Love Tarot Card Spread

This Love Tarot Card Spread is for those wanting some insight into their current romantic relationship. Use this Love Tarot Card Spread to evaluate the quality and characteristics of your physical, mental and spiritual/emotional connections with your lover.

If you would like to know how to improve an area, just pull another card and place it on top of the other card.

love tarot card spread










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1) Physical Connectiontarot spreads for romance

  • sex life, physical intimacy
  • physical attraction

2) Mental Connection

  • sharing similar interests
  • communication, conversation

3) Spiritual / Emotional Connection

  • shared dreams & goals
  • feeling deep love for your partner

4) Long Term Potential of Relationship
Some cards that indicate your relationship is rock solid would be any of the Kings or Queens, Aces, Ten of Pentacles, Ten of Cups, The Emperor, Magician and Empress.
This card often relates strongly to card #3 (Spiritual / Emotional Connection), since if this area is lacking, there is little chance of long term success. You can compare these two cards and see how they interact with each other.

*Remember, if an area is lacking, ask for guidance as to how you can improve it and draw a second card.

Here is a video demonstration of me doing a reading for a friend using this spread…

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57 thoughts on “Love Tarot Card Spread”

  1. Hey, I’m kinda new, but here are my cards:
    1)seven of swords
    2)reversed King of swords
    3)six of cups
    4)two of wands
    I think I understood a bit, but if anyone would like to clear up anything for me I’d really appreciate it!

  2. Hey so I’m new to tarot readings and I got:
    1) Reverse Queen of Swords
    2) 4 Pentacles
    3) Reversed Page of Pentacles
    4) Ace of cups

    1. I’m quite new to this and I got
      6 of wands
      The star
      King of wands
      7 of swords
      Not to sure some of it seems positive.

  3. hi!! im sort of new to tarot and i would just like some help interpreting my cards in this spread!
    1. justice
    2. reversed IV of pentacles
    3. reversed death
    4. reversed high priestess

  4. Hello!
    Love this spread – had a go but I got a bit of mixed messages..

    1) The Tower
    2) 4 of swords
    3) Death
    4) Ten of cups

    …the first 3 cards seem to tell the opposite of number 4 – any idea on how to link the two levels?

    1. Hi F!

      Sorry to butt into your question and feel free to ignore me, but I thought I’d give my 2 cents. Here’s how I would interpret you reading:

      1) The Tower is often given the meaning of catastrophe because sudden, monumental change is often catastrophic. But, to me, the Tower symbolizes moments of great upheaval and they don’t have to necessarily be bad. I think especially in the “physical connection” position and considering the cards around it, the Tower here can mean you have an earth-shaking, lightning-inducing physical life.
      2) The 4 of Swords is a very stable card. I think that means that you and your partner connect calmly on an intellectual level. It can also mean truce or rest, so you and your partner can rest your minds with each other after fighting the intellectual battles of the word.
      3) Death! What a beautiful card to get here! I don’t know how long you’ve been doing tarot and I know Death can be a little scary for the inexperienced, but fear not! Death is a rebirth just as much as an ending. I think this means that you and your partner have a spiritual/emotional connection that’s so deep that your old spiritual selves die away to be reborn stronger together. Does that make sense?
      4) Ten of cups! Happy family card, weddings, happiness, etc. I think you got this one, your relationship has the potential to be very long and fulfilling.

      I hope I’m not overstepping and that this was helpful. I just noticed Kate didn’t seem to be answering comments anymore and I had the urge to share with you what your cards evoked in me. But again, feel free to ignore if it doesn’t resonate with you! Hopefully, you haven’t broken up by now lol.


  5. 1) sexual connection- the devil topped by the lovers – I think this means a commitment to making sex a priority and that opening the heart to loving each other will make sex better. I have a sexual dysfunction and my boyfriend has been very patient with me.
    2) Mental Connection – knight of cups – we are very sweet with each other, we support each other in conversation
    3) Spiritual / Emotional Connection – 4 of wands – we both want to build a life together, share a home
    4) Long Term Potential of Relationship
    – 3 of cups – potential for a happy home and fun times had with family

  6. Hey a new reader here! I tried this spread for me a partner of mine. I’m a little lost on interpretation. Hopefully you can help.
    1) inverted 5 of pentacles
    2) 8 of wands
    3) 9 of pentacles
    4) 8 of pentacles inverted

  7. Hey Kate!

    I recently started to have some interest for Tarot reading. That’s how I’ve found your youtube & site and I’m soooo glad I did! Because of you, I decided to buy myself a deck that I felt mostly attracted to which happens to be Tarot Del Fuego. Today I decided to do this reading for me and my partner. Now because I’m pretty new to this, I’m not really sure if my reading is good. I got this cards:

    1. The Hanged Man
    2. The Wheel of Fortune
    3. Nine of Pentacles
    4. The Fool

    For me this looks positive but i’m not 100% sure how to understand this spread.

