The most unethical Tarot spread ever….for Valentine’s Day!

We all know it’s wrong to use Tarot to pry into other’s private thoughts and feelings. But it’s Valentines! So here’s a deliciously unethical spread that breaks all the rules.

Whose your crush? Do you want to plumb the depths of their psyche to discover their kinky secrets? I bet you do! Want to find out the best way to¬† become irresistible to them? Read on…

It’s my personal belief that we can’t really find out what someone else is thinking via Tarot cards. I just don’t buy it. It’s the main reason I refuse to read about people other than my client when I’m giving readings (I say it’s because of my ethics, but really it’s because I can’t). I just can’t. I’d be making shit up!

So the spread below was created within the spirit of giggly fun and silliness. And maybe also perversion…

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