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Unboxing the Oracle L’Absolu!

Join me as I unbox the Oracle L’Absolu – created by Ange De Gaia and Gabriel Leroy…

Purchase this deck here: https://editionspaondor.com/boutique/index.php/produit/labsolu-disponible-debut-novembre-2020/

Since making this video, I’ve used this deck a few times in mini-readings for myself (and for next week’s weekly forecast reading) and I’m finding it a joy to read with!

Cards are beautiful, easy to understand and always direct and clear. Whether I ask a simple question or want to explore a more complex topic, these cards both invite contemplation and provide clear insights.

This deck is perfect for beginners since they keywords are written on the cards, but experienced readers will also love it – I have a feeling I’ll be reaching for the Oracle L’Absolu quite a bit in the future ♥

Unboxing The Awakened Soul Oracle

Join me as I unbox The Awakened Soul Oracle – created by Ethony Dawn with art by Danielle Mulligan….

Purchase this deck here: https://shop.ethony.com/products/awakened-soul-oracle-deck

I’ve been using this deck for a few weeks now, particularly for emotionally charged, self-readings. I’ve found it to be freakishly accurate in reflecting back what is going on in my life, but it’s also been amazingly helpful in calming me down and helping me re-centre myself.

I have a big collection of oracle decks – some pretty, some very readable and some challenging and not all that useful – but this deck is in a category of it’s own…

The Awakened Soul Oracle Deck is gorgeous, readable and helpful but it’s also a deck that gives me goosebumps and tinglies when I read with it and an eerie sense that I am speaking directly to my soul/higher self.

Unboxing the Modern Love Tarot

Join me as I unbox the Modern Love Tarot – created by Ethony Dawn and art by Lucy Morningstar.

This deck is everything I look for in a Tarot deck – bright colours, matte finish cards, relatable scenes & characters and good vibes….

At the end of this unboxing video, I interview the deck and ask it:

1) What kind of a deck are you?
2) What kind of issues do you like to read about?
3) What do you look for in a reader?

The true test of a deck is how it reads for a variety of readings. I’m happy to say that after doing several readings (for myself and others), this deck has been consistently readable and has left me feeling clear and comforted afterwards. It’s uplifting and yet down to earth, with each card being easy to connect with and dive into.

This deck is now going into my rotation of go-to Tarot decks!

You can purchase this deck here: https://shop.ethony.com/products/modern-love-tarot-exploring-the-many-facets-of-love

Energy Archaeology with Ashley Stinson

Join me as I talk with Ashley Stinson – creatress of Energy Archaeology and the Realms of Embodiment. Ashley is a teacher, mentor and guide for energetic anatomy and living a soul-aligned life! She’s also the creator of the Energy Archaeology Oracle Deck.

We chat energy anatomy, bones, muscles, being “embodied” and of course…Tarot! I learned so much from talking to Ashley for just one hour and I think you’ll also love this convo ♥

Check out Ashley’s course Embodying the Minor Arcana

Ashley’s Links:
Website: https://ashleystinson.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theashleystinson/
Insight Timer: https://insighttimer.com/ashleystinson

Interview with Avalon Cameron

Join me as I chat with Avalon Cameron – a hereditary witch, Tarot reader and initiated spirit worker. Avalon is the creator of the Bonestone & Earthflesh Tarot and she has over 20 years experience as a Tarot reader.

Avalon was such a relaxing and fun person to hang out with – we talk about her folk magic, growing up as a hereditary witch, re-igniting your Tarot practice, helpful daily practices and annoying spiritual trends…

Check out Avalon’s course Amp Up Your Tarot Practice!

Avalon’s Links:
Website: https://www.avaloncameron.com/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTSJhxSti-aW-u–M7qIjFg
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/avalonsapothecary
Twitter: https://twitter.com/avalonthewitch
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/avaloncameron