    What do you think this means for me?

    1. Welcome Amede!
      I’m glad you’ve discovered the wonderful world of Tarot πŸ™‚
      I don’t provide interpretations of readings, but I’ll leave your comment here just in case a reader wants to jump in with their interpretation.

      Happy Tarot Reading!

  8. 1. Queen of Pentacles
    2. 5 of wands
    3. High Priestess
    4. King of Pentacles

    Bottom of the deck 6 of cups

    Looks like our mental connection needs a little help. We do have disagreements often, but usually after a day or so of thinking it through it usually is either a miscommunication or one of us was being a bit sensitive.

    What do you think? Any insight on what I got for my spread? I use the Shadowscapes Tarot I love this deck it is beautiful! I have had it for about a year now.

    1. Hi, I’m a newbie and Shadowscapes Deck is the first one that I’m attracted to. Can you tell me why you can read the whole spread of yours? Like the meaning of love, how do you know it? Is there any website that I can know how to read ?

  9. Hello Kate i got this spread for me n my huaband.
    1) 5 of wands
    2) queen of pentacles
    3) king of pentacles
    4) queen of cups
    What does this mean? Pls help

  10. Hey, so I’ve been dabbling in tarot for a year now, and I came across your YouTube channel. Love it! So I tried the spread.
    1) two of cups
    2) king of swords (clarified by two cards 10 of swords Rx and queen of swords)
    3) the lovers
    4) 4 of pentacles Rx ( clarified by the empress)
    I needed two cards for the king of swords because I just didn’t understand it at first. two of cups interesting because we did have a great sexual connection. King of swords as mental connection lol we aren’t speaking. I’m guessing this means head over heart kind of thing. Getting over pass hurts. The lovers. I’m not sure. Maybe emotional/spiritual choices we need to make. Potential four of pentacles Rx. We’ll eventually let go of being stubborn and open up to new things.

  11. Hi I was looking to see what your interpretation is of this as I’m looking for some guidance, I did the love tarot card spread and got

    1) 5 of pentucals
    2) the magician
    3) valet of cups
    4) ace of batons

    This is based on a potential love interest, thank you so much for your time x

  12. Hi,
    I just did this spread and would really love some feedback on this….such a pressing situation in my life of late and any enlightenment would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance πŸ™‚ x

    1 – Wheel of Fortune
    2 – 10 of wands
    3 – 10 of cups
    4 – The Emperor

  13. Hi kate!
    I’ve tried out your spread and I asked a question ‘will X and Y be in a relationship again’
    And I’ve got
    1)10 of wands
    2)the world

    I think thay they might get a chance, but the problem is that they are far away (the world). Sice judgment is about a new start a karmic card, so there is some kind of connection. The tower tells me that this new start maybe an unexpected one and will strick like lightning. All that is will change, What do you think about it? Maybe I am wrong? I would appreciate your feedback πŸ™‚

  14. I did this reading and got
    1. page of cup
    2. the herophant
    3 the hermit reversed
    4 8 of cups

    everything seemed ok till the last card so I pulle another on the 8 of cups and it was the 8 of wands – Am i reading this wrong or is this telling me its done and to get moving on?

  15. Please offer your interpretation re the love/relationship spread –
    Mental-Page of Cups
    Spiritual/emotional-The Star
    Long term potential-4 Cups Clarification/aid re this one – The Empress

    Thanks so much

  16. When I did the spread this what I got.
    1. Three pendant ( reverse)
    2. Seven of pendant (reverse)
    3. Seven of wands.
    4. Justice (reverse)
    I’m using a fairy deck.
    but what do you think.
    Plz give me your feed back thanks.

  17. Hi Kate,

    I watched your youtube video in regards of timing and I have a question that id love your opinion on,I’ve asked the tarot am I going to have a relationship with someone and it seems to be hinting at a yes and from the cards and my instincts I keep getting autumn,I drew a card for timing and got the nine of swords,do you think that means 9 weeks which would be November so autumn or because it is a negative card is it a no answer?

    Thanks Leanne

    1. Hi Leanne,
      Because you drew that card for timing and not a yes or no question, then I think it most likely points to number of weeks.
      Good luck, I hope you find love in November!

