Win a Free Scholarship for my Tarot Course!

Chrissie M AND Susie

Congratulations to Chrissie and Susie ! I look forward to having you in my class 🙂

A big huge warm hug to everyone who entered ♥ I read each and every comment and I was truly impressed by the variety of responses and the wisdom, beauty and insight that came through with so many interpretations.

Choosing just two winners is always difficult for me. I short list the responses that stand out to me, then I short list my short list until I’ve whittled it down to just two. There were MANY on my short list!

Thank you everyone for taking the time to tune into these cards and share your insights – you are all wonderful Tarot readers full of light, creativity and love ♥


Registration just opened for my 4-week Tarot course The Daily Tarot Girl’s Guide to Intuitive Tarot Reading, with classes starting on Nov 10th.

I realize that not everyone is in a financial position to take my course, even if they really, really want to. So I’m offering two free scholarships for two lucky Tarot students!

If you’d like to enter to win a free scholarship for my upcoming course on  Intuitive Tarot Reading, here’s how to qualify….


1) Make sure you actually want to take my course. So if you’re not familiar with it, take a peek over here and make sure it’s your cup of tea!

2) Have a look at the 3 cards below – they have advice for you about the week ahead. Using ONE SENTENCE PER CARD (yes, I know that’s hard!), what do you think that advice/message is?

*Please feel free to get creative here. Have fun with this! Be as serious or playful as you like. Your interpretations may or may not match the “book meanings” of the cards – that’s okay!

3) Post your interpretation in the comment section below.
(*Again, please keep it to ONE SENTENCE PER CARD – I plan on reading each and every post and if everyone writes a novel it makes it hard for me!)

The deadline for entering this challenge/contest is Monday, Nov 1st @ 12 noon PDT. I will post an update to this blog post, announcing the winners on Monday evening!!!

Good luck & have fun 🙂

Cards below are (from left to right): Strength, Queen of Pentacles, The Hermit
Deck: The Light Seer’s Tarot

88 thoughts on “Win a Free Scholarship for my Tarot Course!”

  1. Strength: have the courage to face the situations with assertiveness and soft tone.
    Queen of pentacles: be in gratitude and thank for all the bounties available to you from nature
    hermit: look forward to introspection and alone time to build inner strength which will give you the soul energy to handle situations in life and the insight to have gratitude

  2. 1 – Stop attacking the “ugly” parts of you, honey they are still you, it’s a waste of energy that could be better directed into learning to be gentle and kind to yourself.

    2 – Strike a power pose, put your body in motion, don’t wait for motivation, even if you don’t feel it, the feeling sometimes comes after the action.

    3 – In the quiet you will find your glow, you need to check in with yourself to grow, so listen and breathe and take it slow slow slow.

  3. There is great courage and bravery in trusting my intuition and approaching my shadows with compassion and gentleness.

    I have the strength to tame the distorted masculine energy within me and to overcome my lack mentality.

    Although this leg of my spiritual enlightenment requires me to go within, I should remember that I am not alone and am being divinely supported.

    Thank you 🌻🐢

  4. 1. Don’t be afraid to let loose and take control in a situation where you would normally be reserved or quiet.
    2. You will be feeling content and fulfilled with your home life and/or material concerns.
    3. Look forward to taking relaxing personal time to find answers to that question you’ve been thinking about.

  5. The strength you seek is already within you.
    You feel healthy and have abundance and satisfaction in your material world.
    Consider spending time alone for reflection.

  6. 1 look like a lamb but have the strength of a lion
    2 She releases wisdom, serenity and strength
    3 He is contemplating the road he has travelled

  7. 🍁Making a choice no matter how different/difficult it might be.
    🍁Be proud and feel at peace with the choices you have made.
    🍁Now is the time to reflect on how those choices have come to play out in your life.

  8. Card 1) Take off the mask of being human and get tuned in to inner, innate strength, and focus that power toward heart’s desire(s).
    Card 2) Stand calm, confidently aware of the power within, and enjoy witnessing heart felt desires manifest all around.
    Card 3) Withdrawal from exterior demands whenever necessary to connect directly with Source to refresh & recharge.

