Embracing Change ~ 5 Card Tarot Spread


Card back images are from the Universal Waite Tarot















Life is always throwing us surprises and it is certainly true that the only thing constant in life is change. With that in mind, I have created this 5 card Tarot spread to help you navigate those times of change and transition.

1) Action to ease transition:

  • What you can do now to make this transition period easier
  • The best attitude to have during this time of change

2) Support:

  • A person or group that is supporting you during this change
  • A particular attitude or belief that will serve to support your transition
  • What will help you feel grounded and stable right now

3) What you will gain from this change:

  • The true reason for all this change
  • How this change will benefit you and what you can learn from it
  • Where this change is headed

4) What you need to let go of:

  • What needs to be released to make this transition smooth
  • What you will be losing/letting go of as a result of this change
  • Past wisdom and experience that you can draw on

5) Higher Guidance:

  • Messages from your Higher Self, Spirit Guides and Angels regarding this time of change
  • What you need to know about this transition period

Reading Tips:

  • Compare cards #3 and #4. How do they differ? How are they similar?
  • If cards #1 and #2 were in a room together, how would they interact?
  • How will you use the guidance and support from cards #2 and #5?

Here is a video demonstration where I do a Tarot reading using this 5 card Tarot spread:

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4 Responses to Embracing Change ~ 5 Card Tarot Spread

  1. Stephanie Sealy says:

    Hi.. what if the cards appear upside down? How does this affect the meaning and interpretation?

  2. Linette says:

    What an interesting and useful spread! Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Amazing information, really helpful. I think hope and trust are the main things for tarot card reading or any other think like psychic, numerology etc…

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