October 2021

Win a Free Scholarship for my Tarot Course!

Chrissie M AND Susie

Congratulations to Chrissie and Susie ! I look forward to having you in my class 🙂

A big huge warm hug to everyone who entered ♥ I read each and every comment and I was truly impressed by the variety of responses and the wisdom, beauty and insight that came through with so many interpretations.

Choosing just two winners is always difficult for me. I short list the responses that stand out to me, then I short list my short list until I’ve whittled it down to just two. There were MANY on my short list!

Thank you everyone for taking the time to tune into these cards and share your insights – you are all wonderful Tarot readers full of light, creativity and love ♥


Registration just opened for my 4-week Tarot course The Daily Tarot Girl’s Guide to Intuitive Tarot Reading, with classes starting on Nov 10th.

I realize that not everyone is in a financial position to take my course, even if they really, really want to. So I’m offering two free scholarships for two lucky Tarot students!

If you’d like to enter to win a free scholarship for my upcoming course on  Intuitive Tarot Reading, here’s how to qualify….


1) Make sure you actually want to take my course. So if you’re not familiar with it, take a peek over here and make sure it’s your cup of tea!

2) Have a look at the 3 cards below – they have advice for you about the week ahead. Using ONE SENTENCE PER CARD (yes, I know that’s hard!), what do you think that advice/message is?

*Please feel free to get creative here. Have fun with this! Be as serious or playful as you like. Your interpretations may or may not match the “book meanings” of the cards – that’s okay!

3) Post your interpretation in the comment section below.
(*Again, please keep it to ONE SENTENCE PER CARD – I plan on reading each and every post and if everyone writes a novel it makes it hard for me!)

The deadline for entering this challenge/contest is Monday, Nov 1st @ 12 noon PDT. I will post an update to this blog post, announcing the winners on Monday evening!!!

Good luck & have fun 🙂

Cards below are (from left to right): Strength, Queen of Pentacles, The Hermit
Deck: The Light Seer’s Tarot

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The Hierophant – Tarot Meaning Deep Dive

Welcome to part 6 of my 22 part Tarot Meanings Deep Dive series – each week we explore ONE major arcana card and uncover it’s secrets, symbols and messages.

Today we’re diving into The Hierophant – one of the least “fun” Tarot cards, but fascinating nonetheless!

You may want to grab your Tarot journal, make yourself some tea and settle in….


Tradition, established power structures, institutions, top down hierarchy, membership within a group, conformity, rules and customs, group-think, The System, taking a conventional path, a teacher who operates within a specific tradition or institution.


Crown, robe, stick, priest with monks, hand signal (ritual, pomp and ceremony, hierarchy)

The Dark Side of The Hierophant

Oppressive institutions and power structures that stunt the freedom and growth of an individual.

The Bright Side

Providing a well worn path, structure and guidance as you unfold and develop.

1) Institutions

The Hierophant represents institutions with established hierarchical power structures and traditions with rules, customs and rituals. Think religion, gov’t, law, education, military – but also powerful gangs, clubs and organizations.

Journalling Questions:

♥ What institutions have you experienced directly?

♥ What has this experience been like? How has it been helpful? Unhelpful?

2) Conformity

The Hierophant is all about conformity and the sense of belonging and power that comes with that. Most groups have power structures, rules and some sort of ideology that one must conform to in exchange for membership. Whether you pledge allegiance to a New Age UFO cult, a biker gang, The Mafia or some conventional path laid out by The System, your conformity is in the realm of The Hierophant.

Journalling Questions:

♥ What is your relationship to conformity like? When was the last time you conformed? What does it feel like to conform? Or not conform?

♥ When (or where) in your life have you chosen a conventional path? How have you benefited from that?

3) Teacher

The Hierophant can represent a teacher or guide who helps you learn and incorporate a “system” or set of rules, customs and ideology into your life. This can be a negative and/or positive thing. A good teacher shows you how to access your inner wisdom, while a bad teacher tries to replace your inner wisdom. Know the difference!