    Thank you.

  9. Strength: The lion and the lamb – reconciling inner fire and outward vulnerability will bring both peace and confidence.
    Queen of Pentacles: Relax – success grows over time through calm thought and strategy, as well as action.
    The Hermit: Solitary contemplation provides a new personal perspective, pay attention to your dreams.

  10. Thank for you this opportunity Kate:

    Strength: There is infinite potential with us all as seen in the infinity sign on the arm, therefore I should peel away what does not serve me and look within for the strengths that do.

    Queen of Pentacles: The deep connection with the earth, of which I am a part of, directs my attention to what is of value and will serve me well; pay attention to this organic inner knowing.

    The Hermit: The light within myself is showing me the way to expanded awareness; this hermit is looking over the universe and those within it – be still, go within and listen as to how.

    Thank you again Kate!


  11. 1. Strength: Although you appear as gentle as a lamb, you have the heart and soul of a lion.
    2. Queen of Pentacles: You have everything you need right now; you are enough just as you are.
    3. The Hermit: Given 1 and 2, you have the ability to learn how to reach a state of self-knowledge where you can realize your potential and understand your purpose.

  12. This reading asks all of us to trust ourselves to bring forth our strength.
    M/T The Strength card calls us to delve within and calm any emotions that may feel out of control and cause us to do anything that we will regret later.
    W/T The Queen of Pentacles came from nothing and made her life entirely by herself; therefore, she is in control of everything from the way she looks, to how each penny is invested in the bank, to which member of the household is allowed to do what, to where each flower is planted, and her strength of keeping everything in order at all times is the type of strength we will be called to use.
    F/S/S The Hermit has the most strength because she understands the importance of recharging, self-care, and filling her own cup, so for the weekend the hermit asks you to seek solitude to recharge yourself from all of the strength you had to expend from earlier in the week.

  13. Christina McAlister

    Strength shows a woman warrior who is gentle but fierce.
    A queen sits on her thrown, seems content, but closed off and unapproachable.
    Hermit shows a dark path that leads up high to show you the inner light within.
    Thank you. I have been interested in tarot for about a year. After a domestic violence situation I have escaped from. Its helps with ptsd and processing my emotions. I would love to learn more so tarot may help others.

  14. The Strength card asks you to look inside yourself for inner strength, self confidence and authenticity. The Queen of Pentacles also asks you to go inside yourself and find the capacity to love and nurture yourself so that you may have the capacity to love and nurture others. The Hermit card is another request to go inwards and reflect on your thoughts ; search for your truth, develop your judgement in order to gain wisdom.

  15. Strength-the duality of the soul, soft and nurturing to all young and vulnerable while being fiercely protective too
    Queen of pentacles-extremely beautiful and serene, maintaining a grip on worldly matters while presenting the best and calmest version of yourself, this requires time and application
    The Hermit-outward looking, having taken care of mind, spirit and body it’s now time to move forward, alone or in company, it doesn’t matter as either will bring equilibrium

  16. Strength is in a balance state- combining purity & innocence with our wild part, using universal love as a key – this is creating a space, from which we can manifest freely. Queen of Pentacles is grounding the energy to prepare for the manifestation process to be fulfilled, she seems to gather the outside energy inside of her through this meditative state, to be ready to use it like the propellant, as being shown on the Hermit card. Lifting off out of the limits and shining bright as a star, to see what was unseen from the ground, achieving bird’s eye perspective on everything, what is needing our awareness.

    Overall is a beautiful description of an ascension process, like in the “Song for a Grounded Angel”:
    “May the roads in your gypsy soul
    lead you to a higher ground,
    kindred pilgrim, my kindrim pilgrim,
    ’til what you seek is found.

    I see you wand’rin’ through this world
    and how you seem to me
    like a grounded angel remembering the sky
    and trying to be free.”

    Thank you for such an amazing opportunity!
    Love & Light,

  17. November 1st starts my life with less money (husband had to retired early) and Medicare Advantage plan which cuts my monthly SSI $149 and add insurance premium. I have been really stressed and depressed.

