The Hanged Man

Rider Waite Tarot published by U.S. Games

Tarot Card Meaning: Surrender, new perspective, feeling powerless

The Hanged Man can show up in your life when things aren’t really going according to plan. It can reflect your feelings of powerlessness and frustration but within that experience transcendence is always available.

When things aren’t going your way, sometimes all you can do is surrender to the present moment and that is what The Hanged Man is all about! He’s also about seeing life from a different perspective (hence his upside down pose).

The Hanged Man represents a halt in your horizontal path (progress in your material life – job success, marriage, acquiring things) so that you can take the vertical path within (gaining self-knowledge, understanding & enlightenment). If you can’t change your outer circumstances, focus on doing the inner work of changing yourself, especially your perspective.


  • Things aren’t going your way or don’t seem to be progressing at all
  • You’re feeling stuck and powerless
  • You need to focus on doing the inner work and stop focusing so much on the material world


  • What would surrendering to the NOW look like for you?
  • What parts of yourself need a little work?
  • How can you journey within and walk the vertical path?


  • Stop trying to change other people and start trying to change yourself!
  • Meditate!
  • Work on letting go of the need to control and orchestrate everything in your life.

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