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Valentine’s Day Tarot Spread: Ignite Your Love Life!

I know it’s trendy to be all emo say “I hate Valentine’s Day!” but you know what? I fucking love it. I love heart shaped chocolates and the heart shaped boxes they come in. I love flowers, stupid frilly lingerie and the color pink.

What I don’t love is bouquets of red roses. I once dated guy who loved to buy me bouquets of red roses like it was this big deal and he was so amazing for doing it but then he’d go and act all paranoid and controlling, like an insecure jerk. So in my books a dozen red roses = asshole.

I decided I wanted to create a new Valentines Day Tarot spread this year – it’s pink, it’s loaded with hearts and it’s for EVERYONE – regardless of whether you’re in a relationship or not. And if you have absolutely no interest whatsoever in attracting a partner, just substitute erotic life for love life, because we can all have an erotic life, right? I hope so!

Print this! (PDF version)

Have a fabulous Valentine’s Day and don’t eat too many heart shaped chocolates!

New Years Tarot Spread

There are three times in the year that I LOVE doing readings for myself – Halloween, my birthday and New Years.

As we enter 2019, it’s the perfect time to check in with yourself: What direction do you want to take this year? What new habits do you want to adopt? What crap do you want to leave behind? You know, all that good stuff!

The spread below is the New Years spread I’ve been using for the past several years. It’s also the spread I’ll be using for my 2019 Private New Years readings.

So pour yourself a glass of bubbly, shuffle those cards and have fun with this!!!

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Wishing you a wonderful New Year and a fabulous 2019 πŸ™‚

New Christmasy Tarot Spread just for you!

The holiday season is upon us and what better way to celebrate than doing a Christmasy themed Tarot reading! You’ll find the printable version of this spread below, as well as a detailed breakdown of each card position.

Have fun and Merry Christmas!!!!

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1. How can you be of service to others?

If you don’t think of yourself as the Mother Theresa type, think how can I best share my gifts/skills/talents with the world?

2. What gift will you give yourself?

Sometimes the best part of Christmas is buying presents for yourself. Yeah, that’s right! But it doesn’t have to be a consumer driven spend fest – you could give yourself the gift of solitude or the gift of smokin’ a blunt in the bath, while you blast something deliciously terrible like this Micheal Bolton song, featuring Kenny G….is it weird that this son reminds me of the dentist, the grocery store and a deserted shopping mall all at once?

3. How can you make time with family most enjoyable?

Sometimes spending time with the fam really sucks the big one. But it doesn’t have to! Whatever card you get here will reveal the secret to actually enjoying your relatives this holiday season. Crappy cards in this position, like five of cups or three of swords, represent possible blocks that you need to be aware of.

4. How to reduce stress

We all know this can be a stress inducing time of year – creepy office parties, family, depressing shopping malls, spiraling guilt and financial ruin.Β  It’s enough to make you want to stress eat an entire cheese ball! But fear not, because whatever card shows up in this spot will tell you how to mitigate those stressy situations.

5. Message from your Higher Self

This card gives your Higher Self (the eternal, wise and impressive version of yourself) a chance to throw its two cents in. Whatever wisdom your Higher Self imparts via this card, it’s sure to help you make the most out of the holidays πŸ™‚

Reminder: Miserable looking cards usually represent blocks and things you need to overcome, transform or be aware of!

Hope you had fun with this Tarot spread and hope you enjoy the holidays! You can find more Tarot spreads right here.

Daily Tarot Girl

3 Kooky Fun Tarot Spreads

Do you crave excitement and novelty? But not the jumping out of airplanes kind of excitement – more like the ooh a new Tarot spread to try! kind of excitement?

Well you’re in luck!

While I love the classic Tarot spreads like the Celtic Cross, sometimes you just need to shake it up a bit and try something new.

Here are 3 “kooky” Tarot spreads for you to try tonight…


Cat Lover’s Tarot Spread

I’ve noticed a big overlap between cat lovers and Tarot lovers. I guess cats and Tarot just seem to go together like wine and cheese. Or wine and bubble baths. Or wine and gossip. You get the idea!

Print this spread!


Meet Your Alter Ego Tarot Spread

Your alter ego is basically a combo of your shadow self and your fantasy self. Getting in touch with it can work wonders in your life! For more details on how to use this spread (including a video), go right here.

Print this spread!


Self Love Tarot Spread

I created this spread years ago on Valentine’s Day as an alternative to all those relationship and love spreads. I hope you enjoy!

Go here for more details about this spread.

