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We all have unique gifts, talents and abilities that we bring to this world. However, we can sometimes feel lost when it comes to identifying what those gifts are or even how to express our gifts. This 5 card Tarot Spread will help you discover your gifts and show you what is blocking your expression of them and what can help you share them without fear.

1) You in relation to your gifts:

  • How you feel about sharing your gifts / talents
  • How well you are currently expressing them

2) Gifts you are already aware of:

  • Talents and abilities you are already expressing in your life
  • How do you feel about sharing these gifts? How well are you expressing them in your life right now?

3) What is blocking you:

  • What is holding you back from sharing your gifts – for example, fears, limiting beliefs, attitudes, past events
  • What you need to release or change in order to express your talents more freely
  • What is lacking in your life (This usually applies if the tarot card in this position is quite positive)

4) Gifts you are not aware of:

  • Special talents and abilities that you have not yet fully tapped into (you many have an inkling as to what these are, but you haven’t explored them yet)
  • Gifts you are aware of, but keep suppressed out of fear

5) What will help you share your gifts:

  • Action you can take
  • A particular perspective or way of thinking

Here is a video demonstration on how to use this 5 card tarot spread in a tarot reading:


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33 thoughts on “Sharing Your Gifts ~ 5 Card Tarot Spread”

  1. 1 the magician reversed (trickery, manipulation, untapped potential)
    2. Nine of pentacles reversed (self sabotage, materialistic, and dependant)
    3 Death. (Change, ending, rebirth)
    4. Strength. (Fierce, endurance, and courage)
    5. 5 of wands (competition, diversity, rivalry)
    Specific to my deck mystic Mondays by grace Duong

    Anyone get a hit off that. Self sabotage is a bad πŸ™

  2. Namaste, ThankYOU for the beautiful explanation. Looking forward to experience the bliss while reading my cards in future

  3. I’m relatively new and really struggling trying to make sense of my reading:
    1. The Chariot (I’m self-aware?)
    2. Four of Swords (reversed)
    3. Eight of Cups
    4. Nine of Cups (reversed)
    5. Judgement
    I’m trying to see how they could be gifts, but I’m at a loss as reversed cards have negative connotations and I can’t seem to find anything to relate them together. Could anybody help, please?

  4. 1 – 10 of swords reversed
    2- the lovers
    3- knight of swords reversed
    4- Queen of pentacles
    5- 3 of cups reversed

    i need some help, i am not quite sure what to make of this read, what does it mean?

  5. Hey there, I’ve just found uour site and YouTube channel, but I already like it. I will definitely try this spread, looks exciting.
    Only thing about all your questions, I believe answers depends also what deck you are using, same card in different decks can gave different nuances. My favourite is Crowley.
    Sorry for mistakes, my English is not the best. Have a nice day everyone

  6. Thankyou for this spread idea. I had such an eye-opening and emotional reading with my Lumina Tarot deck.
    1)ace of swords
    3)Two of cups
    4)The Sun (I cried when I saw this card because I’ve been suffering from self doubt/anxiety/depression)
    5)Knight of wands

    Such an amazing way to connect with my inner self. I am about to do the Purpose reading shortly to see how I can use my skills in-line with my purpose.

  7. Card 1- six pentacles
    Card 2- 3 of swords
    Card 3- 5 of cups reversed
    Card4- Ace of wand reversed
    Card 5- king of swords

  8. Hi Kate-

    Thank you so much for this spread!!! I am a bit confused by the my 2nd and 3rd card.

    1# 3 of wands
    2# 5 of cups ( yikes!)
    3# Knight of cups ( Good or Bad ?)
    4# 3 of cups
    5# 9 of Cups

    Since these are mostly cups how do you think one should approach in terms of what one has to offer?

    Thanks for any advice you can give!

    1. It seems to me the cards are saying you’re a wounded healer. Your set back is that you are still a student of your own suffering and how to bring that into felicity. A course of action reading or even finding a mentor may be a good idea. You are more intuitive than you allow yourself to believe. Look up ascended masters and connect with your angels. This is my interpetation. Good luck!

  9. Im a scorpio born on Halloween. I need a little clarity. Also, the 9 of cups reversed fell out before the reading in reverse.
    3-10 of Penticles Reversed
    4-Ace of Cups Reversed
    5-High Priestess Reversed

  10. I got mostly Major Arcana cards and I used the Gilded Tarot. Interesting reading for sure.

    1. Emperor
    2. Wheel of Fortune
    3. Tower
    4. Devil
    5. Ten of Pentacles

  11. Hi Kate!
    This spread is pretty amazing! I’m a bit stuck on my 4th card though which is the 8 of wands. Any idea what this can mean? The rest were:
    1)9 of pentacles
    2)Page of Swords
    3) 7 of wands
    5)9 of wands


  12. So basically my cards told me i could be a very rich successful business person but my my mom is blocking me i guess saying that i am a momma’s boy lol and honestly it’s the truth. I’m in love with this spread thank you so much KATE.

