What Your Favorite Tarot Card Says About You….

We all have a favorite Tarot card. Mine is The Star, with The Hermit being a close second. Believe it or not, your favorite Tarot card says a lot about you and where you are right now on your life path.

druidcraft tarot the star
My favorite Tarot card! From The Druidcraft Tarot Deck.

If you don’t automatically know what your favorite Tarot card is, take a moment to go through your Tarot deck and choose the card you feel most drawn to. Do it now, before you read the rest of this article!

Okay, now that you have your favorite Tarot card in front of you, I want to reveal the four “keys” that will unlock the secrets (about you!) hidden in this card. Does that sound ultra-dramatic or what?!

Key #1: Color
What color is most prominent in your favorite Tarot card? This tells you what is most important to you right now.

  • Red / Orange – this color signifies passion and drive and is strongly associated with the areas of career, power, creativity, action and movement. Chances are career is important to you, as is living your passion and making your mark on the world. You are goal oriented, prefer to be busy and love an adventure! You are a go-getter at heart.

    the sun tarot card
    The Paulina Tarot
  • Blue / Green – relaxation and going within are what you enjoy the most. You are introverted, sensitive and always seem to want more down-time in your life. You nurture your creativity and inspiration by journeying inward and recharge your batteries by spending time alone. Meditation, writing, reading, crystals and being by the ocean are all things that you love.


  • Purple – You are strongly focused on spirituality at the moment. You are in the process of getting in touch with your own divinity and connecting to spirit. You share many of the blue/green traits, but you are very interested in things like astrology, the cosmos, reading channeled books, ascension, hypnosis and activating your psychic abilities. Others may think you are weird – but you could care less!


  • Yellow – You are working on issues related to abundance, self-esteem and courage. Establishing strong boundaries will help you through this phase in your life, as well as developing a practice of self-love and appreciation. You may have a strong, secret urge to perform in a play or get your writing published – basically, you want to be the star of the show!


  • Multi-colored – If your favorite Tarot card has a mix of all different colors, this shows that you are well rounded, open minded and here for a good time! You love travel, meeting new people and learning new things – this is what makes life spicy and fun for you. You are a social butterfly, but also enjoy solitary activities like reading. You have an interest in both spirituality and business.
high priestess tarot card meaning
The Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot

 Key #2: Gender
If there is a figure on the Tarot card, is it male, female or non-binary?

This symbolizes the energy that you are most closely aligned with at the moment. If the figure is a male, you are probably quite focused on doing, whereas if the figure is female, you are likely more focused on being. If it’s non-binary, perhaps you’re trying to balance out these energies.

Key #3: Action
Is there any action going on in your favorite Tarot card? Whats happening in it?

If your favorite Tarot card depicts someone on a horse, this can indicate that you are ready to really up your game and go for your dreams.

If your card shows people interacting (like The Lovers, Six of Cups or Three of Cups) this can mean that relationships and communication are front in center in your life right now.

Key #4: Symbols
Is there a particular symbol in the card that stands out to you?

Look into the spiritual significance of this symbol or ask yourself what you think this symbol means. Chances are it represents something you are desiring or something that is important to you.

For example, the first thing I notice in my favorite Tarot card, The Star, is the water being poured out of both cups. To me this represents the flow of life and establishing a sense of trust in the Universe. This is something I constantly remind myself of to help stay relaxed and optimistic in times of doubt and struggle.

Was this fun or what? Do you want more? Let’s explore your LEAST favourite Tarot card, because it really says some interesting things about you…

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101 thoughts on “What Your Favorite Tarot Card Says About You….”

  1. My favorite card is the Magician; yellow the prominent color; the infinity symbol is particularly noticeable.

  2. I am just starting out on my tarot journey, a few months ago. At that time, I closely related to the Queen of Cups.

    This New Year’s Eve, as my family lay tucked away comfortably in our home, I asked myself what I wanted to be doing when the clock struck twelve. As you may have heard, some people believe that whatever you do at that time, you may find yourself doing the rest of the year. So, this was important to me. I really thought about it and I decided that I would get my deck of tarot cards, sit at my kitchen table with them and journal and pray. And so I did. I entered 2023 praying. It was great!

