What Kind of a Tarot Reader Are You?

Did you know that every Tarot reader has a distinct Tarot reading personality?

Some readers read with a tell-it-like-it-is bravado while others are adept at gently holding a space for their querent. Some readers love to be dramatic while some are more laid back. Some readers love to inject humour into their readings while some prefer to exude a more therapeutic, self-helpy vibe.

I created this Tarot spread to help you explore your Tarot reading personality, discover your special reading gifts and identify areas that need a little work. So make yourself a cup of tea, give your deck a shuffle and give this spread a go!

Download this spread HERE


♥ Let me know in the comments below… what card sums up your Tarot reader personality and why?

15 thoughts on “What Kind of a Tarot Reader Are You?”

  1. What I’m good at – JUDGEMENT;
    What influences my readings – THREE OF WANDS;
    How they make people feel – THE MAGICIAN;
    My tarot personality – KNIGHT OF CUPS;
    Gets in the way – THE HANGED MAN;
    I need to work on – KING OF SWORDS.

  2. I pulled the Ace of Cups I see it as I have a forever running love of tarot there’s also a lot of elements as well in my card picture water, the cup is orange and red like fire the cloud is in the sky and the dove so air and under all that water lies sand rock then lava earth element too! I see the picture as a magic hand with an endless amount of wishes

  3. Thanks for sharing this spread.
    I used my classic Rider-Waite Smith deck to do this spread for myself. It showed that:
    What I’m good at – 7S.
    What influences my readings – The Moon.
    How they make people feel – 6W.
    My tarot personality – 6P.
    Gets in the way – 7W.
    I need to work on – 2P.

    Overall I feel like this was a very positive message, showing I have strengths and am giving in my tarot readings but I need to work my balance and I believe that it comes down to trusting more in my intuition and “knowing” and not hesitating.

  4. Hello I did my spread my tarot reading for my personality is the high priestess and how I make people feel I got the fool card and what gets in the way I got the nine of wands and what influences my readings I got the empress and what I need to work on I got the 8 of wands and what I’m good at I got the 2 of cups

  5. Hello hello hello! What great fun. Thank you Kate! I used my favourite deck for this – PreRaphaelite Tarot. My tarot reading personality? The Hanged Man, LOL …in this card, he looks pretty chilled, laid back…or rather, hanging out with spirit! But seriously….helping people see things from a different perspective. After all my previous input, I think that’s pretty spot on don’t you!? Thanks again for providing this. I like to interview each new deck I get, but I hadn’t interviewed myself! Ha Ha! All the best, Lisa ???

  6. I’m new to this so I haven’t done many readings. I received the King of Swords for my tarot personality. It seems fitting to the way I communicate in general.

  7. Hello. I’m learning Tarot in a small group in South Korea.
    I was amazed that ‘Queen of Fire(Sharing)’ was chosen as my Tarot reader persnality when I chose the OSHO ZEN TAROT. Because I pick tarot cards and talk with my coworkers at work, and I study tarot cards every week. But I got ‘7 of wands’ reverse with a Waite Tarot Deck. I think I need more confidence.
    I am grateful to you for your sharing.

  8. Felipe Zahtariam

    I just did this spread and got the Page of Cups as my Tarot reading personality, which is very deep and meaningful to me since this is my favorite Minor Arcana card. I see myself as this eternally young soul in search of emotional & spiritual development, who tends to see the world through rose-colored glasses and wants to express his feelings and creativity somehow. Thank you for designing and sharing this spread!

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