I hope you have fun with these unique spreads! And guess what? I’m looking for new ideas for Tarot spreads. Is there a particular theme or issue you’d like me to create a spread for? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Tarot Reading,

Halloween Tarot Spread

Halloween is my FAVORITE time to do a Tarot reading for myself (New Years and my birthday are close seconds). They say the veil between this shitty, mundane world and the magical world of spirit is thinnest at this time. I don’t know for sure if that’s true but I like the idea!

So I really wanted to create a new, shiny Halloween Tarot spread for you to try out but every time I tried to create one I ended up with a slightly crappier version of the Halloween spread I made way back in 2014. So I thought you know what? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

So I present to you my Halloween Tarot spread….yes, it’s the same Tarot spread I gave you four years ago (but I’m hoping you won’t really remember)…

Print this spread right here!

Have a happy Halloween and as always, happy Tarot reading!!!

PS – I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the lovely and talented Ethony Dawn for her new Tarot Readers Academy TV show/podcast! Join us as we chat about intuitive Tarot reading (and smutty paranormal romance novels!). Bonus: this interview includes a link to a free e-course with me πŸ™‚

Summer Check-In Tarot Spread

Summer is a great time to do a mid-year check in! Where are you at? Where are you going? What do you need to focus on right now?

If you’re like me you were so busy being sick over New Years that you forgot to have any resolutions. Then maybe you set a couple of goals in February but can’t for the life of you remember what they were. It’s okay. This spread will fix everything πŸ™‚

Print this!

Β 1. Card to Represent YOU - This card should be randomly chosen (as opposed to consciously choosing a card) and it represents where you're at right now.

2. Let go of... - This is what you need to release and let go of.

3. Replace it with... - This card tells you how you can let go and what you need to bring into your life.

4. Strongest Influence - What is having the strongest effect on you right now. It might be a person, belief, energy, etc. This can also represent energies and opportunities for you to tap into.

5. Message from Spirit Guides - What your Higher Self and Spirit Guides want you to know and understand.

6. Where to Direct Your Energy - What to focus on, where to put your attention and/or the area of your life that needs the most attention right now.

7. Aspect of Self to Heal & Grow - This is kind of similar to card #6. It shows you what parts of yourself you need to be tapping into and working with.


I want to know!

I'm super nosy and I want to know what card you got in position #6 - where will you be putting your energy from now on? Feel free to share in the comments below πŸ™‚

Cat Lover’s Tarot Spread

I have two great loves in my life: cats and Tarot! And I know I’m not the only one….

I can’t help but notice how many other fellow cat/tarot lovers are out there, whichΒ  makes perfect sense! Both cats and Tarot cards are mysterious, otherworldly and require patience and intuition to be understood.

The kind of person who is drawn to the mystery and challenge of Tarot is often also drawn to the Feline personality and so I felt it highly appropriate to design a cat themed Tarot spread. So stop what you’re doing and try this spread out….right meow! πŸ˜‰

Was I right?

Are you obsessed with both cats AND Tarot? Tell me all about it in the comments below…

Tarot Spread: Breakup or Stay?

I recently “let go” of a friendship that had been slowly fizzling out and was inspired to create this Tarot spread. This spread can be used for any kind of relationship that you’re on the fence about – romantic, friendship or even work related.

*I haven’t numbered the cards because you can read them in any order you like

Download printer friendly version

If you stay...

What Needs to Change?
This card will give you ideas on what needs to change in order for you to be happy in this relationship.
(Example: The Hanged Man = I need to stop being so passive and accommodating)

How should you act (moving forward?)
This cards gives you insight into what aspects of your personality you need to tap into while you navigate this relationship.
(Example: The Queen of Swords = be a bitch who speaks her mind!)

If you go...

What was the purpose or meaning of this relationship?
If you want to fully release this relationship in healthy way, it can help to understand it's purpose in your life and what you learned, instead of writing it off as just another failure.
(Example: 7 of Pentacles = This relationship taught me patience.)

How do you let go?

This card can give you insights into how you can best release this relationship, get over it and move on.
(Example: 3 of Cups = celebrate the good friendships you have)

What action should you take?

This card will (hopefully) help you decide whether to end or continue this relationship.

When I did this spread I got the Princess of Wands from the Heart & Hands Tarot, so I asked what would she do in this situation? and after thinking about it for a bit I decided she would choose the path of least resistance - the one that gave her the most energy.

I hope you enjoy using this spread in all your relationship conundrums!

Stressed? Sad? Anxious? I made a Tarot Spread for you!

Most of us feel stressed, depressed, worried and sad from time to time….and judging from my social media feeds over the last two days, many people are feeling this way right now. So I thought I would create a simple, three card Tarot spread to help anyone who is feeling crappy.