    After I finished praying, one of the things that came to mind to do was to look at each card and its meaning and then decide which card stood out to me the most… which card’s energy did I want to match in 2023.

    AND THE WINNER WAS… The Queen of Wands! And I’ll tell you why I chose her. Because she is asking you to step into your power and be all that you were called to be! And that is what I want to do this year- Step into my power!

    But it gets even better! About eight months ago, I decided that I wanted a black cat and I wanted one badly. I decided to get a cat and my heart guided me to let my son pick out our new fur baby, and so he did. A gray and white little girl that my husband named Cali! It wasn’t the black cat I so badly desired, but it was the one that my son wanted and that trumped my desire!

    Fast forward five weeks down the road…

    It was raining and really cold outside one evening when I decided to ride with my husband to the gas station. When we parked, I jumped out and ran in to get out of the rain. After being in the store for a few minutes, my husband still hadn’t come in. It was about five minutes later when he came walking in. He looked at the cashier and said, “Is that your kitten outside?” The cashier replied, “Nope, not mine. Take it!” When I heard those words, I ran and grabbed a can of vienna sausages off of the shelf and paid for them. And then we both walked outside to the kitten. And there he was, behind a fence, hissing at us because he was scared! My black cat was right in front of my eyes! My husband said, “There’s your black cat, baby!”

    Needless to say, we got the kitten! And when I tell you, I have never in my life seen a kitten or cat with the personality of this one. It is SO VERY laid back and loving. He kisses my face every morning and loves to cuddle. And he is huge, he has Maine Coon in him, and it shows!

    Now, you probably know where I am going next right? I didn’t know this until this New Year’s Eve, but you know who sits at the Queen of Wand’s feet, right? Her black cat! And mine does too now!

    His name is Ash. My son named him and I love that!

    Life and its synchronicities, I tell ya! They are everywhere, we just have to look and pay attention to them!

    I know this was a bit long, but I feel like someone here would appreciate this story like none of my other friends understood. So, thanks for letting me share this with you!

      1. My favorite card is Wheel of Fortune! I would love to know what that says about me! The Wheel of fortune shows up in my readings scarily often. Thank you so much for everything; keep us interested and wanting to know more and more always 🙂

  3. My favorite card is the sun. I’m my deck, A.E Waite deck, it’s multicolored. I’m an extrovert but I do need my alone time. I have traveled all over and have met a lot of great people. I am also always interested in learning new things and love learning new things. The gender of the card is female and a child. I am focused a lot on on being in the here and now. Action is a horse and I am ready and able to go for my dreams, just not sure exactly what and how. The symbol is the sun and to me that shows warmth and growth. Thank you so much for this exercise I have been trying to read/understand the meanings and having a difficult time.

  4. My favourite card is The World. I almost always get the card. I see the women has succeeding in uniting the fixed animals the lion, the eagle, the bull the cherub together as one and is floating in the air with achievement and success. It just tells me that I dream of success and achievement and it will come true if I manifest and work hard on this.

    The Sun and The Emperor follows after The World.

  5. My favorite is the V of cups. Im not so sure why that is though. But on the card, the figure is a man, so I guess Im focused on doing right now (especially that Im in college and trying to figure my life out).

  6. Rebekah krilovs

    The wheel of fortune. It identifies with me, my struggle and fight in life – of which I’ve come out the other end 🙂

  7. Ever since my first reading, the Queen of Swords has always been my favorite card. She seems to follow me around a lot, and I’m okay with that.

  8. Two of Swords, from the “Tarot of Dreams” by Ciro Marchetti. I so love the card that on my 50th birthday my daughter and family had the image on the icing of my birthday cake! that was 10 years ago now but I still totally love the card.