    Strength: I need calmness, strength and faith in my new financial and insurance status because at 69 it is tough to have things change this drastically.
    QoP: I will need to learn new ways to deal with my financial status and be creative in making less go a lot further.
    Hermit: I need to take time out to find my spiritual and sane self again, even with the above mentioned changes, although, I hope my husband will give me needed support here, not financially, but with more soul bonding and help ease my depression.

  18. Strength is having to raise a child with disabilities to adult hood
    Queen Pentacles is to live to be honest with self, and generous to all living entities, people, animals, plants and the environment
    Hermit is not really lonely, just alone to reflect on all life issues being by oneself clears the mind for larger challenges in life

  19. Jasper Grumfuttock

    Don’t be too hard on yourself or feel the need to put on a brave face and never be afraid to show compassion

    Be at one with yourself, your place and your surroundings to bring peace and tranquility into your life

    Be content with where you are and remember you can be a light of inspiration to others

  20. Crystal Espinoza

    Your strength comes from inside by acknowledging your inner power over the doubts and voices that tell you: you’re NOT, you CANT, etc… essentially focusing…. paying attention to your strengths vs only looking at your weaknesses…. That is where your wealth is. That is where your abundance is. In your willingness to look in the dark and see the light.

    Hope that wasn’t a novel. Thank you.

  21. Chrissie Mowbray

    Have the courage to know and love your whole, self both light and dark, and to stand in your truth against all adversity.

    Stay the course, your cup is filling up.

    Remember your true original intentions and purpose, do not get diverted by fearful imaginings or ego and stay under the radar.

  22. Sahndra Ivana Chase

    Strength: Let my inner convictions shine thru. Use my inner light to convey the messages I want to share with the world. Follow my passion to making career on Youtube. Don’t hold back! But at same time don’t push…go with flow and trust!
    Queen of Pentacles: I love the feeling of this one! So very strong and grounded with a sense of inner knowingness. Knowing that the “work” was done with pure conviction and now to “let it rest” and ground in the grateful feeling of “job well done”.
    The Hermit: For me this is refreshing to have reminder to stay connected to that “inner” voice knowing that I am on right path when I go by feelings. It os okay to sit with your visions and let them play with no expectations. Time to integrate experiences and image in (imagine) more great things…popped into my head!

    Thank you. I truly enjoy your work, your delivery and overall sense of “real” is nice.
    …and am looking forward to being a channel like you for others as well.
    Have beautiful day.

  23. Strength – Hello, time to let my wild child come out and play for the beginning of this new month (cue Iggy Pop)!
    Queen of Pentacles – Slow my wild roll just a tiny bit mid-week and take some time to smell the autumn air (or my morning coffee..).
    The Hermit – Well, after all that wildness and coffee-indulgence during the week, this weekend will definitely need to be more about that Chill(i Peppers’ “Under the Bridge”) – mmm.

  24. In the next week, you will find strength and support, internal and external, to help you through this vulnerable time.
    You can let go of worry about an upcoming expense, thanks to an unexpected and very welcome gift!
    This gift will help you learn how to shine your light of compassion and understanding for all who suffer unseen.

  25. Denise Winchester

    Strength: This week, consider being gentle and calm as a way of showing strength and getting through any challenges.

    Queen of Pentacles: Keep yourself open to new financial prospects, and consider being more generous than usual.

    The Hermit: Much like the strength card is showing, next week seems to be a time of quiet reflection rather than outward communications, all answers are inside of you.

    Thank you!

  26. You get respect and strength this week you must show it lead by your example with grace.
    This week make sure you have a strong solid base so no matter what happens around you you will stay solid.
    And take some quiet time alone with yourself to quiet your mind this will give you great inner peace!

  27. M/T – Strength
    No more excuses; you have the power and strength to remain resilient while you face your fears and challenges.

    W/T – Queen of Pentacles
    With a mature, practical mind-set you can confidently resolve those challenges.

