New Tarot Spread for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day – with all it’s plastic flowers, heart shaped boxes, and creepy cupids – is almost here!

I know some of you may dread this day, while some of you might love it. Me, I like Valentine’s for one thing and one thing only….heart shaped chocolates. The way they form to the roof of my mouth as they melt sends shivers down my spine!

Anyhow, regardless of whether or not your in a relationship, we all have a relationship with ourselves. It’s the one relationship we can never leave….ever (shudder!) And I wanted to share a Tarot card spread from my e-book Tarot Card Spreads for Love, Sex & Relationships that everyone could enjoy. I didn’t want to leave anyone out in the cold!

So here it is….the Self Love Spread:

self love spread

This Valentine’s, do something romantic and delicious for yourself. I am planning on visiting the new, fancy chocolatier store in my town and then treating myself to a latte and an hour of sketching (or writing) in a nearby coffee shop. Eeeee! I feel seduced already!

In the comments below, tell me all about your Valentine’s day plans …..

11 thoughts on “New Tarot Spread for Valentine’s Day!”

  1. Thanks for sharing Kate :).. I am usually some what of a grench around this time and this spread totally allowed me to truly Love me more and melt that grenchy heart so my true heart can shine Bigger And Sweeter :)..

    Best Wishes,
    Miranda 🙂

  2. Do you ever help people with spread interpretation, if they are hitting a wall with a spread they have drawn? Because man, am I ever having trouble with this one! I have gotten “positive” cards where there are release and shadow aspects and “negative” cards where there I guess I would expect messages of hope and healing.

    1. Hey I hope you don’t mind me responding to your post. I was just thinking about your question, and decided to share my thoughts. Now of course it would depend on which cards specifically, but this could mean a number of things. With this spread, some things that come to mind are that the “positive” cards could represent too much of a good thing, a side of yourself you are not accepting (i.e. not letting yourself be happy if you had The Sun in the “Disowned Self” position<–possible interpretation), or that the card is a kind of mask, and it's not how things really are.

      A "negative" card in a more positive position to me would mean something you need to let go of or deal with in order to heal, so it could be a block, or telling you that it's time to lift the wool off your eyes and face the truth.

      For example, If you had The Sun in the "Release" position (this card again, really? -.-) and the Ten of Swords in the "More Love" spot, then this might mean that you're acting like everything is okay (The Sun), but it's really not, or that you expect things should be just so, and need release the desire for it all to be perfect. You're grieving or betrayed (Ten of Swords) and you need to work through that grief in order to be loving to yourself. Or maybe you're in a bad situation, and the reading is telling you to stop pretending and get the hell out of dodge. (This could be your wake-up call to don a whole lot of pink and turn into a kick-butt power ranger. Whoo!)

      So hopefully that helps. I'm still learning myself, and I'm sure that you know best what the reading means to you. Good luck! n_n

      1. Yes! I agree with Chani! (Sorry I didn’t see this response before I posted mine)
        This is an awesome explanation of what neg cards in positive positions could mean (and vice versa).

    2. Hi Jessica,
      Yes, I do! I provide “Tarot Mentoring” during which we can go over your reading. Or, I can give you a full written interpretation of your cards instead. I know its really frustrating when you get cards that do not make sense. But ask yourself what could be positive about the “negative” cards and what might be negative about those positive cards? Because every card has a positive and negative side to it, regardless if it is normally seen as “positive” or “negative”.
      Good luck 🙂

  3. Love the Valentine spread! I will be treating myself this Valentine’s by soaking in a bubble bath then putting on my fuzzy robe while I enjoy a coconut milk hot chocolate!
    Happy “V” day:)

  4. You have inspired me to see Valentine’s day in a whole other perspective. So I am going to give myself some extra loving attention. Starting out with that beautiful spread of yours
    Thank you Kate and have a wonderful Valentine’s day too

        1. I just read your post, Ellen and I really enjoyed it! Thanks for trying it out on your blog – I really liked how you interpreted the cards you got 🙂 I especially liked how you got Page of Cups at the end – I think the messages seemed pretty clear!

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