Witch’s New Year Tarot Spread

October 31 st has always felt to me like the real New Years. There’s something about the crisp Fall air and dead leaves that make me want to sort my cupboards, de-clutter all my spaces, revamp myself and just get my life sorted out for once!

So I’ve created a new Tarot spread for all you witchy people out there, who like to do your goal setting and life planning in October. This spread is a little more involved than my other spreads, because it requires you to do some contemplating and journalling beforehand – but trust me, the extra effort is well worth it ♥

So cuddle up with a cup of tea, your Tarot journal and your deck of Tarot cards and let’s get into it…

In the comments below, tell me ONE thing you want to banish and ONE thing you want to manifest or welcome into your life this year…


10 thoughts on “Witch’s New Year Tarot Spread”

  1. I would like to manifest a prosperous carrier in QHHT
    I would like to banish unconsciousness

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