    F/S/S – The Hermit
    TGIF – time for respite, quiet your mind, nurture your soul, and let your light shine!

  28. This week is all about learning to “Trust my inner Strength”. The Strength Card reminds me of my inner strength. The Queen of Pentacles encourages me to Trust myself, and The Hermit is encouraging me to relax, go inside and connect with my inner strength. It is all about me learning to Trust my inner Strength.

  29. Right now it seems like you are holding on to all you can to keep yourself from being too overwhelmed.
    You know the decisions you are wanting to make are the right ones. There is abundance all around you.
    Perhaps you just need to sit quietly, allow yourself to retreat go to a place where you can be still and just appreciate the world around you. Within that stillness the answers will come.

    Thank You

  30. Strength: The beginning of the week is a time to face your fears and challenges with kindness and courage drawing on your individual strength.
    Queen of Pentacles: The middle of the week is a time to relax at home and nurture yourself within your community- replenishing and refilling your cup so that you have enough to share with others.
    The Hermit: The New Moon on Thursday brings an opportunity to reflect and plant new seeds for the coming lunar cycle- what do you want to manifest or start this weekend?

  31. Chrissie Mowbray

    Have the courage to know and love your whole self, both light and dark, and to stand in your truth against all adversity.

    Stay the course, your cup is filling up.

    Remember your true original intentions and purpose, do not get diverted by fearful imaginings or ego and stay under the radar.

  32. At the beginning if the week you may find yourself being tested in some way and to deal with the situation or the person. You need to tap in to your inner strength and you will find the courage and confidence to deal by tapping into your inner strength it will help you also to find the right way to,deal,with this and the right words to say it, trust your inner self
    Mid way you find yourself in a comfortable position, everything seems to be going well now and you have money, time or resources to, Do something that you really want do, maybe there was something you wanted to do but at the time you could not afford it now there is nothing holding you back.
    By the end of the week take some time out to either meditate or reflect and evaluate how your week has panned out. Take time to go within and quieten your mind this will help you to tap into that inner voice and find inner peace and even inspiration for the week ahead.

  33. If something hurts, internalize it calmly so as not to act impulsively.
    Visualize yourself very relaxed in the field with all your senses in harmony.
    This way you will realize that you can find peace when you need it because it is within you.

    Thanks for the opportunity Kate! 😘😘

  34. Remember that you have infinite inner strength even if you appear as feeble as a lamb to others. Remain grounded, warding off negative influences by absorbing all the positive nature offers you. Sit quietly in meditation and ponder the way forward.

  35. The week is about finding your own strength and playing to it – and when you do – you will feel as if you are a “Queen”, embracing your feminine energy and feeling a level of contentment. The Hermit represents the contemplation that needs to take place in finding that strength and feeling like you’re capable and strong.

  36. This week will provide a challenge that will test my strength, but luckily, I am strong enough to deal with whatever shows up!
    I need to remember that all the resources of the earth are available to me, and if I use them wisely, I can be as calm and centered as the queen of pentacles.
    It’s important to make sure I recharge my batteries on a regular basis by spending time in solitude and meditation.

  37. Card 1 Strength: On Monday and Tuesday, you will struggle with self-love as you’ve been so busy lately that you’ve neglected taking care of yourself and this is a message to be kind to yourself and to stop any negative self-talk that may pop up in your mind.

    Card 2 Queen of Pentacles: on Wednesday and Thursday you’ll be required to concentrate on issues related to your children or someone you’re in charge of, which will be gratifying but be careful to not give so much of yourself it could also be draining

    Card 3 The Hermit: Friday through to Sunday will bring you some time that you can spend alone to get reacquainted with yourself, do something that soothes your soul to recharge and be ready to face the next week ahead with a smile.

  38. Strength: Underestimated/hidden strength. Seen as the lamb because she’s sweet w/ a big heart and not her beast hidden beneath the skin suit . “ You think you know me homie? … Bring it!”

    Queen of pentacles: Independent/Successful/bad bitch. “They didn’t help me GROW so I had to let them GO!” Bye Felicia!

