How to Move On ~ Tarot Card Spread

how-to-let-go-of-the-past-tarot-card-spreadThis Tarot Card Spread is designed to give you insight into why you are still holding onto the past and how to move on.

1) Root of the issue

  • What area of your life this issue stems from and affects most profoundly
  • The effect this is having in your life right now
  • How you feel about this particular issue

2) What stops you from moving on

  • Why you have had such a hard time letting go of the past
  • The reasons you give yourself for holding onto the past
  • What needs to be released in order to move on

3) What will help you move forward

  • How to move on and let go of the past
  • What you need to do in order to move forward
  • Attitude or perspective that will help you move on

4) Advantages of holding on

  • What are you getting out of holding onto the past?
  • What is underneath your attachment to the past
  • The advantages and benefits you gain from refusing to let go

It is very difficult to move forward in our lives if we have our energy all wrapped up in the past – whether its an ex-lover, a past mistake, a betrayal or the alluring fantasy of what could have been – the sooner you set yourself free from the past, the sooner you can begin enjoying your life NOW! Once you learn how to move on, you will never look back again.

Here is a reading I did for a friend, using this Tarot Spread:

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29 thoughts on “How to Move On ~ Tarot Card Spread”

  1. Hello 👋, Once you see- you can’t go back.

    Theses are the cards I received from The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck:
    1. Partnership & Alliances;
    2. Heartache & Loss;
    3. Triumph;
    4. Suffering in silence.

  2. Dominique Jackson

    You just made tarot so much pleasurable!! It was like music to my ears, not only did I learn spreads but I even learned how to read the cards with doing a follow alone, which gave me a new perspective on learning tarot.. Thank you so much, wonderful person!!

  3. Tarot card reading is not an easy task, you have right each and everything very clear and conceptual. You have really a very good in depth knowledge on this. Subscribed your blog for more upcoming and interesting posts..

  4. La Vache Qui Rit

    So… my cards were as follows:
    1. Knight of Pentacles
    2. Five of Wands
    3. Knight of Swords (reversed)
    4. Page of Wands (reversed)

    1 and 2 were on point for my situation.
    However, I find 3 and 4 a little confusing for me… as I cannot extract any info that would apply. Help? 😀

    Other than that, I really had fun with this spread.

    Thanks <3

  5. Somebody who loves you

    Wow, this reading REALLY hit the nail on the head.

    1. Root of the issue – High Priestess – Past conditioning is keeping me from making the change I need to make to move on

    2. What stops me from moving on – 6 of wands – Fear of success

    3. What will help me move forward – Father (King) of Wands – be myself, be creative, be compassionate and in tune with life

    4. Advantage to holding on – Son of Cups (knight) – being introspective. Holding on has giving me the courage to explore my shadow self so I can move on.

    I now see what has been keeping me from trying to find a job in my field (engineering) after being out for 5 years after a mutual parting of ways with my last employer that really left me beat down and raw on the inside and outside. The great part is that the loss of that job got me to look at my past and work on fixing it (I grew up in an alcoholic household and the shame and blame messages were carried with me until I found the Adult Children of Alcoholics group where I am learning self love, self respect and that it wasn’t my fault that the stuff happened to me). I see some more areas, such as fear of success and learning to be myself, that I need to work on some more, but I now feel I have a much better handle to move on and get back into the field that I loved so much.

  6. 1) Strength reversed/ three of pentacles reversed
    2) 5 of cup reversed
    3) King of wands/ 7 of swords
    4) The Chariot!

    Really resonated with me and The Chariot felt like Spirit telling me not to give up on my loved one. Thank you!

  7. I did this reading to find out why I’ve had such a hard time moving on from my ex boyfriend. It was enlightening, albeit slightly confusing
    1-King of Swords
    2-Knight of Pentacles
    3-The Hierophant
    4-Ace of Cups

  8. Wow ! Randomly picked this spread and the results were beautiful
    1. Reversed 8 of swords
    2. 4 of pentacle
    3. The tower
    4. The star !

  9. Biltmore Motel

    I am very interested in Tarot cards & their meanings, also how they connect to my life. Thank you for this informanent site. zi am looking to learning more.

  10. wow, I have not used my cards for a while as I was over using them for a period of time.
    but wow again, 1 eight of swords
    2 the chariot reversed
    3 the emperor
    4 four of swords
    if I have read them right then it is definitely the kick up my rear which I really needed to hear.
    thank you so much for the spread knowledge. will be visiting your sight more often, keep up the great work.
    Thank you again.
    lots of love, hugs and positivity.
    Mand xx

  11. I am completly new to this but did this reading formyself as I have the same issues as your friend.
    My cards where
    1) K of swords
    2) 6 of cups
    3) 5 of cups
    4) the empress
    But not quite sure how to read this :/

  12. Wow! I have never done tarot before but I just did a couple of spreads for myself and they were remarkably accurate…I used playing cards as I don’t have a tarot deck, but I read that you can use these instead and the meanings of them. Your website is great, I’ll be checking out your youtube channel too! I shuffled the cards as you said on another page and I swear I saw a light underneath the cards as I flipped them for a moment 🙂 thank you for this great info and yay for finding a new and fascinating hobby!

  13. I am a little mind boggled trying to interpret this spread. I need help trying mesh a this together to make more sense of it. This a relationship that abruptly ended before it started but I cant seem to let it go because of the way I just left it, I was honest, but I left because of conflict in spiritual/religious matters.

