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Wild Summer Tarot Spread

I want to tell you something I haven’t told anyone yet….this Summer I want to be WILD!

Reading historical romance novels on the beach? BORING!

Sipping iced tea on the porch while I eavesdrop on my neighbours. Did that last Summer.

Go hiking again with friends? Snoooooze!

This Summer I want to dance ecstatically in the forest with the mosquitoes! I want go skinny dipping in a phosphorescence filled ocean! I want to write some unhinged poetry! I want to have weird conversations with strangers, pet ALL the neighbourhood cats, paint a huge canvas with juicy bright colours AND maybe even astral project into another dimension!

Will I do any of this stuff? Who knows?

But one wild thing I KNOW I will try is my new Wild Summer Tarot Spread. And I hope you do too!

Download this spread!


In the comments below, tell me…what wild things do you long to do this Summer?

What Kind of a Tarot Reader Are You?

Did you know that every Tarot reader has a distinct Tarot reading personality?

Some readers read with a tell-it-like-it-is bravado while others are adept at gently holding a space for their querent. Some readers love to be dramatic while some are more laid back. Some readers love to inject humour into their readings while some prefer to exude a more therapeutic, self-helpy vibe.

I created this Tarot spread to help you explore your Tarot reading personality, discover your special reading gifts and identify areas that need a little work. So make yourself a cup of tea, give your deck a shuffle and give this spread a go!

Download this spread HERE


♥ Let me know in the comments below… what card sums up your Tarot reader personality and why?

New Years 2023 Tarot Spread!

New year, new spread! Here’s my Tarot spread for the year ahead….

The start of a new year is always a special time to do a reading (it’s up there with Halloween and Birthday readings!) and it’s a great time to get clear on what you want to focus on, change, create, release and explore in the upcoming year.

So make a pot of tea, give your deck a shuffle and let’s get to it!

Download PDF

There are
two ways to use this spread:

Method #1 

Do the spread as is and after you’ve turned all the cards over and read them, go through your deck and consciously choose a Tarot card that you’d like to embody throughout the year.

You can place this card (or images of this card) around your living and working space and it will act as a reminder of what you’d like to focus on this year.

Method #2 

Instead of pulling a card for the first card position what will I create this year?, ask yourself what do I want to create this year? and journal about it.

Once you’re clear on it, ask your deck what will help me do this? Draw one card. Then, ask what could get in the way? Draw a second card. Move on to the next one – ask what do I want to explore this year? and repeat the same process.

*You will do this for all the card positions in the spread except for these two: what will help me the most? and what could get in the way? – for these you can just draw one card to answer the question.

At the end, consciously choose a Tarot card that you’d like to embody throughout the year. This card will represent your ideal self in 2023.

Wishing you a Happy New Year and all the best in 2023

New Halloween Tarot Spread!

Things got a little wild while I was doodling on my ipad the other night and I ended up creating a brand new, sexy Halloween Tarot Spread…

Print this spread (PDF version)

Halloween always feels like New Years to me – a chance to start fresh and set new intentions. It’s also a good excuse to bust out my Tarot deck and do one of those in-depth readings where I light candles, lay out crystals and get super witchy!

Hope your Halloween is cozy, magical and full of Tarot adventures 🙂



Sexy Summer Tarot Spread

Summer is almost here (only 5 days away!) and since last Summer was kind of heavy and drab, I have high expectations for this Summer.

I’ve spent the last 12 months pumping iron in my basement like I’m training for the apocalypse. To reward myself, I bought myself a scandalously skimpy bikini that I actually plan to wear… in public (!)

And I realized I was craving a Summer themed Tarot spread that was fun, lighthearted and a little bit sexy, so I came up with this…

Download this spread

In the comments below, let me know: what are you most looking forward to this Summer?

4 Valentine’s Tarot Spreads You Can’t Resist!

Warning! The 4 Tarot spreads that I’m about to share just might make a Valentine’s Day fan out of you! Believe it.

Valentine’s Day – you either love it or hate it.

For me, Valentine’s is synonymous with trying out fun Tarot spreads, gorging myself on heart shaped chocolates and guilt tripping my husband into doing romantic things that he hates, like not reading the newspaper while we eat dinner together.

Whether you dread or anticipate Valentines (or just don’t give a f*ck), I’ve got four fun Valentine’s Day Tarot spreads for you to try:

Awaken Your Inner Sex Goddess!

This one’s my fave because it doesn’t matter where you’re at relationship wise, you can always up the ante in the sexy department…

Snag the PDF version HERE!

Ignite Your Love Life!

I designed this spread for anyone who wants to have a more interesting romantic life, whether you’re single or attached (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?!)

Print this! (PDF version)

Self Love Tarot Spread

This is an oldie, but a goodie! I created this spread years ago for my e-book Tarot Card Spreads for Love, Sex & Relationships (on sale right now!) and it’s still a fave of mine 🙂

This spread is all about the relationship you have with yourself – the one relationship you can never get out of *shudder!*

How To Seduce Your Crush…

This is probably the most unethical Tarot spread I’ve ever created – and I love it! We all know that prying into someone’s private thoughts is wrong, but it doesn’t count on Valentine’s Day, right? 😉

Print this! (PDF version)

Want more?

Grab my e-book Tarot Card Spread for Love, Sex & Relationships – it’s full of juicy-fun Tarot spreads just like this and it’s on sale for Valentine’s for just $4.97 (the price of a fancy coffee – but unlike a fancy coffee it will give you hours and hours of scandalous entertainment!)