  18. Hi Kate,

    I just used your spread on a “potential” partner instead of an actual one. Here were my results using my Morgan-Greer Deck:

    1. The Fool
    2. The Emperor
    3. 9 of Swords (Advice Card: Page of Cups)
    4. 10 of Cups

    All in all I’d say that it looks about right. There never was a physical component to our friendship so The Fool makes sense there as it would be a brand new experience. The Emperor in the mental connection also works. We communcated very, very easily, but always about our thoughts/beliefs/likes/dislikes. We never got too much into feelings. This dovetails into the 9 of Swords in the Emotional Connection. I could never tell him how I felt about him because I was too afraid of rejection. Page of Cups is saying that we should talk about… feelings. :/ And the long-term outcome is 10 of Cups – always a positive card for relationship spreads. But I don’t know if we could ever get past the 9 of Swords. He says that he’s not good with women/relationships and always screws things up. And I’m so afraid that he will “let me down easy” that I can’t be honest about my feelings for him. In fact, we aren’t even communicating at all now because I basically ran away. I don’t contact him and he doesn’t contact me. I’m stuck…

  19. Hi Kate!
    I adore your youtube videos,I watched your revamp of the Celtic cross tonight going to try it out for myself soon! I’m new to tarot so still learning I’ve purchased a rider Waite deck which I love,and I do a lot of relationship readings for myself as I’m wanting to know what could happen with a certain someone! All is going to be good according to my cards and from readings I’ve had by the end of the year so I’m excited for the future,I’ve read that you interpret readings I was just wondering if you offer it to people in the UK and how the cost would work,and also what reading you would recommend for whether a relationship could happen? Thanks Leanne

    1. Hi Leanne – thanks for watching my videos and for your positive feedback πŸ™‚
      Yes, I can do Tarot interpretations for people in the UK – I do it via email, so it doesn’t matter where you live.
      You may want to check out my Interpretations page, if you haven’t yet:
      The cost is in US dollars and payment is via paypal – so I think it just automatically converts it for you – you shouldn’t have any issues, but let me know if you do.
      I would recommend trying the Relationship Spread to get an idea of how compatible you are with a person and whether there is a strong connection or not. Good luck and let me know how it goes πŸ™‚


  20. Thank you so much for this really stellar spread. I’ve been looking for one like this for a long time that gives a little more insight to the relationship dynamics and not just the usual past, present, future. Curious as to your thoughts on this. Every time I pull for this relationship I’m getting lots of major archaea especially high priestess, lovers, moon and for awhile
    Tower but that seems to have abated.
    Any thoughts would be so appreciated.

    1. Seven of swords.
    2. Death (Reversed)
    3. Five of wands
    4. World

  21. K I did this one for a long distance relationship and got
    1- nine of swords
    2. 8 of pentacles
    3. 8 of wands
    4. King of cups
    So rock solid though they miss this person physically, make plans for the future, its up in the air but potential for seriously committed relationship?

  22. Hi, Kate!
    I just did this spread and I got:
    1. Knight of Cups
    2. 10 of Swords (reversed)
    3. 7 of Pentacles
    4. Ace of Wands

    Any help with interpretation would be helpful. πŸ™‚

  23. Kateeeeee!
    Your website, your videos! Loveeee them!

    I did this reading, and I meditated before..

    1. Seven of swords – not to sure how it relates, did I steal his heart? Lol
    2. Two of wands – moving, looking ahead, different towns, countries
    3. Seven of cups – not too sure how it relates
    4: The Moon – sounds scary, the moon means emotion, but makes sense because I’m a Cancer.
    And for extra, I got The Hermit – May mean time spent apart?

    How would you interpret my cards?

    1. There’s some cheating involved. You have a decision to make. A domineering partner, seven of cups- you need to open your eyes and see that this relationship is fantasy. Long term- moon?? Honey, run away! This is a deceiving relationship.

  24. I just watched your 4 card relationship spread. I love the simplicity of it. I would like to offer my insight regarding the 9 of swords in the mental connection position with the ace of wands giving clarity. She/he is worried that the awesome sex will not last! But the remaining cards clearly tell her its ALL GOOD.

  25. Hi Kate! Just found your site and I’m soooo glad I did! I bought a deck recently, and have been looking for different spreads and advice etc.. And I love your easy to follow and clear instructions.

    I did this spread for myself, and I’m a little confused because I got three different pentacle cards for #1,2,3 and The World for #4

    Im confused because I associate pentacle cards with money, career, stuff like that, and it seems unrelated to love in my case, but 3 cards of pentacles can’t mean nothing!

    My cards:
    1. 4 of pentacles
    2. 7 of pentacles
    3. 8 of pentacles
    4. The world

    What do you think?

    1. Hi Erin,
      Welcome! I am so glad you found me πŸ™‚
      I don’t do interpretations here on my site (well, sometimes I do, but I don’t if I can help it!) as I would rather give you the tools to decipher your cards yourself – so here’s a few tips to help you out:
      Pentacles represent stability and all things “earthy” – health, the body, money, food, etc. In a way, they are the most sensual of the four suits. Here’s a hint: when you are looking at your cards, pay attention to the body language of the people on the cards – what is the body language telling you? Obviously this relationship has tons of potential (signified by The World), but I feel that card 1 in particular is revealing how you can improve your physical connection.
      Good luck and let me know if this helped πŸ™‚

      1. Hi Kate! Thanks for taking the time to write back! So insightful! After doing more research last night I found that the 4 of pentacles (to me) represents holding back for the physical connection; and 7 of pentacles represents patience for the mental connection, 8 of pentacles represents focus, effort, growth for the spiritual, and the world for long term which seems to represent completion and celebration (!) this all makes sense to me since it’s a long distance thing where we aren’t together physically, and patience sounded like a key word also.

