Relationship Spread

relationship tarot spread

What’s going on in your relationship? This Relationship Spread can be used whenever you feel like you aren’t on the same wavelength with someone – whether it’s a romantic partner, co-worker, friend or family member. This tarot card layout will give you insight into the inner workings of any relationship and guide you toward deeper communication and understanding.

3 cards on the left – You

  • Personality traits
  • Issues/blocks to communication
  • Your perspective
  • What you are wanting/needing

3 cards on the right – The Other Person

  • Personality traits
  • Issues/blocks to communication
  • Their perspective
  • What they are wanting/needing

Center card – Resolution & Connection

  • The best way to resolve any issues
  • How to bring more understanding to the relationship
  • Ways to communicate and connect to other person

*If card #7 does not provide enough insight, you can choose up to two more cards in this position for further clarification.

*Tip: Compare and contrast the cards on the left with those on the right – are they vastly different? Opposing? Or do they complement each other nicely? How do you imagine the characters on the cards to interact with each other?

Here is my video on how to use the Relationship Spread in a Tarot Reading:

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Sample of a love and relationship tarot reading using the Relationship Spread:

crystal visions tarot relationship spread
Crystal Visions Tarot by Jennifer Galasso

3 cards on the left (Jayne – The person being read for)

Eight of Wands – Jayne prefers straightforward communication and likes things resolved quickly and smoothly. At times she may seem impatient and even blunt in her communication style.

The Empress – This tarot card shows that Jayne also has an easygoing and nurturing side to her. This can sometimes mean that she falls into the caretaker role in this relationship, always being the one to fix things and hold it all together. However, she has the advantage of using her warm, earthy qualities to connect with her partner and create trust and safety in the relationship.

The Hanged Man – Jayne may feel somewhat powerless and at the point of of just giving up and surrendering when it comes to trying to communicate with her boyfriend, but if she is able to let go of her ego a little, she will have an easier time looking at their relationship from a different perspective – perhaps even seeing his point of view.

3 cards on the right (Jayne’s boyfriend)

King of Pentacles – This court card indicates a stable, down to earth man who grounded and confident. He appreciates resolving conflicts in a calm, relaxed way.

Knight of Swords – Jayne’s boyfriend also has an aggressive, driven side to him which can make him seem cold and hard-shelled at times. When feeling insecure, he may be quick to become defensive and argumentative, using harsh words as weapons. When discussing important issues in the relationship, the atmosphere should be relaxed and respectful, taking a time-out if things get too heated.

Two of Cups – Intimacy and strong partnership is important to Jayne’s boyfriend. Sharing feelings and trusting the other are things that will not be too difficult for him under the right circumstances.

Center Card (Seven of Swords) – This card is associated with dishonesty, betrayal, not thinking things through and trying to hide something. Because this card is more on the negative side, it represents what is blocking the relationship. In order for the quality of the relationship to improve, there needs to be honesty and openness. Both parties may be holding things back because they fear the other will not understand them.

However, there are a lot of similarities between these two – The Empress is very compatible with the King of Pentacles and Eight of Wands shares a few traits with the Knight of Swords. Also, the Two of Cups is a good omen in any relationship spread! Jayne can start by being more transparent in her relationship and see if that allows her boyfriend to let down his guard a little.

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31 thoughts on “Relationship Spread”

  1. I have a general question regarding picking cards and spreading. So if you pick 7 cards in this situation, where do I place the 1st card, 2nd card that I picked in that order? does the 1st card go far away from me or close to me?

    1. It actually doesn’t really matter – you get to decide what order you’re going to lay down the cards. Some spreads will have each card position numbered, in which case you’d lay them down in the order specified, but otherwise you can do whatever you want to. Hope that helps!

  2. I just did this spread… I am female. There is this other guy that I am interested in and try to figure out if things will develop.

    1. the magician
    2. 7 of cups
    3. Page of pentacles
    4. Five of pentacles
    5. Judgement
    6. Six of wands
    7. Strength

    I also added 2 more: The tower and King of swords, which is him

    What do you make of this? Thanks!!

  3. Having difficultly with a reading I set to this format…

    For the cards I received:
    1. Ten of Swords
    2. Strength
    3. Fool
    4. Queen of Wands
    5. Eight of Swords
    6. Temperance
    7. Ace of Wands

    The issue is between a male friend and I (a female.) He has 3 weeks left in town before he leaves on a 3month travel around the USA. There has been major strain on our relationship and I am wondering how this can be sorted before he leaves…

    thank you so much for any help you can provide.

