Court Cards Tarot Meanings

Below you’ll find in-depth Tarot card meanings for the Court Cards. This is an on-going series and I’m doing one Court Card per week (and I sometimes skip a week if I’m disorganized….which is often!)

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Queen of Pentacles

Join me for my very first Court Card Deep Dive as I dive into the Queen of Pentacles! We’ll explore her personality, symbols, meanings and so much more!!!

Keywords: grounded, practical, down to earth, nurturing, organized, sensual, patient, stable and consistent, a home body.

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Queen of Swords

Let’s explore the personality of the Queen of Swords – the bitchiest (and smartest) character in the Tarot! Learn how she is in love, money, work and so much more!!!

Keywords: Intellectual, witty, observant, well read, knowledgeable, a clear and direct communicator, truth seeker, honest, focused, organized and intentional.

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Queen of Cups

This Queen will surprise you. She’s full of love and light and so much empathy and sweetness and yet….she has a DARK side!

Keywords: Emotional intelligence, healing, creativity, intuitive, empathetic, compassionate, sensitive, in touch with emotions, holding a space, heart-centred, calm, receptive.

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Queen of Wands

Meet the most eccentric, mystical and entertaining Queen of them all! This Queen will thrill you with her storytelling, her humour and her penchant for daring adventures and steamy affairs…

Keywords: Lively, creative, passionate, intense, inspired, outside the box thinker, eccentric, visionary, doesn’t care what others think, independent, adventurous.

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Knight of Pentacles

This is Knight is not like the others! As the most grounded of all the Knights, he’s more dependable than the others, but also less adventurous. Let’s dive in and discover what makes him tick…

Keywords: Stable, slow & steady, procrastinator, stagnant, cautious, sensible, realistic, indecisive, stubborn, risk averse, avoids thrills, predictable (think Taurus)

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Knight of Swords

This Knight is perhaps one of the most intense characters in the Tarot deck! He might be great to work with, but you’re going to want to find out why you shouldn’t invite him to your next tea party….

Keywords: Focused, driven, intense, one track mind, determined, charging forward, highly motivated

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Knight of Cups

Romantic, sensitive, intuitive and heart centred – this Knight is different from the other boys but he’s a heart breaker nonetheless! And you would never know it but he LOVES drama…

Keywords: Emotional, sensitive, romantic, artistic, creative, idealistic, intuitive, emotionally expressive, follows his heart

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Knight of Wands

He’s the most adventurous and daring Knight of them all! This guy craves a quest – a sense of purpose and an opportunity to explore. But if he’s deprived of that…watch out!

Keywords: Adventurous, inspired, energetic, creative, competitive, goal oriented, world traveller, passionate!

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Page of Pentacles

He’s studious, curious, and THIRSTY for knowldege! Find out why he’s the Tarot’s favourite nerd…

Keywords: Studious, practical, grounded, nerdy, curious, optimistic, motivated, a bit naive but willing to learn.

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Page of Swords

Meet the most dysfunctional and unstable of all the Court Cards! Find out what this card means when it appears and more…

Keywords: Unstable, flighty, struggling, hyperactive mind, melancholy, low self confidence, insecure.

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Page of Cups

He’s artsy, intuitive, highly creative and a delight to be around – so find out why he’s such a flaky nightmare when it comes to relationships…

Keywords: Creative, artsy, sensitive, intuitive, easily inspired, feelings shift and change like the tides, daydreamer.

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Page of Wands

This Page is on a mission….to discover his life’s purpose! Obsessed with transformation, he can become destructive and naughty if he fails to change things…

Keywords: Curious, learning, energetic, excited, inspired, passionate, enthusiastic, action oriented, all about “life purpose” and transformation.

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Coming soon….King of Pentacles!

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