Summer Check-In Tarot Spread

Summer is a great time to do a mid-year check in! Where are you at? Where are you going? What do you need to focus on right now?

If you’re like me you were so busy being sick over New Years that you forgot to have any resolutions. Then maybe you set a couple of goals in February but can’t for the life of you remember what they were. It’s okay. This spread will fix everything 🙂

Print this!

 1. Card to Represent YOU - This card should be randomly chosen (as opposed to consciously choosing a card) and it represents where you're at right now.

2. Let go of... - This is what you need to release and let go of.

3. Replace it with... - This card tells you how you can let go and what you need to bring into your life.

4. Strongest Influence - What is having the strongest effect on you right now. It might be a person, belief, energy, etc. This can also represent energies and opportunities for you to tap into.

5. Message from Spirit Guides - What your Higher Self and Spirit Guides want you to know and understand.

6. Where to Direct Your Energy - What to focus on, where to put your attention and/or the area of your life that needs the most attention right now.

7. Aspect of Self to Heal & Grow - This is kind of similar to card #6. It shows you what parts of yourself you need to be tapping into and working with.


I want to know!

I'm super nosy and I want to know what card you got in position #6 - where will you be putting your energy from now on? Feel free to share in the comments below 🙂

6 thoughts on “Summer Check-In Tarot Spread”

  1. How appropriate … for where to direct my energy I drew The Chariot. This is so spot on for me at the moment. I’m living in a caravan (which reminds me of The Chariot) and this card is telling me to direct my energy into finding somewhere to live that is more permanent and more satisfying, but at the same time, sucking it up despite the wretched circumstances until I am able to move.

    The last card, aspect of myself to heal and grow is also pretty interesting for me and ties in nicely. The 9 of Pentacles is telling me to be more self-sufficient and independent (and the snail makes me think of The Chariot – the snail is carrying his house around with him, similar to The Chariot, which to me represents the caravan).

    Great spread thanks Kate!!

  2. 4 of Wands, using the RWS deck. As finding employment is on my mind, I think it relates to networking more.

  3. I got King of Pentacles. I have been on a weight loss plan for better health. I’ve lost over 14 pounds so far and have about 8 more pounds to go. So I think it relates to health.

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