    Hermit: Solitude/self discovery/pondering
    “Dear Universe, To Be or not to BE? To DO or NOT to do are my questions!”

      1. Hey Kate!! Yea I was trying to get creative with it lol.
        Thank you for giving us all the opportunity for a free scholarship. Congrats Christie and Susie!

        Much love soul fam ! 🌟❤️

  39. Samantha Sandefer

    !. Strength-Be strong and fierce like a lion but also embrace your mothering aspects or those of others!
    2.Queen of Pentacles- A financial opportunity is on the way for something you have been planning for or a surprise and help from a female mentor will be available!
    3, The Hermit- Take time to sit back and think about things and to be alone with your thoughts and you will figure out what you need to do next because inspiration and help are there for you as indicated by the other cards so go within awhile!

  40. I do actually have infinite Leo strength to get through but must remain gentle with myself as well.
    Mum is always watching over me guiding me offering comfort and serenity too.
    On my journey It’s ok to be contemplative and alone but I will look forward too and be surrounded by Spirit

  41. In November the week starts off with a call for the addition
    of your inner strength and courage with your gentle disposition.

    Then a practical and down to earth approach is what we’re seeing
    but don’t lose the opportunity to nurture your own well being.

    As the week draws to an end its time for the inspection
    of how you feel about how you’ve done with solitude and reflection. 😊

    1. Meredith Mercer

      ~Be gentle with yourself to access the courage you will need to overcome the obstacles you know are coming up.
      ~You have all the resources you need to protect what you feel is most important and you know how to use them to make yourself comfortable and content.
      ~Go on an inner journey to help find your path to feeling enlightenment and joy in what you have accomplished.

  42. My inner strength will help to give me the confidence and the courage to continue on my path. I have the ability to have what I need and want if I just look more deeply and learn to trust my intuition. I need to stop being a frog on the log and get my ass up and do something!

    I love how you teach. So relaxing to watch your videos. Thank you

  43. You are on the right path, even though you may feel you are swimming against the tide at times. Stay strong and believe in yourself.
    You are more powerful than you know, your knowledge is a gift to the world, you just need to recognise this.
    Although you have predetermined ideas as to the actions you need to take, be prepared to be guided more intuitively.

  44. Shelley Marie Stoneman

    Stand in the power of your inner strength. Relying on moral and financial foundations will see you through the darkness of your current situation.

  45. You’re stronger than you think. Nurture and be kind to yourself. Take some “me time” and release what’s been happening.

  46. Strength: I can do it, if I would just believe it.
    Queen of Pentacles: Showing me, see you can be Queen.
    The hermit: but here you are, sitting alone in your home.

  47. 1. Have the drive and ambition necessary to learn everything I can about tarot.
    2. The queen will adjust her schedule to be able to attend and ace every session.
    3. Dedicate time alone to study when class is not scheduled.

  48. Strength card : Go within to your heart to find the strength you forgot you had inside.

    Queen of Pentacles Card : With her green eyes & sitting in nature she always knows abundance is on its
    The Hermit Card : Floating high on a mountain top the Universe is shining the light so people can find their way.
    Thank you for doing this Kate.

  49. 1. Strength: The red pendant signifying passion, blood, yearning; gentle like lion, tough like lamb; we must comingle our energies during this next week to strike a balance between right imposition, and right surrender.

    2. Queen of Pentacles: Connecting with nature, tranquility, peace, we connect dynamically with our ORANGE SUNLIGHT FIRE energy holding our pentacle symbol in our right hand, our dominant hand: sun = Judah = masculine energy and daytime Presence.

    3. The Hermit: fire in the night, and A NEW BEGINNING, wise virgins full of OIL, also an exhortation to be WILLING (not required) to SIT UP AND WRITE DOWN A DREAM this week.

  50. An opportunity to step away from routine daily life will present itself this week. A woman of flowers will present an opportunity to spread messages of love. Opening this new path will bring you answers that have been eluding you.

  51. Finding your true image by being calm in front of the universes…

    I’m just starting tarot and love it… I would love to have a chance to folow a cours but don t have the chance yet….