Journalling Questions:

♥ When has a teacher been most helpful for you?

♥ Where in your life do you need to get more in touch with your inner guide and wise person?

The Wisdom of The Hierophant

There’s a time to be a rebel and strike out on your own and there’s a time to take the well worn path and benefit from the wisdom, power and structure of a time tested tradition.

For those who need a little guidance, The Hierophant offers a ready-made blueprint and playbook for you to follow…just add conformity and obedience and you’re all set!

The illusion of The Hierophant is that he offers protection, certainty and a “safe plan” – he does not. Well, actually he does….but not forever. At a certain point we must all leap into the abyss and figure shit out for ourselves.

Tell me your thoughts!

Did you enjoy this exercise? Did you learn anything new about The Hierophant? Or about yourself? Let me know in the comments below…

♥ Join me next week as I dive into The Lovers – one of the juiciest Tarot cards yet!

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The Emperor – Tarot Meaning Deep Dive

Welcome to part 5 of my 22 part Tarot Meanings Deep Dive series – each week we explore ONE major arcana card and uncover it’s secrets, symbols and messages.

Today we’re diving into The Emperor – perhaps one of the most misunderstood figures in the Tarot. Everyone thinks he’s a stuffed shirt, but he’s actually quite the rebel!

Have your pen and notebook handy, grab yourself a drinky-poo and get comfy….


Father archetype, authority, sovereignty, power & control, stubborn, maverick, rebel, trailblazer.


Ram’s heads (Aries- aggression, war), Throne, long beard (wisdom, experience)

The dark side of The Emperor

Being overly stubborn, inflexible and rigid. Wanting power and control over others, to compensate for feeling powerless and out of control on the inside.

1. Sovereignty

The Emperor, in his highest, most positive expression, has complete power and authority over himself. He lives by his own value system and set of rules – always doing things his way. Forging his own path, he becomes a trailblazer and some may even see him as a bit of a rebel.

Journalling questions:

♥ Where in your life have you been a bit of a rebel?

♥ How comfortable are you with self governance? Are you always looking for a set of rules or a formula for doing things?

♥ What values and rules do you use to “self-govern”?

2. Stubborness

There’s a time and place to be stubborn and dig in your heels, but sometimes this can be a fault if you’re totally inflexible all the time. The wise Emperor knows when to be stubborn and when to be flexible. The unwise Emperor derives his sense of self from maintaining a “my way or the highway” attitude at all times, closing himself off from people, experiences and growth.

Journalling questions:

♥ How stubborn are you? How has it served you?

♥ How has it stunted you? (Think of an example of when you were stubborn and later regretted it).

3. Power & Control

The Emperor is all about stability, power and control. A wise and healthy Emperor is a master of himself who practices self control and cultivates inner power. A dysfunctional Emperor lacks self control and inner power and so he seeks power and control over others, becoming an oppressive dictator who is obsessed with draconian laws and mandates.

Journalling questions:

♥ What is your relationship with power and control like?

♥ When you are put in a position of authority, how do you feel?

♥ When someone else is in the position of authority, how do you react?

The Wisdom of The Emperor

The Emperor advises you to turn your desire for power and control toward development of your self, not the control of others. If you notice yourself wanting to change or control others, it’s time to check in with yourself and observe how you’re using your own power.

The wise Emperor tells you that when you focus on developing the power within, as opposed to power over others, you become empowered and sovereign. This makes you capable of walking your own path, charting your own course and being a wayshower to others – becoming a powerful figure in your own right!

Tell me your thoughts!

Did you enjoy this exercise? Did you learn anything new about The Emperor? Or about yourself? Let me know in the comments below…

♥ Join me next week as I dive into The Hierophant – stuffy and uptight on the outside, but a fascinating wealth of knowledge on the inside!

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New Halloween Tarot Spread!