  9. The 10 of pentacles, with its symbols of community, generations, and legacy seem to be a perfect retirement card which is the stage of life I’m in. Two things fascinate me about this card. The checkerboard design on the left of the Rider Waite card is also in the Hierophant card. The Hierophant is for me a bridge between heaven and earth with its emphasis on right and wrong and ethics. Seeing the Hierophant’s checkerboard in 10 Pentacles makes me think of those fleeting moments in life that are like a blissful glimpse of heaven on earth. Also, I like to think of the old man as a spirit who is looking back on his happy life. Only the dogs can see that he is there.

  10. The card I’m most drawn to is the Star. I am drawn to stars (my favorite symbol) & purple (my favorite color) in general. I love going into the mountains where I can look at the moon & stars more clearly. Looking at the night sky is “home” for me.

  11. The Sun: A sunny future. The Lovers: Doing the things that make us feel whole: relationships. The ace of Cups: The four elements together. New Love, compassion, joy.

  12. My favorite cards is the Magician. The World follows closely behind, and then Sun.

    I love the 8 symbol. Someone told me this is my personal card because she drew it after I gave her my birthday.

  13. The High Priestess with the pomegranates in the background, and The Sun are my favorite cards. The Sun because the child on the horse is so innocent and not a care in the world. I long to ride a horse everyday in a field of wildflowers and pick one daily to smile upon. I’m so glad I came across your website, better late than never.

  14. Many may laugh but my favorite card is the Fool from my Ostara Tarot card deck. A beautifully designed card depicting a young witch flying on her broom straight towards the sun. So uninhibited not even her shoes are tied. To me it’s a card of freedom, reminding me to go after my dreams no matter what others may think or say.

  15. I was drawn to the 2 of cups queen of cups
    but my favourite is the 3 of staffs.
    The sun on the horizon’s waking up to welcome in a new day. A chance to put things behind you that havent turned out as you hoped or wished for
    By holding the yellow staff in the direction of the rising sun, the man seems to be honouring the SunGod. The bright yellow sun reflecting on the ocean, makes me think about putting enough time aside to reflect on what has happened in my life. And a reminder that Celestial beings, are everywhere in nature, just waiting to be asked for help to cut ties from the past that are draining you emotionally or physically or to support you in new ventures, a time for new beginnings, a time to look forward with positivity in your heart and mind.

  16. My favorite card is the moon. I had a hard time choosing because I have 6 in total that I really like. Ace of pentacles, ace of swords, ace of cups, high priestess and strength. I’m very new to this! I just got my cards Thursday Jan 19th. I have family members on both sides of my family who have had decks. I do find your site very helpful. Still confused but I’m slowly learning. I have memory problems so I wrote down your meanings of the cards in a notebook. Which I find I’m able to understand more by the way you worded it then what the book says. I have the universal Waite deck. I do have lots of questions. Like is it going to affect my cards if my cats step on them when I have them out? I’m having difficulty clearing my mind fully and shaking doubts I have or worries. What’s the easiest way to get rid of that? I did do your tutorial and was able to relax but when it comes to clearing my mind of my problems I can’t seem to do it. How will I know how honest my cards are being? How can I remember the process of what each card in position means?

    1. Hi Sabrina,
      Congrats on getting your first deck and getting started with Tarot! To answer your questions…
      No, cats walking on cards isn’t anything to worry about. The best way to clear the mind (for me anyway) is through meditation or a brief breathing exercise. I find that it’s impossible if I’m reading about an issue that I feel strongly about – so in that case i usually wait until I’m not as revved up about it to do a reading, or I just do a reading anyway, but it almost always turns out confusing.
      How can you know how honest your cards are being? – it’s not really so much about what cards turn up put how you interpret them. So don’t worry about whether or not the “right” cards are showing up.
      Also, don’t worry so much about what the cards mean in their positions – you don’t even need to use tarot spreads to begin with. Just asking “what do I need to know about this situation?” and drawing a couple cards is good enough.
      Take it slow, have fun with your cards and don’t worry about getting it “right” or remembering things too much – in time you’ll get more and more comfortable with your cards and it will feel like second nature 🙂

