Universal Waite Tarot published by U.S. Games

Tarot Card Meaning: change, endings, closing the door, letting go, release, clearing/cleansing, impermanence, transition, transformation

Death typically shows up in readings when something is coming to an end. The old chapter is ending and the new one is yet to begin.

Your relationship with Death depends on how well you’re able to let go of things when the time has come. This isn’t always easy! Sometimes this takes time, gentleness and compassion.

The nature of life is impermanence – everything is in constant flux. The seasons, birth, puberty, aging and then death, as the world turns things die, disintegrate and collapse as new things are created.

When Death shows up, it’s time to let go of something – whether it’s a relationship, job, loved one, old belief system or all the junk cluttering up your bedroom closet;) Change is afoot and it’s time to embrace it!


  • Something is coming to an end
  • You’re ready to let go, move on and begin the next phase of things
  • You need to embrace the ever changing nature of life and stop clinging to old, stagnant stuff


  • What are you ready to clear? To let go of?
  • What is your relationship to letting go like?
  • If you were able to truly embrace the impermanent nature of life, how would you live differently?


  • Clear the clutter from your living space! Clean out your closets and cupboards!
  • On little scraps of paper, write down the things you’d like to release and then burn them.

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