  13. Kate, I did this spread and I need some help. The cards are as followed in number order. 1- Queen of Wamds
    2- Ten of Swords
    3- Page of Pentacles
    4- King of Wands
    5- Five of Wands
    The Five of Wands is a card that I don’t get in this position. I’m using the Steampunk Tarot. If possible could you give me some advice as to how to see everything. Thanks

    1. Hi Julian!
      I’m delighted your trying out this spread – if you are having trouble interpreting your reading, you may want to check out this article and listen to my free download which will walk you through all the steps to interpreting a card: and if your still having trouble, I do offer “tarot interpretations” right here:

      Cheers and good luck!

  14. 1–chariot
    2—4 swords
    3–9 swords
    4–3 cups
    5–6 cups
    Struggle with sharing my tarot gift others have black and white view on life…I spend a lot of time with in myself.I feel I struggle regularly with what I feel are others expectations and thoughts. I need to feel comfortable sharing my playfulness, abundance and happiness, being back my inner child.

  15. Hi πŸ™‚ I am extremely greatful you are sharing your gifts and feel so privileged to have found your teachings. You have helped me see in a different light and that truly means so much to me! I’ve been on a life jorney for almost 2 years and your spreads are like sunshine to me :)… I did this reading on myself using Osho Zen tarot cards (should I use a different deck, its all that I have but if you have another suggestion I am open) my reading was 1. Past lives 2. No-thingness 3. Trust 4. Existence 5. Control… to me its telling me I can see patterns and have the ability to help others see beauty in what we usually don’t at first and I need to accept trust my existence (because I fight with that :() and stop trying to control what is :)…

    1. I do feel like there is more to it but I’m not sure yet, will someone help me understand the past lives and no-thingness card in relation to my reading please πŸ™‚

  16. Thank you very much for this wonderful spread I got a very insightful reading this morning. (Using the Tarot of the Cat People)
    It gave me some harsh truths. πŸ™ But better true than sweet.
    On the first position (You in relation to your gifts) I got the “miser-card” 4 of pentacles.
    How is that for a wake up call?
    Two cards confused me a little.
    “What is blocking you?” showed the queen of swords and
    “What will help you share your gifts” showed the king of wands.

    1. Connie – Tarot of the Cat People is such a fascinating deck! I have those cards too. I feel the Queen of Swords could indicate that you are taking an overly-rational approach to things. The King of Wands shows you are a natural leader and teaching may be a way to use your gifts πŸ™‚

  17. Hi,

    I’m just learning and I am a bit confused by the #3 position of this spread. I was wondering if you could give me some in site. My spread is #1 Nine of Pentacles #2 The lovers #3 The star #4 The Moon and #5 The eight of pentacles.


    1. Hi Jen, The Star is about following your dream and getting the support of those around you. Do you have a dream of doing something but you are afraid of following that dream? Do you have supportive people around you who want to see you succeed? I’m just a beginner. I hope this helps.

  18. OMG! I tried the spread using Doreen Virtue’s Life Purpose deck, which I have in duplicate (88 cards). I got a double Builder for (2) gifts you’re aware of, and then for (4) gifts you’re not aware of I got a double Yoga, a double Strength and Spiritual Teacher. Wow! It really works! Then I tried it for fun with the Angel Dreams and Angel Tarot cards and the gifts that I was unaware of in the first reading came up as gifts you’re aware of! Lol! Of course I considered that possibility in the first reading and acknowledged the message… Great work, thanks! And heaps of blessings !!

  19. OMG Kate….I tried out this spread on myself and got such an accurate and insightful reading! I am so happy that I found this spread. Thank you for sharing! Sometimes I feel I don’t know what question to ask when doing a reading for myself but this was really good and it really pointed out to me what I’ve been thinking about and kind of avoiding or blocking out of fear. I get a lot of answered questions thru my dreams which is awesome as well and this reading really brought back a dream I had a few nights ago in regards to me blocking my clairvoyance out of fear. It’s time for me to practice or open it up again. Thanks again!

    1. Erica, that’s so wonderful! Thanks for sharing this with me – I am thrilled that you found the spread helpful.
      Cheers πŸ™‚

  20. I think when you see a good or bad quality about yourself, you lost touch with yourself. The reason for that, is because you are identifying yourself with something that is not your true self. We are pure Love, perfect in everyway. So when you say i possess this good quality, or that bad quality, you are speaking of your ego, which is not the real you, but what you were conditioned to believe who you are.
    I hope im making myself understood.
    What you should be saying, or what we should be doing, is to allow our true self, which is all Love, to come forth. In other words, there is no doing. The only doing that there is, is to allow the good to come forth, and not doing anything else.

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