  17. I’ve just got into tarot and you are so super helpful, Kate. Thank you so much for your wonderful website. My favourite card is psyche in the chrysalis deck. I’m very much of an introvert, but when I see the woman,upstretched arms, hair streaming back, ready to take off, and the enormous butterfly wings, burnt orange and blue,feel I might take off myself.

    1. I am so happy to hear that, Sharadha!!! Thank you for letting me know and thank you for sharing your favorite card. I don’t have the chrysalis deck myself but it is one of those gorgeous decks I’ve been eyeing for a while now!

  18. Great way to see your life in a small reflection. I know I’m a beginner (at least in my book since I don’t have the actual cards yet) but I always had good intuition. And one day, while looking around online for a bunch of tarot decks for beginners I saw the Gilded tarot deck and the art just jumped at me. I may not have it but my favorite out of that deck is The High Priestess for some reason. It just sings to me and is the reason I clicked to check out the Gilded tarot. I also suspect it’s because of my fascination and love for spiritual leaders. Much like Priestesses with spirits, it’s always been a wish to be a girl with ‘magic powers’ as a kid.

    So time to share the experience!
    1)Color- Blues are there on the card since it’s night. I am an introvert and have worked out that I’m an empath due to being a problem dump for my friends. So that must be the sensitivity. I want the down time since school’s been rushing like a tidal wave.

    2) Gender- The High Priestess is a woman, and I’ve been fine with just being. I like to revel in the fact I’m alive and here surrounded by birds and trees, bees and flowers, the night sky and sunsets. It’s amazing.

    3)Action- She’s alone and she’s floating above water. Dancing with grace and elegance. To me that symbolizes being free and independent. I do want to be free, from worry, fear, society, school and I see that as her secretly being free at night. Which I am too.

    4)Symbols- The space in the background speeks up. It represents my acceptance and love for numerous and open oppurtunities. With endless possibilities and probabilities. I love exploring old and new concepts of anything. I also have a thing for being in the background unless absolutely necessary. I always hang in the back when someone else is in the limelight and I’m fine with that.

    So, yeah that’s what I got from a card that draws me in even from a computer screen.

    1. Deborah, thank you so much for sharing this here 🙂 I love the High Priestess too and I really enjoyed reading your interpretations of her – it reminded me why I love this cards so much! I too am an introvert/empath, so maybe that’s why I am often drawn to this card as well.

  19. Hey Kate, I’m a new follower and totally loving both your fun/creative approach to Tarot and your helpful wisdom.
    Although I had a bit of a hard time picking a favourite Tarot card, I guess it does depend on the deck.. I started out with Liz Dean’s Golden Tarot, and the very olive-green Hermit in that deck really stood out – reminding me of a cover illustration of The Lord of the Rings, with Gandalf walking past a tree in the deep evening light… Cool stuff.
    In the colourful Universal Rider Waite deck, I think it might be The Tower, which in fact is even more impressive graphically in the Morgan Greer deck – my favorite Tarot to date (although I don’t own a copy – yet…)

    According to your assessment points, I agree that the blue/greens of both The Hermit (Golden) and the Tower (Rider Waite) reflect my introspective side and love of personal down time, which seems to get more focused and prioritized as I get older…
    Thanks for the cool exercise!

