Valentine’s Day Tarot Spread: Ignite Your Love Life!

I know it’s trendy to be all emo say “I hate Valentine’s Day!” but you know what? I fucking love it. I love heart shaped chocolates and the heart shaped boxes they come in. I love flowers, stupid frilly lingerie and the color pink.

What I don’t love is bouquets of red roses. I once dated guy who loved to buy me bouquets of red roses like it was this big deal and he was so amazing for doing it but then he’d go and act all paranoid and controlling, like an insecure jerk. So in my books a dozen red roses = asshole.

I decided I wanted to create a new Valentines Day Tarot spread this year – it’s pink, it’s loaded with hearts and it’s for EVERYONE – regardless of whether you’re in a relationship or not. And if you have absolutely no interest whatsoever in attracting a partner, just substitute erotic life for love life, because we can all have an erotic life, right? I hope so!

Print this! (PDF version)

Have a fabulous Valentine’s Day and don’t eat too many heart shaped chocolates!