Wild Summer Tarot Spread

I want to tell you something I haven’t told anyone yet….this Summer I want to be WILD!

Reading historical romance novels on the beach? BORING!

Sipping iced tea on the porch while I eavesdrop on my neighbours. Did that last Summer.

Go hiking again with friends? Snoooooze!

This Summer I want to dance ecstatically in the forest with the mosquitoes! I want go skinny dipping in a phosphorescence filled ocean! I want to write some unhinged poetry! I want to have weird conversations with strangers, pet ALL the neighbourhood cats, paint a huge canvas with juicy bright colours AND maybe even astral project into another dimension!

Will I do any of this stuff? Who knows?

But one wild thing I KNOW I will try is my new Wild Summer Tarot Spread. And I hope you do too!

Download this spread!


In the comments below, tell me…what wild things do you long to do this Summer?

5 thoughts on “Wild Summer Tarot Spread”

  1. I did it, I am afraid of driving, I had some bad experiences and my fear is sometimes overwhelming… But I got I’m my car and I drove 884 miles from Las Vegas to Montana, I did it, 3 panic attacks and 17 hours later I did it and I am having an amazing time

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