  20. My favorite is the Empress. In the crystal vision tarot deck. I like several pentacles cards too. I love the Earth and love walking barefoot and connecting to the Earth. I love the queen of swords to

  21. The Chariot in the Witches Tarot deck is my favorite card right now; the Lovers is the close second favorite (probably because I’ve seen it a lot recently in single card readings). The horses show the impatience of wanting to get somewhere as they are reared up, and there is uncertainty in the night sky perhaps just because that’s something you associate with darkness. I think it’s the colors of blues and whites that draw me to the Chariot, it gives me the sense that the movement and uncertainty I am going through is going to lead to something positive. Having the Lovers card as my next favorite I think enforces the positive end of the changes I am facing right now; it’s assuring to see that everything will work out with the lovers and knowing they are looked over by an angel (though I don’t believe in them myself) is encouraging. I also half hope the Lovers card is in relation to someone I just met and am very drawn to; the card started showing up for me right before I met him a week or two ago.

  22. hi! ive just got into this, and I want ot learn it. my favourite card is the hanging man from an oldish deck I was given. I don’t know why I like it, I just do.

  23. The queen of cups is my personal favorite! My spirit always now gravitate towards her in a silent yet, powerful way versus the High priestess. (It was my favorite, now I have somewhat of a difficulty of connecting to her.) The Queen of Cups is loving, compassionate, kind, yet wise in her decisions and actions. She may follow her heart but, reflects the situations before jumping into the situation; I have never been into ‘blues’ or ‘greens’ as a favorite color in my life (Where pink was my favorite color.) now, I just find majesty and mystery in them! Followed by purple backing my spirituality that I am trying to regain again; I’m also introverted as well and do well in slower-pace environments where I can think and reflect! I feel she is going to guide me down the right path if I stay true!

  24. My favorite is The World from Shadowscapes Tarot! It’s just such a deep green, with a little purple as well. Both color meanings resonated with me as well. For the action, I saw her gently holding a crystal ball, and I took that as maybe I am focused on finding answers (mainly about myself and looking deeper into myself) The moon and stars jumped out as symbols to me, I also see them as discovery as well as wonder and awe, since I always feel like that when I look up into the sky.

  25. my favorite card in my deck (inspired by the original waite deck) is by far the queen of cups – she is gorgeous, serene, powerful. the card is full of blues and purples – its so pretty. oddly enough there is a crab on this card which represents my sun sign. i just love her.

  26. Hi Kate,
    My Tarot deck is the Cosmic deck. My favourite card is the High Priestess, as she actually communicates with me, by changing her expression. When I am being naughty, she gives me a stern look. Sometimes she becomes exasperated with me when I am trying to interpret the meanings in a spread, other times I could almost see her smile if I am being silly or am very happy.

      1. One thing I’ve found with this deck, is that they only seem to want to talk with me and nobody else. If anybody else touches them, they seem to “cry” out to me – by giving me a very strong “tingling” vibration sensation whenever they are upset, but the High Priestess is definitely the “spokes card” for the deck 😀

  27. First of all, I’m glad I stumbled upon this article, because it made me look at the tarot in a new way, so thanks for that.

    My favorite card has always been Death. I’ve been attracted to the theme of rebirth for my entire life. In my New Palladini Deck, red is really the main color, and what you said about that makes sense because I AM very motivated and passionate about change and growth, if nothing more specific.

    Death is also androgynous in this deck, and I think it appeals so much to me because of my issues with identifying with masculine/feminine energies. For the longest time I really struggled with the concept of masculinity/femininity because I felt like I had to choose one or the other. I’ve only just begun to find a balance, and I can’t tell you how relieved I am!

    There’s also a beautiful white flower on Death’s flag, and I think that’s probably symbolic of my quest for purity. Not in a virginal sense, but in a purity of self/spirit kind of way.

    Thanks again for making me see things in a new light! You’re awesome!

    1. Hi Zetta,
      I am so glad you found my site and thank you so much for sharing your favorite card 🙂
      I have the New Palladini Deck and I love the Death card too!
      Happy Tarot reading!

