Tarot Reading for July 24 – 30

Before we get into the weekly reading, I want to share something exciting! My blog/website has made it into Feedspot’s Top 10 Canadian Tarot Blogs – and I’m number three!!!! There’s some other really great Tarot blogs on there as well, so be sure to check it out 🙂

Okay, now let’s dive in and see what ideas, wisdom and suggestions the Light Seer’s Tarot has for us for the week ahead….

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Wild Summer Tarot Spread

I want to tell you something I haven’t told anyone yet….this Summer I want to be WILD!

Reading historical romance novels on the beach? BORING!

Sipping iced tea on the porch while I eavesdrop on my neighbours. Did that last Summer.

Go hiking again with friends? Snoooooze!

This Summer I want to dance ecstatically in the forest with the mosquitoes! I want go skinny dipping in a phosphorescence filled ocean! I want to write some unhinged poetry! I want to have weird conversations with strangers, pet ALL the neighbourhood cats, paint a huge canvas with juicy bright colours AND maybe even astral project into another dimension!

Will I do any of this stuff? Who knows?

But one wild thing I KNOW I will try is my new Wild Summer Tarot Spread. And I hope you do too!

Download this spread!


In the comments below, tell me…what wild things do you long to do this Summer?

Knight of Wands – Tarot Meaning Deep Dive

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Welcome to part 8 of my 16 part series Meet the Court Cards – each week we will hang out with ONE court card and dive deeply into the symbols, personality traits, talents and dark side. This is similar to my Major Arcana Meanings Deep Dive series, but we’ll also explore how each court card acts in the context of love, work and money.

I’ll give you specific ways to embody this card as well as some journalling questions to help you connect with this card on a more personal level ?

Let’s dive into the Knight of Wands – the most adventurous and daring Knight of them all! This guy craves a quest – a sense of purpose and an opportunity to explore. But if he’s deprived of that…watch out!

Sit back, relax and discover the dark secrets, bright wisdom and special talents of this Knight

Element = fire (spirit, passion, energy, action)

Keywords/Personality Traits

Adventurous, inspired, energetic, creative, competitive, dynamic, loves a challenge or quest, goal oriented, world traveller, passionate, craves change and movement, he’s an Indiana Jones type of character.


pyramids = energy directing

desert = his warm and fiery energy

Red/Orange = power, fire, will (chakras)

salamanders = “immortality, rebirth, passion, and the ability to withstand flames”

Red feather in helmet = a feather in your cap

staff/wand = energy directing

Horse (active) = taking action, movement


The Knight of Wands is adventurous and fearlessly follows his passion! He’s good at solving mysteries, completing quests and slaying dragons. He’s always up for a challenge and doesn’t really have a “comfort zone” – he’s at ease flying by the seat of his pants and galavanting around unfamiliar territory.

Best of all, this Knight knows exactly how to direct his fiery energy into important tasks, projects and quests. He has unlimited energy and drive when it comes to things he’s personally inspired by or interested in.

At a Party…

He’s fun, talkative and lively but won’t stay long if the crowd is boring. It’s likely he knows of several parties happening at any given time, so he has no reason to hang out somewhere dull! He has a wide social circle and loves having friends from all walks of life.

He loves to dance and play games like charades and certain board games and also loves a good costume party. His dramatic flair of the Knight of Wands will surprise you!

In work…

The Knight of Wands won’t last long in a “normal” job. He’s best suited to something challenging, adventurous and quest-like. He thrives in jobs like investigative journalist, war correspondent, documentary film maker, spy, tour guide to off-the-beaten-path destinations, detective, private investigator – basically anything with an exciting mission.

Throw him in any highly challenging situation and he’ll find a way to make the most of it.

In love…

The Knight of Wands isn’t really a relationship guy because he longs for adventure, challenge and newness. He finds the “quest” phase of a relationship thrilling and will take his lovers on all kinds of wonderful dates but has a hard time settling down (at least when he’s young).

He’s married to adventure and loves having new experiences and traversing new territory, so being in a committed relationship feels stifling to him. That being said, he’ll seek out a partner that can keep up with his adventurous side and who loves travel as much as he does.

He’s a very exciting character to date – he’s passionate and thrilling in all the right ways and comes off as worldly and experienced. But he seeks to conquer and sees love as a conquest, a dragon to be slayed. He isn’t really sure what to do once he’s “won” his prize, so his relationships tend to burn out and fizzle after the initial excitement has worn off. But he gets better at this as he ages.

In Money…

This Knight isn’t always practical or thrifty and tends to fly by the seat of his pants and not plan ahead. He’ll often waffle between having no money at all to suddenly (usually by luck) receiving a windfall, like an inheritance, gambling winnings or landing a high paying freelance gig, only to lose it all again later. He has a feast or famine mentality that would drive most people nuts, but he’s fine with it.

He Thrives on…

A sense of purpose + an opportunity for adventure and exploration.

Adventure, challenge and going on a “quest”. Give him a treasure to find, a mystery to solve or a secret to unearth – the more impossible the task or mission is, the better!

He loves a change of scenery and is his best self when surrounded by new things, places and people to discover.

He can’t stand…

Being stuck in one place! Monotony, sameness, routine and a slow pace will stifle the zesty Knight of Wands and make him feel bored and restless. He abhors rest and relaxation – his worst nightmare is just lying on a beach somewhere sipping pina coladas.

He needs to be constantly challenged and to always have an outlet for the strong current of energy running through him.

His Dark Side…

The Knight of Wands is a powerful force in the world and when that power is directed at something useful, it’s all good, but when there is nothing for this Knight to direct his energy into, trouble begins to brew…

He can become impatient and restless, constantly seeking out adventure and challenge and if he doesn’t find it, he might start picking fights with those around him. He may become an agent of chaos, a loose cannon, a bull in a china shop, oblivious that the power he wields can be so destructive.

He needs to release his flaming energy somehow and if an appropriate channel isn’t available he could become violent, angry and dangerous.

Practices to Embody the Knight of Wands…

– take a trip somewhere adventurous and exotic

– go on a quest! Find a mystery to solve

– plan an action packed day of exploring new, unfamiliar things

– Go on a road trip somewhere new

– Explore a park, museum or cafe you’ve never been to

Journalling Questions:

♥ How/where can you benefit from this Knight’s zest for life and new experiences?

♥ In what areas of your life are you craving more adventure?

♥ How can you better direct your energy right now?

♥ What inspires, motivates and excites you?

Tell me your thoughts!

Did you enjoy this deep dive? What aspect of the Knight of Wands do you most relate to? Let me know in the comments below…

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