New Years 2023 Tarot Spread!

New year, new spread! Here’s my Tarot spread for the year ahead….

The start of a new year is always a special time to do a reading (it’s up there with Halloween and Birthday readings!) and it’s a great time to get clear on what you want to focus on, change, create, release and explore in the upcoming year.

So make a pot of tea, give your deck a shuffle and let’s get to it!

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There are
two ways to use this spread:

Method #1 

Do the spread as is and after you’ve turned all the cards over and read them, go through your deck and consciously choose a Tarot card that you’d like to embody throughout the year.

You can place this card (or images of this card) around your living and working space and it will act as a reminder of what you’d like to focus on this year.

Method #2 

Instead of pulling a card for the first card position what will I create this year?, ask yourself what do I want to create this year? and journal about it.

Once you’re clear on it, ask your deck what will help me do this? Draw one card. Then, ask what could get in the way? Draw a second card. Move on to the next one – ask what do I want to explore this year? and repeat the same process.

*You will do this for all the card positions in the spread except for these two: what will help me the most? and what could get in the way? – for these you can just draw one card to answer the question.

At the end, consciously choose a Tarot card that you’d like to embody throughout the year. This card will represent your ideal self in 2023.

Wishing you a Happy New Year and all the best in 2023

4 thoughts on “New Years 2023 Tarot Spread!”

  1. Hi Kate!

    what an optimistic reading for 2023 indeed! I really loved the messages of the 2023 reading, and I got really excited when I saw that the central card featured the Queen of Swords, as it made me feel that this year I will play a lead role, as I am a Libra in sign and I relate to most, if not all, the qualities of the Queen of Swords. So yes I found this a really optimistic reading.
    The other thing that came to my mind about the card that perplexed you, that is the 9 of Pentacles, is that the 9 of Pentacles also stands for an individual that may be accomplished, but is solitary and doesn’t have anyone to share his luxuries with, but himself. And so the message of the 9 of Pentacles in that position might be that this year we ought to share our luxuries and free time and accomplishments with special others in our lives. At least this angle makes sense to me.
    Thanks for putting all the effort for the 2023 reading and sharing it with us, and as I already said I found the reading inspirational and useful.
    Best wishes
    Maria Koufaki

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