  28. My classically favorite card has always been the ace of coins because it’s the one card that seems to be either a new love relationship that has potential for the long term or it means that I’m getting a new job. Lately though I seem to be drawn towards the nine of pentacles. Perhaps its because I’m really feeling lovely at my age of 35. I have read though that this card is not good for those looking for love because its a card of independance.

    1. I love both those cards too, Kimberly 🙂 I don’t think the 9 of pentacles is a bad card for those looking for love, it just means that you aren’t looking for love because your desperate and lonely, but looking for someone to share your loveliness with!

  29. My favorite tarot card has been and always will be the empress. I love the image of her in the rider waite deck and your excersize makes total sense because my main focus in my life right now is to be a mom and hopefully get pregnant soon. Thank you for this excersize!

  30. I know this is about favourite Tarot Card but I did this with my Oracle Cards, Healing with the Fairies by Doreen Virtue, all I can say it that the colour really matched to what I like and the picture of the unicorn really made sense to me. All I can say is I can’t wait to discover my favourite Tarot Card when they come!

  31. Hi Kate! My favourite card is The Death…Means a lot to me, it represents metamorphosis, a change that’s necessary. I love it and it scares me at the same time, that’s why it’s so interesting to me.

  32. Michelle Huber

    My favorite is “Strength” I saw the lion and automatically related to it. I play Magic The Gathering so I have decks with lions & angels, but I love this card. My cards I found in a friend’s abandoned apt & they are the Guilded Tarot set by Ciro Marchetti 🙂

    1. Michelle Huber

      I also discovered that there maybe some things that are holding me back and that I want to, which also describes my current situation

    2. Michelle, Strength is such a beautiful card! The Strength in the Angel Tarot is particularly lovely – an angel with a Tiger. The Guilded Tarot was one of my first decks 🙂

  33. Just stumbled on your page, and love it! My favorite is the Queen of Pentacles from the Morgan Greer Tarot. The yellow color represents prosperity, self-confidence and self-esteem. The Queen is very regal and comfortable with herself. I want to BE her, comfortable and confident, no worries, she has all she needs. What stands out to me is the profile and the look on her face, as well as the oak leaves that surround her. She has the wealth and the means, and she realizes that the Universe and the Earth gave that to her, she leans gently on the pentacle, but it is not the most important thing in her life, being grounded and acknowledging where her wealth comes from and providing for others is the important.

    1. Hi Marcie,
      I love your interpretation of the Queen of Pentacles 🙂
      It totally sums up what she is all about.
      Thanks for your comment!


  34. As I went through my Rider-Waite deck four cards really jumped out at me. Two of them are positive cards: Strength and 10 of Cups which represent attributes I want to possess. The other two cards are negative – Two of Swords and Four of Cups. These two cards sum up my greatest weaknesses – indecision and procrastination/boredom. I found this VERY insightful because now I see what I am building towards and what issues I need to work on. Loved the post!

  35. Using my trimmed crystal visions tarot. I got – High Priestess, the Moon and the Queen of Cups. (I usually like the Queen of Swords.) But the Moon card comes on top of this deck!

    1. Love those cards, Janine! The Moon is quite often one of my favorites in many decks, but it is lovely in the Crystal Visions Tarot.

  36. And if You relate this with astrology …. just a thought 😀

    Fav no 1 The Star
    Fav no 2 The Hermit

    Libra with Virgo rising
    Or maybe Aqarius with Moon in Virgo
    and Venus in Libra

  37. I thought my favorite card was the Queen of Cups, but as I went through the deck the Strength card jumped out at me. I guess It is time for me to pursue my passion rather than contemplate on it anymore!

