New Summer Check-in Tarot Spread for 2020!

I sat down yesterday to give myself a Summer check-in reading, using my old Tarot spread from last year and… I just wasn’t feelin’ it.

2020 has been such a weird year and my needs and concerns are different now than they were last Summer (and I’m sure yours are too!). So I decided to revamp my old spread and change it up a bit…

Download PDF version HERE

It’s all pretty self explanatory, but there’s a couple of card positions I want to explain more:

Card #5 (The HEART of the matter) – This card will tell you how to connect with your heart and create more love and less fear in your life. It will also give you some ideas as to what is central and most important in your life right now.

Card #7 (What needs to be SEEN) – This is usually something that you aren’t fully aware of, yet is holding you back in some way. For example, I got the Five of Pentacles in this position, which I read as my tendency to isolate myself.

This card doesn’t have to be something that’s holding you back, though – it’s just something you need to be aware of.

Have fun with this spread! I hope you get lots of wonderful ideas, insights and inspiration ♥



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