  4. What a simple yet effective spread! I love this. I wanted to know what if there are queens in your partners area if it is a guy?

    1. Glad you enjoyed this spread, Kim! If you get a Queen to represent a man, just focus on the personality traits of that particular Queen and what she represents. We usually associate Queens with feminine traits, but A Queen can represent a man too. If you get more than one Queen, it could simply be showing that the man your reading about has some feminine qualities and is more receptive and intuitive than most men.

  5. so i just tried this spread for the first time about my relationship with my on again off again boyfriend and it looked like this
    1. three of swords
    2. 2 of pentacles
    3. queen of wands
    4. the world
    5.8 of pentacles
    6.knight of cups
    7. the devil

    I feel that the queen of wands describes my personality to a t and describes me perfectly and the devil i feel describes how he feels like he just works to bleed because he can be a workaholic. im not quite sure what he other cards aare trying to tell me though…

  6. Are all the cards in this spreads of yours (which are pretty great) supposted to be turned normal, or should we use reversed cards too? Thank you for answering.

    1. You can read with reversed cards if that is what you normally do. I only read upright cards, so that’s why it looks like that – but if you normally read reversed cards, then by all means, keep doing it!

  7. I just did this spread (only my third ever tarot spread!!) to see what the relationship is like between me and my uncle, with whom I used to be really close. Everything about me was completely accurate, but with him it was just omg.

    Okay, he is a very spiritually lost individual, and being an Indigo himself, you know what this means. I know for a fact he is involved in a New Age cult, so I did this spread specifically to check how accurate the cards can manage to be with ONE specific card in mind… So the Devil card on his side came up, along with Three of Wands and I freaked out (in the best way possible, kind of). And the card between us was Knight of Pentacles, which is, again, completely correct. I just. I cant.

    This is so exciting, thank you so much for these lessons!!

  8. I did this spread and would like help interpreting. Did the spread and 2 clarifiers

    4 Bridge = 10 of swords
    1. 5 of wands – i feel i have had to fight to keep this rel together, to compete with things in his life
    2. King of cups – i’m female, but could be seen as the loving, caring, nurturing person and see him as having this potential
    3. 7 of pentacles – time to wait — have struggled to keep this love alive and feel like i’m in a holding pattern (really true)
    5 – Knight of cups – He is very sensitive, romantic and shy person; fickle, non-committal, emotionally shallow, needy but thinks he’s giving
    6. 6 of swords – He is trying to move away from a painful situation; seeking respite (Note: this person if very uncommunicative)
    7. 2 of pentacles – He is seeking balance in his life through financial stability; he is “juggling” to keep himself afloat.
    Bridge Card — with mine: I feel i have done all i can do to make this relationship work and want to put the ball in his court now. I do feel I have invested a lot and would like to see my efforts come to fruition.
    with his: perhaps he also feels he is doing all he can and wishes to move on; would like to play the field more.
    Two clarifiers — beneath 10 of pentacles, above ace of swords — I am not able to tie these cards into the reading and could use some input.

  9. I did a reading for insight into a man I am interested in, but I’m not sure he’s interested in me. This is what I got:

    1) The World

    2) Queen of Swords
    3) 4 of Pentacles
    4) The Hermit

    5) 8 of Swords
    6) Knight of Swords
    7) The High Priestess

    As far as the cards representing me go, I’m taking from the 4 of pentacles that I am perhaps clinging a bit to much to this potential relationship. I need to let go and let things happen. The Queen of swords reinforces that I need to not be so forceful. The hermit perhaps signifies that perhaps I need some alone time? I really don’t feel I do- I just came out of a long, lonely spell. Any ideas?

    For the cards that represent him, I’m thinking he may be holding back for fear of getting hurt. The High Priestess? Possibly that he’s attracted to a woman who seems unapproachable? It would tie in well with the cards on my side. Any input would be welcome. I’m not really sure what to make of the Knight of Swords.

    Also, as for the world- I know the bridge card is not supposed to predict the future. Being that I’m not even sure of our relationship status, I’m not sure how best to interpret this. I know it’s a card of success. Does it mean that this is a venture worth the endeavor?

    Thank you for this spread- I do feel it’s talking to me. Just a little unsure of what it’s saying!

