will help you discover your unique gifts, show you what is blocking their expression and how you share them without fear.


Miscellaneous Tarot Spreads

Meet Your Alter Ego Tarot Spread
Your alter ego is the mischievous version of you that is wild, free and blissfully alive! A sexy combination of your fantasy self and shadow self, your alter ego longs to be recognized…

The BEST 3 Card Tarot Spread….Ever!
I love a good 3 card Tarot spread and this one is quickly becoming one of my faves. You can use this Tarot spread for a general reading, for a specific question or to look into a specific area of your life…

Cat Lover’s Tarot Card Spread
The kind of person who is drawn to the mystery and challenge of Tarot is often also drawn to the Feline personality and so I felt it highly appropriate to design a cat themed Tarot spread. So stop what you’re doing and try this spread out….right meow!