Normally I say “don’t read Tarot for yourself when your upset”, but that’s usually when we most want to do a reading – when we’re feeling hopeless and powerless.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep an open mind and see solutions when in the grip of fear, depression or anxiety, so I’ve created a guided meditation to help you get into your “heart space” and calm your mind. Give it a listen before you do this spread if you feel like you need to.

Listen here



Center card: The Heart of the Issue

  • The underlying issue that's causing you stress or sadness
  • The deeper issue that you need to address
  • What's really going on here
  • Your part in this
  • An unmet need (especially if you get a positive card)

Draw this card first to get some insight into the real issue behind your stress. This will often point to the deeper reason for your stress or sadness.

Often we think we're stressed about one thing, like a massive workload or the mother in law coming to visit, but really we feel stressed because fears of inadequacy are being triggered by the situation.

Left card: Let go of THIS to Feel Better

  • A belief or expectation you hold
  • A habit or behavior pattern
  • An attitude

What do you need to release in order to become peaceful again? What is holding you back from feeling better about this situation?

Right card: Action - Your Point of Power!

  • What you can DO to feel better
  • Action that needs to be taken
  • How you can take back your power

Often, strong negative emotions like sadness, fear, anxiety and anger are there to act as a catalyst for action - to get you moving and taking steps toward what is important to you.Β  This card will show you how to make the most of your situation and how to take inspired action in your life.

Here is a demonstration of me using this spread to give a reading to a good friend....

I hope you have fun with this spread and that it's a valuable tool for you. Feel free to use oracle cards or angel cards, if that feels better for you πŸ™‚


life path tarot card spread
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Meet Your Alter Ego: Tarot Card Spread

Just in time for Halloween, I’ve a got a spooky new Tarot card spread to help you get in touch with your dark side!

You may have come across my evil twin / alter ego Veronica on my Friday’s with Veronica blog posts and wondered how I ever came up with such a crazy character. So I decided to create a Tarot card spread to help you get in touch with YOUR evil twin / alter ego!

Your alter ego is basically a combination of your shadow self and your fantasy self.

Your shadow self is the parts of you that you keep hidden so people will be friends with you and you won’t go to prison. Your “fantasy self” is the person you wish you could be.

Repressing this part of yourself will lead to an uninspired drab life that is full of beige couches and eating Pringles out of boredom.

But integrating your evil alter ego into your day to day life will add spice and vibrancy – suddenly your life will be full of daring acts, scintillating coffee dates and hysterical laughter!

So here’s my Tarot card spread. My hope is that it helps you identify and get to know your alter ego a little better so that you can begin integrating this exciting part of yourself into your daily life…

Meet Your Alter Ego!


Printable PDF version

Card #1 - How the repressed parts of yourself are effecting your life

When you repress something, it doesn't go away. It goes underground and forms a plan of attack on your clean, nice, orderly life!
If you get a really positive card here, like The Sun, keep it's positive and negative meanings in mind since repressing any part of yourself (good or bad) may have both negative and positive consequences.

Cards 2, 3 and 4 - Personality traits, dreams and issues that make up your alter ego

This is really the meat of the reading! You should get a nice sense of what your alter ego is like from these cards. These cards may represent negative traits that you are repressing, positive traits that you hide from others, wild dreams that you've dismissed as unrealistic or simply just issues that you don't want to face.

Card #5 - How you can integrate your alter ego into your daily life

There's a fun, safe way to integrate some of the spiciness and flare of your alter ego into your life and this card gives you some clues.

Again, if you get a card that confuses you, forget the book-meaning for a second and pay attention to the symbols and what's happening in the card. Here's an article that walks you through what to do when a card doesn't make sense.

Card #6 - How to embrace and work with your alter ego

This is kind of similar to position 5. If you still feel like you haven't really connected with your alter ego yet, this card can give you some ideas as to how you can.

When I first did this spread, I got The Lovers in this position. I read it to mean that I can work with my alter ego to attain a greater level of self acceptance and wholeness but also that I should go on "dates" with my alter ego - like hour long jounaling sessions in coffee shops.

Card #7 - Advice your alter ego has for you today!

This card represents what your alter ego wants you to do right now. How they think you should be living your life and where your priorities need to go. Of course, you may choose to ignore it - but it will be eye opening nonetheless!

Here is a video demonstration of this spread:







Tell me about YOUR Alter Ego!

I hope you have fun with this spread and don't forget to leave a comment below πŸ™‚ I would love to hear all about your alter ego!!!!

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