    1. What is his sign? From the three cards drawn for him, it seems to be that he has difficulties with emotional expression and keeps his feelings really obscure. He doesn’t want to make any moves. I would say that the World card should represent the need for you to just go with the flow in this situation.. take things as they unfold.

    2. My sense is that The Hermit card could just be indicating to you that your time of just having been in a lonely spell may still be affecting your thoughts and wishes, causing you to want to hold on even more tightly to this potential “relationship” before it is even anything (4 of Pentacles) for fear that you will again be alone if this doesn’t work out, and the Queen of Swords could very well be showing you how the energies of the 4 of Pentacles and The Hermit are molding you and forming your character to him.

    3. Also, The World card could even be seen as sort of a pun in a way, insinuating to you that you’re thinking “the world” (too much too soon) of this endeavor, as it seems the cards on your side were really trying to hint to you being a little overcommitting to something that hasn’t even had a proper shelf-life yet. Just my intuitive thoughts. 🙂

  10. I did this spread and I have great confidence in the meaning behind mine and my partner’s cards, but I received the Hanged Man as my center, and I’m not sure how to interpret it? Can you help?

  11. Hey Kate, thanks for a great website! I’ve been getting in to energy work and am starting to work with Tarot cards. I have a question about this spread. I did a reading for myself and the Resolution/Connection card came up as the 10 of swords. I’m not communicating with my “former” friend at the moment, but in my gut and in other professional readings I have had it tells me that we will become friends again and it could actually grow in to a serious relationship. One person I talked to actually mentioned that the person in question might actually be my twin flame. Does this spread predict the future or only what is happening currently? It’s pretty spot on for the current situation, but I don’t feel it’s accurate for our future relationship.

    1. Hey,
      This spread doesn’t predict the future – it is just a snapshot of what is going on presently in your relationship 🙂

      Happy Tarot Reading!

  12. Can I assume that the numbers in the Relationship diagram also represents the draw order of the cards ? I would’ve thought the resolution/connection card would be last. Just curious. I look forward to trying it as it is, anyway.

    1. Hi Greig,
      You actually want to turn the center card over last (I know this doesn’t really make sense since it is card #1) – although really there aren’t any rules as to what order you read the cards in, but I find that the center card really draws everything together at the end.

      1. Thanks, Kate. This spread definitely shone a sobering light on a fractured friendship. Its the third spread I’ve used on the subject. It definitely reinforced my faith in the Tarot art & my developing intuition.

        1. That’s wonderful, Greig – I love it when my faith in Tarot and intuition is reinforced. Not so great about the fractured friendship – but that happens. Best of luck 🙂

  13. I did this spread for myself within a long distance relationship. We have fallen into a silence. The night before doing this spread I dreamed that an ex was sitting next to a woman and I understood this to be the reason for his inability to commit, and then I was in India and there was a flight filled of people including myself attempting to escape, the flight was able to make airspace and we escaped. Once safe I returned to what seemed to be a familiar home with a man that seemed to be my significant other and I straddled him and he lifted me up and in my mind I thought something was not quite right and I woke up. I learned that in different decks the “Devil” card has such a sensual depiction as the one in my dream. I use a Crowley deck.

    The “Devil” card is card 1 – bridge.
    Card 2 – Queen of Wands
    Card 3 – 3 of Swords “Sorrow”
    Card 4 – Ace of Wands
    Card 5 – 1 of Trumps – The Magus
    Card 6 – 5 of Cups “Disappointment”
    Card 7 – The Sun

    Most interesting spread – but makes me think now is not the time for this relationship, for me it will be spiritual and sorrow filled and for him it will be magical and disappointing. And the bridge indicates it will be an addictive relationship with sensuality….any other insights?

    1. That is such an interesting dream – thanks for sharing it here! I hope you write your dreams down so you don’t forget them. I don’t have any insights to add to your reading, but perhaps other readers will…

  14. Hi I didnt really understand what my reading is saying. If possible could assist me in breaking it down in a more understandable way?

    Thanks Mary.

    1) 2 of cups

    2) Lovers
    3) Fool
    4) Four of swords

    5) Six of cups
    6) Nine of swords
    7) Page of swords

    1. Yeah. I got to agree with You Paula. This reading is unique.

      I did my own:
      1. the magician
      2. Six of wands
      3. Judgement
      4. Five of pentacles
      5. Page of pentacles
      6. 7 of cups
      7. Strength

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