        My cards are very simplified, and after watching your videos and how you interpret the illustrations, I think maybe I need to get a more illustrative deck.

        1. I’m glad you got some more insight into your cards! That makes complete sense you would get the 4 of pentacles in the physical connection position if its a long distance relationship. Which deck are you using?

          1. I’m using “the crystal tarot” by Philip permutt … It’s a purple deck that came with a book, i thought it was pretty, and user friendly, but now that I’ve seen how you interperate images on your cards, a different deck might be nice. This deck has people in the major arcana cards, but not in the numbered suit cards. Is there a deck you recommend?

            1. Hi Kate! Ok well i ordered a new deck, the original rider Waite deck, and I have to say, I feel like I’m not into it! I’m not sure if I’m creeped out by the dark, kind of muddy images, and that’s affecting my reading, but I swear I’m getting more negative readings from it than I do from my happy, simple, purple deck. Am I just projecting my visual opinion of this deck onto its meanings? Also the little booklet that came with it is written in a very unfriendly voice (if that makes any sense) its by A.E. White, cards designed by Pamela Coleman smith.

              1. Erin – here’s my advice:
                Disregard the little white book (I have that book by Arthur Waite and it makes no sense whatsoever to me – I never look at it)
                If you haven’t warmed up to your deck yet, just use it for studying. Keep using your purple deck for doing real readings on yourself and use the Rider-waite deck for studying and doing pretend/hypothetical readings (for study purposes). That might sound weird, but I sometimes do pretend readings for study purposes.
                Once you learn the Rider Waite deck, it will be easier for you to read with many different decks and it will probably improve your readings with your other deck.
                Let me know how it goes πŸ™‚

                1. Thank you Kate! Good advice! Yea that book is so weird! I have been practicing with it and feel like I’m vibing with it more already!

  26. Hello. I had just come across your website and I find it very informative. I’m new to reading Tarot and I have to say I’m pretty confused. Thank you for posting videos on YouTube. I watch them whenever I can.

    1. Hey Christine, thanks for stopping by! It’s easy to get overwhelmed when learning Tarot, but don’t be discouraged – what aspect do you find most confusing?

      1. Hey kate, well I’m not Christine but I agree with her even though I have been dealing with tarot for a year now.
        I feel I read the cards well but I simply can’t made up my mind if my intuition is really working through the cards. Problem is: I get all wrong. The results I get aren’t married to the “reality” I get. For example, for yes and no questions I always get opposite answers. Maybe this is not for me and I should investigate other divination tools.
        Do you have thoughts on this matter?

        Thank you.

        1. Hey Alex – you say you read the cards well – so do you mean that if you don’t try to use your intuition and go on the card meanings alone, then it works for you? You don’t have to use your intuition to read the cards – that is the beauty of Tarot! One thing you can try is to read for yourself without the cards first – so ask your question and then see if you can get an intuitive answer, then select a card or two and see if it supports what your intuition is saying – let me know how this works for you πŸ™‚

  27. Hi Kate!

    I just discovered you on YouTube! And love this relationship spread.. Just tried it out. I got a bunch a pentacles and one sword in (r) it seems to sum up my 6 year relationship with my boyfriend pretty spot on.

    Thanks! Keep the tarot goodness coming πŸ™‚

    1. I am so happy you had fun with the spread and that your reading was accurate πŸ™‚
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Bernice.

  28. Wow, loved this reading you did using the Love Tarot Card Spread. I was actually happy two cards that would be considered pretty negative in a reading came up and could see how you would interpret them in a reading. The Tower would have stumped me right there but you found meaning and advice in both the tower and 9 of swords.
    Most spreads I see done are for relationships. Do you have a spread on finding love and meeting the right person?

  29. Thank you for sharing this insightful spread with us, Kate! I just tried it with my new years present deck the Angel Tarot for my relationship, and I was shocked by the accuracy and depth the spread provides. So easy and quick, yet very very deep information. I can even say that this spread is the must-do spread for any romantic relationship, before the more detailed Relationship Spread you have shared. Both of the spreads’ results give interesting information when compared. Thank you again and again! Hugs! πŸ™‚

    1. You are very welcome, Deniz. That is good to know that this spread was helpful for you. I find this spread so much fun to use! I am going to make a video demo of me doing a reading using this spread…very soon!
      Thank you for trying out this spread and sharing your experience,
      Kate πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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