Get the most out of your sacred Tarot time... and connect with your Tarot cards like never before!

Journalling with Tarot is powerful, insightful and fun! My Tarot Journal is designed to help you integrate your Tarot/Oracle cards into your spiritual growth, self exploration and goal setting. This is your tool for getting powerful insight and wisdom into your life and making shit happen!

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The Ultimate Tarot Journal e-book has 47 colorful pages, including:

  • A monthly Tarot journal

    with a Tarot worksheet for each month to help you set goals and make things happen!

  • 42 illustrated journalling pages

    with plenty of space for you to write, contemplate and explore your cards

  • Plenty of fun journalling prompts

    and questions for self discovery!

  • “Understanding Your Cards” cheatsheet

    to help you investigate and decode the cards you draw

I created this Tarot journal because I LOVE journalling and I LOVE Tarot.......

and the two go together like peanut butter and chocolate! It's like a mini retreat for your soul.

Your Tarot/Oracle deck + hot cup of tea + your couch + The Ultimate Tarot Journal = bliss!

What's inside?

Within this e-book you will find journalling pages and worksheets on all kinds of fun topics like:

  • connecting with your angels and spirit guides
  • discovering your life’s purpose
  • creating health & vitality
  • love & romance
  • getting to know your Tarot deck
  • getting clear about what you really want

Here’s a sneak peek inside The Ultimate Tarot Journal:

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What people say about The Ultimate Tarot Journal...

Dear Kate,

I just wanted to send you a thank you for all the great inspiration! I'm not one to journal, in fact, I'm terrible at it. But since I purchased your tarot journal, I have been making some real progress. It's even inspired me to start my working on my "Tarot For Yourself" by Mary Greer that had been sitting on my bookshelf for a couple of years now. I love it!


Thank you for creating such a fun journal!

I bought a deck of tarot cards years ago and I've barely used them. But since I've started working with your journal, my excitement about tarot has resurfaced. Your journal makes working with my cards so easy and delightful!

Amelia. S.
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