Queen of Cups – Tarot Meaning Deep Dive

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Welcome to part 3 of my 16 part series Meet the Court Cards – each week we will hang out with ONE court card and dive deeply into the symbols, personality traits, talents and dark side. This is similar to my Major Arcana Meanings Deep Dive series, but we’ll also explore how each court card acts in the context of love, work and money.

I’ll give you specific ways to embody this card as well as some journalling questions to help you connect with this card on a more personal level 🙂

Today we’re diving into the Queen of Cups – intuitive, empathetic and deeply compassionate, would you ever guess this Queen has a dark side that rivals all other courts?

Sit back, relax and discover the secrets, surprises and shocking truths of this Queen…

Element – Water (emotion, feeling, relationships)


Emotional intelligence, healing, creativity, depth, intuitive, empathetic, compassionate, sensitive, in touch with emotions, holding a space, heart-centred, calm, receptive.


Water = emotional realm

Fish and mermaids = creatures who can dive deep below the surface and survive in the watery realms

Shell clasp and shell on back of throne = she can penetrate the hard protective shell and get to the gooey, vulnerable centre

Throne = she’s a Queen, meaning she’s attained a certain level of experience and mastery in the realm of feeling/emotion/intuition

weird cup = holding a space


The Queen of Cups knows how to work with the emotions – how to process them, tap into their power and use them to heal. She’s fluent in the language of emotions and feelings, is a good listener and can help others tap into their emotions and intuition – holding a space for them by simply being present.  She always honours her feelings and intuition and emanates calmness wherever she goes.

At a party…

You’ll find her sitting in a corner, consoling someone who just broke up with their boyfriend. She’s more of a listener than a talker and her calm demeanour often draws in people who need to unload their emotional baggage. Complete strangers love opening up to her and telling her all about their problems! Secretly, she loves this as she’s not a fan of small talk. The deeper the conversation goes, the better.

In love…

She loves romance and having a deep emotional connection with someone special is very important to her. The sharing of feelings is a top priority for her but ironically she tends to attract partners who are cut off from their emotions and struggle with sharing openly. She loves the challenge of penetrating their defensive outer shell to get to their ooey gooey, vulnerable centre.

A lot of healing takes place in her relationships and for her, sex is a healing act where emotional connection is a must. However, she often finds herself stuck in the role of healer or always being the one who is emotionally proficient while her partners struggle with emotional disconnect.

In work…

Whatever profession the Queen of Cups chooses, she needs to feel a certain sense of creative freedom and to feel like she’s diving deep into something and not just scratching the surface.

She makes a great counsellor or therapist, mediator, healer, intuitive reader or teacher. Any job where she is helping people get in touch with their emotional side – like an acting coach or drama teacher – is well suited for her.

In money….

Since the Queen of Cups isn’t very materialistic and isn’t that interested in money, she tends to need a bit of help and guidance in this area. Her business senses aren’t great and her finances can be a bit of a mess unless she gets the assistance of someone whose more proficient in this area, like the Queen of Pentacles.

If she has the right kind of support and guidance, she actually has a very strong ability to manifest money out of thin air, especially if her emotions are aligned with her actions and intentions.

This Queen thrives on…

Going into tumultuous and emotionally messy situations and creating calmness and healing. She gets bored if everything is perfect and calm and needs a bit of drama in order to feel useful.

She also loves being around people who want to dive beneath the surface of things and explore the depths of their experiences. Deep conversations that lead to emotional healing are totally her thing.

She can’t stand…

Constant busy-ness and hectic activity! She appreciates having the time and space to get in touch with her feelings and doesn’t want to feel crowded or rushed.

Tasks that are repetitive and dull tend to sap her energy, as do shallow, materialistic people who just want to engage in small talk all day long.

She hates having to think about money or spending too much time tending to physical needs like cooking, vacuuming and getting her car fixed. If too much of her day consists of stuff like that, she gets snippy snappy.

Dark side of the Queen of Cups

Oh boy! This Queen, if denied all the things she needs to thrive and/or is pushed to extremes, she has a tendency to be emotionally manipulative.

She may get addicted to others emotional displays because when others lose control emotionally, she feels more powerful and in control. This can lead her to “stir the pot” and try to whip others up into an emotional frenzy. Her emotional expertise means she knows how to push people’s buttons and so her healing gifts can be used as weapons if she isn’t careful. She may not always be aware she’s doing this.

On the darker end of her dark side, she may even view other’s willingness to open up to her as a source of power, collecting secrets like trophies and using her position of trust in a destructive and abusive way.

Practices to embody this card:

feel your feelings, let them flow, don’t attach, resist attaching a story to a feeling

express yourself emotionally through journalling, writing a poem, acting, singing, etc

share how you feel with someone

– practice active listening

-try listening more than you talk next time your with a friend (hold a space)

Journalling Questions:

♥ What part of her to do you relate to?

♥ Who do you know like this?

♥ Which of her qualities would you like to cultivate in your own life?

♥ Which of her traits do you want to minimize? Or watch out for?

Tell me your thoughts!

Did you enjoy this deep dive? What aspect of the Queen of Cups do you most relate to?  Let me know in the comments below…

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