I hope you’ve enjoyed these romantic and sexy Tarot spreads and I wish you a wonderful Valentines Day, full of heart shaped candies and bad rom coms ♥

New Summer Check-in Tarot Spread for 2020!

I sat down yesterday to give myself a Summer check-in reading, using my old Tarot spread from last year and… I just wasn’t feelin’ it.

2020 has been such a weird year and my needs and concerns are different now than they were last Summer (and I’m sure yours are too!). So I decided to revamp my old spread and change it up a bit…

Download PDF version HERE

It’s all pretty self explanatory, but there’s a couple of card positions I want to explain more:

Card #5 (The HEART of the matter) – This card will tell you how to connect with your heart and create more love and less fear in your life. It will also give you some ideas as to what is central and most important in your life right now.

Card #7 (What needs to be SEEN) – This is usually something that you aren’t fully aware of, yet is holding you back in some way. For example, I got the Five of Pentacles in this position, which I read as my tendency to isolate myself.

This card doesn’t have to be something that’s holding you back, though – it’s just something you need to be aware of.

Have fun with this spread! I hope you get lots of wonderful ideas, insights and inspiration ♥



Tarot Spread: Exploring Aspects of Your Self

Staying inside for long periods of time can be a blessing or a curse (usually both!) because it forces us to confront ourselves. Sort of.

There’s still The Internet and the myriad of entertainment possibilities like TV shows, movies, podcasts, porn, video games, books, picking fights with one’s husband, etc, that can serve as glorious distractions.

BUT….when you can no longer venture outside, eventually you must venture inside. And what better way to do it than with a juicy-fun Tarot spread?

So dust off your Tarot deck, light some smelly incense and let’s get witchy…


Some questions you may want to ask each card:

What part of myself does this card represent?

How do I feel about this part of myself? How do I treat it?

What role does this part play in my life right now?

What figure am I most drawn to? What happens when I embody that figure?

If these cards could talk to each other, what would they say?

Hope you find this spread fun and insightful and as always, I hope you are healthy, safe and peaceful 🙂

7 Tarot Activities to do on a Rainy (or Quarantined) Day!

Quarantined? Practising “social distancing”? Already watched all the crap on Netflix? Don’t worry! I’ve got your back.

The bright side of a mini apocalypse is having more time to devote to your Tarot studies. So don’t stress! Instead, bust out your Tarot deck and let’s get to it…

I’ve rounded up my 7 favorite Tarot exercises that will help you pass the time AND transform you into a better Tarot reader!

7 Tarot Tips for Learning Tarot Card Meanings

This one is good for Tarot beginners but more experienced Tarot readers will find some helpful tidbits, too.

Here I share my favorite techniques for learning the Tarot card meanings – techniques that will help you engage with the cards and stop relying on Tarot books or boring memorization!

Read the full article HERE or watch the video below…


20 Questions to Ask Your Tarot Cards Tonight!

Dame Darcy Mermaid Tarot

If you’re tired of asking your Tarot cards the same old tired questions, here’s a list of some fresh stuff to ask.

There’s also some good info on what to do when you get a “good” Tarot card in a “negative” card position or vice versa.

Read the full article HERE

8 Questions Your Tarot Cards Have for YOU!

A mediocre Tarot reader asks her deck questions. A sensational Tarot reader lets her deck ask her the questions! Confused yet? Then read the full article and/or watch this video…


Understanding Court Cards (by focusing on the negative)

hanson-roberts tarot
Hanson-Roberts Tarot


We all know the Court Cards can be a challenge. They’re kind of boring, nothings happening in them and they all look the same. But I discovered a funny way to get to know them (and remember them!) and I think you might just like it…

Read the full post HERE




Tarot Exercise: Sister Cards!

Have you ever noticed that some cards in the Tarot are kind of similar? Like the Two of Cups and The Lovers? Or The Emperor and the King of Swords?

I call these similar cards sister cards and in this post I tell you what it means when a pair like this shows up in your reading and how studying the “sister cards” can help you deepen your understanding of Tarot.

Read the full post HERE and/or watch the video below…


The Daily Tarot Girl’s Essential Tarot Spread Collection

I’m so excited to share my special, handcrafted collection of Tarot spreads!

This Tarot spread collection has spreads for special occasions like birthdays, Christmas and Valentines and weird stuff like a special spread for cat lovers. Plus, there’s even Tarot spreads that you will actually want to try, trust me 😉

View and download my Essential Tarot Spread Collection right HERE.


3 Ways to do a Reading Without Tarot Cards

No Tarot deck? No problem! Just because you don’t have your cards on you, doesn’t mean you can’t do a reading.

In this post, I show you how to use your environment, nearby books and your own drawings/doodles as tools for self discovery.

So grab a notebook and a pen and let’s get crackin’!

Read this post HERE.



Thanks for reading!

From my heart to yours, I wish you calmness and good health during this unsettled time.


Tarot Spread: Awaken Your Inner Sex Goddess!

Well, guess what? I’ve created a new, sexy-smutty Tarot card spread just in time for Valentines!

Whether your single or unhappily married, there’s no time like Valentine’s to ratchet up the sexy factor. Inside of you lives a raging sex goddess (or sex god) whose just clamouring to bust free!

Don’t believe me? Try this spread and you’ll see…

Download PDF version

*After you take this Tarot spread for a test drive, come on back and tell me what card you got as your “sexiest trait”….inquiring minds need to know!

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