Tarot Reading for Feb 10 – 16

It looks like an “interesting” week ahead 😉 Feel free to share your take on these cards in the comments below!

Have an excellent week 🙂

4 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for Feb 10 – 16”

  1. Hi!

    It took me a few days to get to watch this, but I’m really glad that I did! For two reasons.

    1) I’m making a trade for the Morgan Greer. I’ve watched you use it so beautifully for a while now, and I’m ready for a RWS clone that’s not RWS! (I did buy the Connolly for that reason, but it’s not clone-y enough.) Oh, also, I got a great deal on a used Anna.K! I’ve got the mass market, but wanted a self-pubbed version. And I’ve got one on its way!

    2) I have an issue that feels very 8-of-Swords-ish, and the way you talk about how Justice takes back her power and looks squarely at what’s out of balance really helps me to see what I need to do about it. And, as you said, it’s a “me” problem, not an anyone-else problem. I’ll report back . . .


    1. Hey Jamie,
      Thanks for sharing this 🙂 So far, this reading has been pretty accurate for me as well. It’s kind of funny, because some weeks it isn’t, but lately, it has been! Anyhow, you will love the Anna K and the Morgan Greer – they are my two go-to decks at the moment, along with the Crystal Visions.

  2. Although it is slippery, this scarf matches beautiful with the deck
    I love to see how you read with the Morgan Greer and especially how you interpret the little details
    Thank you

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