    1) the lovers
    2″ 10 of swords reversed
    3) The Chariot
    4)the Fool

    seems like I am hanging onto something that is an illusion.

    1. Hey, Jillian.

      I do realize you posted this months ago. But I just wanted to give it a shot. The 10 of swords throws me off a little, I don’t have my deck with me to look at. It sounds like the word illusion is accurate though. There was a lot of combine and create. Power couple, or so it looked. You’re both very powerful, which is what I believe the problem may be. I assume you don’t want to (or didn’t want to) face that it wasn’t meant to be. Hence the illusion you have created. You need to accept and move on. You will have the chance to combine and create with another person in the future.

  14. I did this spread for myself to find how to move on. However, while it spells out the situation it doesn’t tell me how to move on. I know I should pick up the pieces and it is not conducive to my mental state to stay in this position, (which is what the cards seem to say) however, it doesn’t give me any tools to move on with. I have been stuck for years and can’t move on. I need to know how….not what the situation is doing to me.
    Reading was: 1st) 9 wands. 2nd) Knight cups. 3rd) 5 swords. 4th) Queen of swords
    Have I missed something?

    1. Hey Maggie – arghhh! That’s frustrating when that happens! You could try pulling an extra card to get more information as to HOW to move on, or check out this article I wrote about interpreting cards that don’t make sense: If you would like me to give you a full interpretation of your cards, please check out my “Tarot Interpretations” page:

      Good luck!

  15. Hi Kate 🙂 I am quite new at Tarot – and totally amazed about it !!! I found you on YouTupe – love your videos as your direct concise manner and your pleasant voice are great and inspiring. Well… I made your relationship spread on a friend some days ago. This friend just broke up with his girlfriend, and he is all confused about her ways of handling it all? The hard part for me is, that on his side I got 3 fine clear minor arcana cards, but on her side I got a very different story? I got 1 court card and 2 major arcana cards – no minor cards at all. You know… it just seemed very oppesite? Like she actually does not contribute to the relationship as she is too concerned to handle herself? Please see here below and tell me what you see? Do you see the same as I do? He contribute a lot, is patient and try hard… etc. but she is a mess inside, and needs to spend time alone to figure out the happiness within herself etc. What do you see Kate? It would help me a lot to be assured in this 🙂

    He is represented by: Pentacles, 4 of Pentacles and 10 of Wands
    She is represented by: Knight of Pentacles, Queen of Cups and King of Cups (all turning their faces away from him)
    The middle card is: 4 of Swords

    Warm Regards from Pernille

    1. Hi Pernille,
      So glad you are enjoying my videos! 🙂 And using my spreads!
      I don’t do interpretations here on my blog (I get alot of requests and I just wouldn’t be able to keep up)
      So I will leave this up and hopefully other readers can chime in and give you their take on it.
      But I will say this – trust your instincts! There is no “right” way to see the cards, so go with your first impressions 🙂

      Happy Tarot Reading,

    2. Hey there!

      I’m learning Tarot myself and found your reading for your friend to be really interesting. I just thought I’d weigh in. I agree with Kate; trust your instincts on this one!

      On his end, the 4 of Pentacles might have something to do with trying to hold onto the relationship and wanting to be in control of the situation. And the 10 of Wands seems to suggest he’s trying too hard to please her. He’s doing all these things- “contributing a lot, being patient, trying hard, etc.” just like you said.

      On her end, all the cards are turned away from him, which seems to be saying she is focused on herself. Since “she needs to spend time alone” or that she is “too concerned with herself” to contribute to the relationship, I can see how he feels like the relationship is one sided with him trying to hold up all those wands!

      But I also think that this suggests that she is taking this time to focus on herself. I like how you see the “need for her to spend time alone to figure out the happiness within herself.” It makes sense. She has two Court cards that are both cups, which are both very emotional cards. She may be very in touch with her emotions, but since she’s a mess right now, the Knight of Pentacles may be expressing the need for her to take charge of herself and become more grounded by taking time to address the things she’s feeling. (I think your impressions were right on the mark.)

      The 4 of swords that’s between them is a card of rest. My guess is that this card is saying to let communication rest and for each of them to take some time to think about things on their own.

      Hopefully that all makes sense and helps you. This is just my personal interpretation based on the information you provided, but from the sound of it, you know what you are talking about with the situation and your thoughts of the reading.

      Don’t doubt yourself! Your intuition’s got it going on! lol And besides, we’ve all been there with feeling unsure about our interpretation of a reading. In those times, it might be helpful to channel the energies of The High Priestess or The Magician to empower yourself and trust the impressions you are getting. Just a thought. Thanks for bearing with me and I wish you luck with your future Tarot readings. I hope everything goes well with your friend. n_n

      Happy reading!

  16. Excellent spread! Can’t wait to give it a try. Interestingly enough, the question I threw out to the universe this morning was “what would it take to let go of the stuff that no longer serves my highest good.” Then right after (no more than a minute), someone posted a link to this tarot spread in a FB group. How is that for perfect timing?

    I really enjoy your site as well.

    1. Teresa, that is bizarre! Very synchronious (i think I spelled that wrong). I love hearing stuff like that. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  17. I just did this reading to a friend…and wow…was it was a really good read…learned how to solve to the root of what’s holding her back….thank you sooo much for sharing this spread….now it’s my turn…

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