3 Signs You’re a BAD Friend (to your Tarot deck)!

A couple weeks ago I met up with an old friend I hadn’t seen in a while (fingers crossed she doesn’t read my blog!)

She was having some sort of crises and needed to vent.

As we sipped our lattes and I stuffed my face with Snickerdoodle cookies, she droned on incessantly about her life, her problems, her work schedule, her children, her children’s schedules.

At some point I just kind of tuned out, as one does.

After an hour straight of her talking about herself and me pretending to listen, she finally asked “So, how are your…..cats?”

Then, as I began to answer, her gaze drifted around the coffee shop, utterly disinterested in what I had to say.

Can you believe it? I had cat stories and she was bored and distracted!!!

When we said our goodbyes, we hugged and promised to get together again soon. But I know I won’t hear from her for at least six months, when she needs a favour or has some kind of problem.

Do you have friends like this? I think we all have at least one.

But what I really want to know is…..are you this kind of friend to your Tarot deck?

When you sit down to do a Tarot reading, do you take the time to connect with your deck and see what kind of mood it’s in?

Or do you immediately start peppering it with questions about your life?

How you treat your cards will affect how they show up for you when you need their advice.

When I was first learning Tarot, I bought the Robin Wood Tarot deck and used it every day for two years straight. Then I got a new, shiny deck and tossed my beloved Robin Wood aside and ignored it completely as it languished in my desk drawer.

When I brought it back out a year later, my readings with it felt….cold and disconnected. It was like it was giving me the cold shoulder, remaining closed off and tight lipped. It’s feelings were hurt.

So the next time you reach for your Tarot deck, make sure you’re not making these 3 very common mistakes…

3 signs you’re a bad friend to your Tarot deck:

1) You only pick up your deck when you have a problem and need help

2) You only ever talk about yourself and never ask it questions about itself

3) You read when you’re distracted (while watching TV or scrolling your phone) and don’t really take the time to sit with your cards and hear what they’re trying to tell you

If you’ve made the mistakes above, don’t feel bad. I’ve made them all a million times! But know that when you stop doing those 3 things and start treating your deck very differently, you’re readings will transform into something unbelievably magical!

3 ways to nourish your relationship with your Tarot deck:

1) Don’t just reach for your cards when you have a problem. Make sure you also read about light topics – your Tarot deck loves to help inspire you creatively and spiritually!

Ask it fun questions like:

♥ How can I nurture my creative side this week?

♥ How can I be more playful this month?

♥ What part of my soul longs to express itself more?

2) Don’t just focus on yourself – interview your deck and ask it some personal questions, like:

♥ How are you feeling today?

♥ What card best sums up your personality?

♥ What qualities do you look for in a Tarot reader?

3) Treat your Tarot reading time as sacred time – turn off distractions, set the mood and take your time.

It’s fine to do quickie readings at the kitchen table while the radio blares, but try to create a sacred container and eliminate distractions as much as you can.

Sometimes I’ll pull a few cards for myself as I’m watching one of my murder shows in the background and let me tell you – those readings are never very helpful. But when I put on some Enya, light a couple candles and pour a cup of tea, those readings are positively delicious!

If the cards don’t make sense right away, don’t give up. Sit for a moment and let yourself explore.

When you take your time with a reading, you can go deep and the messages you receive will be so much more powerful.

When you treat your deck right, it will open up to you. When you take the time to nurture your relationship, your readings will feel deep, connected and amazingly helpful.

May all your Tarot readings be full of discovery, inspiration and joy ♥

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Tarot Reading for April 1 – 7

Before we dive into this week’s reading, I want to let you know that I’m teaching a FREE Tarot workshop on Thursday, April 4th @ 11am PDT – it’s called Tarot Secrets Revealed! and I’ll be sharing 3 powerful ways to connect with your deck and get your cards talking!

You can sign up hereand YES, there will be a REPLAY!

Now onto the reading – I’m reading with the This Might Hurt Tarot by Isabela Rotman….

Have a good week!