Things got a little wild while I was doodling on my ipad the other night and I ended up creating a brand new, sexy Halloween Tarot Spread…

Print this spread (PDF version)

Halloween always feels like New Years to me – a chance to start fresh and set new intentions. It’s also a good excuse to bust out my Tarot deck and do one of those in-depth readings where I light candles, lay out crystals and get super witchy!

Hope your Halloween is cozy, magical and full of Tarot adventures 🙂



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The Empress – Tarot Meaning Deep Dive

Welcome to part 4 of my 22 part Tarot Meanings Deep Dive series – each week we explore ONE major arcana card and uncover it’s secrets, symbols and messages.

Today we’re diving into The Empress – the sensual and luscious mother-goddess of the Tarot!

Grab a pen and notebook, make yourself a cup of hot cocoa and let’s settle in together….


Creativity, abundance, fertility, nurturing, receptivity, allowing, going with the flow, relaxation.


Garden, stream, female symbol, relaxed pose.

The Darkside of The Empress

Lazy, entitled and unappreciative. Wishing to be supported by others while reclining on her chaise lounger eating bonbons.

1. Abundant Creativity

The Empress is abundantly creative – whether it’s through her body (fertility) or in a more artistic sense, she knows how to be in the flow of energy! Her endless creativity is a result of her abundant mindset – there is no such thing as lack in the Empress’s universe.

Journalling questions:

♥ What do I want to birth into the world?

♥ What do I want to create right now?

2. Nurturing

The Empress’s power lies in her ability to nurture….without being overbearing. When she nurtures something – with her body, actions, thoughts, love, time and energy – it is sure to grow and flourish! But she gives her creations the freedom to grow in whatever direction they wish.

Journalling questions:

♥ What am I nurturing in my life?

♥ What would I like to grow? What actions, thoughts, words and feelings will help nurture that?

3. Receptivity & Allowing

Being open to receive whatever life has to offer, while allowing things to unfold in their own time is the secret power of The Empress. She doesn’t rush or demand or specify how things must be – she allows and then chooses. She’s like a hippy-dippy gardener who lets her garden grow wild, weeding from time to time and watering the flowers she wishes to grow.

Journalling questions:

♥ In your life, are you the uptight gardener or more like The Empress?

♥ If you were tapped into this “allowing” energy, what would you do differently?

The Wisdom of The Empress

While The Magician makes things happen by his intentions and actions, The Empress sits back and lets the abundance of the universe to flow to her – then she decides what to nurture. She chooses.

The Empress isn’t passive, she just doesn’t lift a finger or break a sweat. And once she envelopes something in her nurturing embrace, allowing it to grow and flourish, she lets go and allows it to take on a life of it’s own.

Tell me your thoughts!

Did you enjoy this exercise? What is ONE way you can channel your inner Empress today? Let me know in the comments below…

♥ Join me next week as I dive into The Emperor – possibly one of the most misunderstood characters in the Tarot. He’s not as uptight and bossy as you think, I promise!

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Unboxing Zeke’s Arcana Tarot Cards!

Join me as I unbox Zeke’s Arcana – a vibrant, otherworldly Tarot deck that is surely one of the most unique decks in my Tarot collection!


At the time of making this video, this deck is still in it’s kickstarter phase: https://zeke.ink/Tarot

Zeke’s Arcana succeeds at being wildly trippy and colourful while also being very readable and easy to work with.

The artwork, done by Julia of Zeke’s Lunchbox, is fascinating and sometimes bizarre, which really shakes your intuition awake and makes you look at the images, instead of just going through the motions of a reading.

I have to say that I was surprised by how quickly I’ve formed a connection with these cards – while I liked the look of this deck from the start, it isn’t the usual style I’m drawn to, so I was curious how it would read…

On my first reading (which I do near the end of this video), it was like the cards could read my mind! It really felt like I was having a conversation with someone who is really clear and direct – it was almost eerie, but in a good way 🙂

If you want to see more of this deck, check out the artist’s website and  YouTube channel – she’s got some really fun art videos and videos showcasing her Tarot deck.

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