  52. Wow! This is actually a very personal message as I see it. I had two beautiful boxers who have passed. The one’s birth card was the Hermit and the other was Strength. They are both surrounding their mom, the queen, looking out for me. Maybe not what you were looking for, but neat to know that your throw was so meaningful. Thank you!

  53. Martina Ferronatto

    Remember to access all your power within
    You can create joyful and confortable surroundings and the life tou want
    Using your knowledge and wisdom

    Thank you Kate for the opportunity
    Love from Brazil 🇧🇷

  54. Claire Evelyn Frost

    Hi . I would love the chance to do your amazing course but am not financially able to. I am new to Tarot but when I look at these cards I see

    Fearless and strong like a lion yet gentle as a lamb.

    Confidence, in control and at one with her surroundings.

    Time to reflect on the path ahead.

    Thank you for this kind offer. Xx

    Claire Evelyn

  55. You may feel as helpless as a lamb, but you have the ability to roar like a lion & show its strength.
    The Queen of Pentacles is serene in herself, her position, her strength.
    Find a beautiful spot to be alone to dream, to plan, to get to know yourself better.

  56. Stay strong but be compassionate with yourself. Enjoy self-care. Be reflective to get in touch with your inner wisdom!

  57. By finding the gentle extension of strength will you face and tame your challenges.

    I am one in nature and in myself.

    Through darkness I search to find the light in myself to ignite and bring out into the world.

    Thanks Kate, for such a wonderful opportunity!

  58. The Hermit: you are focusing too much on what should be left behind, his back is turned toward the future and refuses to see it.
    Queen of Pents: you are well grounded and successful in your daily life notice she has turned away from things that have happened and wants to look the future but her eyes are closed and uses dreams to think about what is to come.
    Strength: what lies ahead is a mixture of beauty and beast. You will have to take the good with the bad.
    Bottom line quit dwelling on the old stuff and face the future the good and the bad.

  59. Deborah Peterson

    Be brave and face life with courage.
    Nurture yourself and the ones around you.
    You’ll have time to reflect at the end of the week what is that were you clue ideas.

  60. Kristie Meregillano

    Remember you have the innate strength to handle any challenges that come your way this week. Spending time in a peaceful spot in nature will help you stay grounded and will feed your soul. Recharging your inner light in this manner will not only keep you strong but will also help you tap into your intuition which in turn will help you steer clear of any negative situations/people.

  61. We will need to access our inner strength and animal vitality in order to deal with the challenges on Monday and Tuesday. The strength and resilience which we show at the beginning of the week, will pay dividends and capitalize in terms of financial gains/guidance in the middle of the week. And on Friday and the weekend we will need to turn inwards for respite, guidance from our inner spirit, and retreat from the hassles of our worldly concerns.

    Thanks for this opportunity Kate, you’re an awesome soul!

  62. Strength aka The Zookeeper: the secret ingredient is imperfection

    QC aka Indian Chief: invite everyone and wear big hats

    The Hermit aka The IT Crowd: have you tried turning it off and on again?

    In this instance, I think the cards are telling me not to worry too much about my Halloween party costume, and maybe go for something tech related, it’s gonna be packed with programmers 😁

  63. Remember to access your inner strength. Be appreciative of all your hard earned gains. Take time to find your inner wisdom.

  64. Felipe Zahtariam de Souza

    Be at peace with your inner irracional self, that’s your true strength. As you make peace with it, nurture what is important to you, specially your own resources, in a relaxed manner. Finally, this is a time to enjoy your own inner world and see how fun and magical it is to spend some time with yourself.

  65. Queen of Pentacles: trust, resourceful, success, prosperity, a card that bodes wellness and health
    Strength: Inner courage, peaceful determination, moving forward successfully, infinite positivity
    The Hermit: a signal to look within, to take time to know yourself, to take heed of a counsellor’s advice

    these three cards together suggest present introspection moving toward greater self-knowledge and successful endeavors

    thank-you for the opportunity to learn more about intuitive guidance

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