  38. Hi Kate!
    My favorite cards in the Rider-Waite deck (in order-favorite first) are:
    The Moon, Temperance, Ace of Cups, The Star, and The High Priestess.
    I feel drawn to The Moon card for it’s mystery, psychic and intuitive properties (moon-drops coming down tend to symbolize this to me), and sense of connection with the Universe in both the card, and particularly when I see it for real in the sky. Yellow seems to really stand out as a re-occuring color in all 5 of those cards 😉 And all but one card has water in it, though I noticed in The High Priestess card the crescent moon at her feet is sitting on her blue flowing robe, which looks a lot like water to me. I agree with you when you commented on one of your videos that water stands for the emotions. I tend to let my emotions rule my heart instead of my head lol. Thanks for a lovely website to help educate others. Peace. 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing this, Ricky! I LOVE all of those cards too (except Temperance, which seems uptight and no fun!)
      Thank you for your compliment and for taking the time to explore and comment on my site 🙂

  39. Hi Kate

    Mine is also the Star.
    I feel very balanced and peaceful looking at this card and the fact that the stars are there to either wish on, or guide us, make the potential and possibilities unlimited. There is always some light to use.
    I am finding that I am using the tarot in different ways now, including snippets in my yoga classes.

    I really like your thoughtful, intuitive approach to the cards.

  40. The high priestess
    My card suggests that I and another individual are on equal terms, somewhat. But other symbols suggest that I surpass.

  41. In Cosmic Tarot it is the Magician, The Lovers and the Hermit
    In Tarot of the Sidhe: The Star and Warrior Princess
    In Osho Zen its Existence
    The Prominent colors in these cards are blue/purple/ red/orange and this is what I am working on right now! Thanks for this interesting article!!
    Namaste, Lady L

  42. that was an insightful exercise!! My favourite tarot cards are the Sun and all the Queens; colours: yellows and blues. In angel deck cards it’s pictures where there’s someone painting, caring for animals, or reading. Symbols: butterflies. I’ve gone through all my decks at home, mostly angel/goddess/fairies and the result is just as amazing! There is some basic truth that is so easily overlooked…. thanks for the exercise xx

  43. My favorite is the 4 of Wands in the Rider-Waite deck. It reminds me of a big summer party and everyone is having a great time. I love the bright yellow and the flowers – it gives me such a happy feeling.

  44. Thank you very much Kate for this nice explanation!!!
    For quite some time my favorite card is the Osho Zen Tarot card ‘NEW VISION’ (in other decks this is the Hanged Man). For me it represents the power within, the strength in myself. The figure, who first crawled on the ground, has moved upwards and is now a strong person who ‘surrenders’ to anything that will come (body position is backwards), he/she is capable to handling anything. The figure has wings, so he/she is free to fly wherever he/she wants. The geometric figures, the square/triangle/circle, are part of the new raised figure. I do not know what that really represents for me. The left hand is clearly visible (the emotional side), I can not exactly identify the right hand. That hand seems to be connected with something behind her/him (maybe the past?). And all the different colours tell me that the figure is open minded and loves all the colours of the world. The card represents me, I think.

  45. Thanks Kate, this was very brightening for my dull night of studying. 🙂 My favorite Tarot card is The World, with no doubt. It occasionally comes up in almost every Tarot deck I’ve picked for a one card reading. My favorite World card is the one in Crystal Visions Tarot, it is gorgeous. 🙂 It looks like a multi-colored card in general, and it fits me, I love exploration, meeting new people and colors, but in a balanced way of course. I think we can say that blue-greens and purples are stronger though, and this fits a lot more, because I’m usually introverted with my small close friend group, I LOVE spiritual and psychic everything, meditation, divination, crystals, astrology, etc.! The person in the card is female, which resonates best with me, and she is sitting in a lotus pose, meditating. This is exactly what I desire the most, to have a regular basis of meditation and yoga practice. Also butterflies rise from her hands, which is also my reminder of constant transformation and growth. And she is calm, she has a lot of down time, which is what I also desire too. I never thought of my favorite card this way, I’m fascinated!
    Warm regards and blessings!

    1. Deniz – I LOVE The World card in the Crystal Visions Tarot – I don’t always like this card in other decks, but in that deck, I love it. It sounds like your card really does describe your personality/interests quite closely!

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