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Tarot Reading for March 25 – 31

Holy crapolla, these 3 cards kind of blew me away! Lots of strong messages and similar themes going on. But first…. I’m excited to announce that I’ll be running an ALL NEW 4-week course A Date With Your Tarot Deck – registration doesn’t open until next week, so stay tuned!

I just bought the Giant Rider Waite Tarot and wanted to take it for a test drive. So let’s see what advice, suggestions and ideas the cards have for us this week….

Have a good week 🙂

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The 3 Tarot cards that keep appearing in my readings

So far this year, there have been 3 Tarot cards that stand out. These 3 Tarot cards have shown up again and again in my readings for clients and for myself. They all have a powerful message and they REALLY want to be seen and heard!

Whenever this happens, I feel like the cards are showing me a collective energy that we’re all experiencing in some way. It’s fascinating stuff – so grab your popcorn and lets dive in!

The Page of Cups

This little dude is the #1 most frequent card to appear in my readings this year. Out of all the people I read for in January, The Page of Cups appeared in over 30% of them (yes, I did the math!).

The Light Seer’s Tarot

That’s pretty significant.

I think we ALL need to see this card right now. It’s saying “stop taking life so seriously!” and to:

  • Make room for more PLAY in your life
  • Learn a creative skill that feels FUN for you (like doing messy paintings or writing steamy romantasy stories)
  • Explore your intuitive/psychic side in a curious, adventurous way
  • Don’t be afraid to indulge your heart’s desires

Approaching life in a playful, Page of Cups way will help us crank up the dial on brilliant ideas, creative flow and psychic experiences. And I’m here for it!

Ten of Swords

This is the second most common Tarot card to pop up in my readings this year – not exactly everyone’s favourite card 😉 But it shows that in so many ways, we’re feeling like we’re at the end of our rope and our outlook on things is….well, kind of bleak.

The Light Seer’s Tarot

The Ten of Swords is all about feeling:

  • Totally defeated by life, like you just want to give up and throw in the towel
  • Feeling betrayed in some way (maybe even a mild feeling of this isn’t what I signed up for)
  • Ready to just be DONE with something already (like you are so over it and ready to move on)
  • The need for healing – there are wounds that need your care and attention ♥

As a collective, I think this is something we’ll all be grappling with throughout the year, in one form or another. But it’s okay, we can do it!

The Hanged Man

This is such a fascinating card! Its appeared in roughly 25% of the readings I’ve given so far this year. I think it’s shows that we’re all facing some frustrations right now – things might not be panning out the way you hoped they would and maybe nothing you do seems to really move the needle.

However, opportunities for spiritual awakening are around every corner this year and you might find them in the most unlikely of places.

The Light Seer’s Tarot

When you’re stuck, The Hanged Man tells you to:

  • Journey inward to find new ideas, answers and support (deep meditation, psychedelic journeys, and journalling all come to mind)
  • Stop trying to “transform” your life – transform yourself instead
  • Hang out for a bit, it’s okay to be stuck – the more you fight it, the more entangled you become
  • Play around with changing your “inner landscape” – thoughts, feelings, mindset – before taking action

It’s interesting to me that these 3 cards have been the most prevalent so far this year, because together they paint a picture.

Being playful and open hearted like the Page of Cups becomes difficult when you’re facing the exhaustion and pain of the Ten of Swords or when you’re feeling powerless and stuck like The Hanged Man.

But it’s the Page of Cups that will save the day ♥ If you’re feeling like the Ten of Swords or Hanged Man right now, making time to just play with paint or to write something smutty might be just what you need to shift your energy and change the story. So what does making time to just PLAY mean to you?

What about YOU? Have you been getting these cards, too? Or have you been getting different repeat cards? Tell me all about it in the comments below…

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Tarot Reading for March 11 – 17

Let’s see what ideas, insights and suggestions the Elemental Wisdom Tarot has for you this week….

Want to practice reading Tarot in a fun, laid back environment? Come join me on Wednesday evening (March 13th @ 6pm PDT) for a Tarot Practice Session! This is a 2 hour event, cost is $20 and it’s always a really good time – hope to see you there ♥

Have a good week 🙂

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